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Anime Banner needed (Hellsing)


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I would like a hellsing Banner and avatar.

I wouldnt mind if it had fire on it but that isnt needed. What is needed is a banner of Alucard (only). I dont really want it to say anything but if you did wish to put something On it I would like it to say.

[center][i]In The Name Of God[/i][/center]
[center][i]Impure Souls Of The Living Dead[/i][/center]
[center][i]Shall Be Banished In To Eternal Damnation[/i][/center]

If thats a little to long then just put [i]Impure souls shall be banished into eternal damnation[/i]

And as for the avatar I would like it to be a picture of Alucard biting [color=#4e009b][color=black]Seras Victoria ... either ABOUT TO bite her or during either is fine. I would like it to say[/color] [/color]


[left]Thanks to all who concider this.[/left]
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