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Hey kids. Has anyone heard of Skindred? They are an awesome band that combined the realms of Punk, Metal, and (here's the kicker) Reggea. Yes, Reggea. I was shopping for some CD's in Target the night before last and their video for "Nobody" came on and I had to buy it...so I did!

Their new CD, [b]Babylon[/b], is a great blend of pulsing metal and the reggea sounds of their lead singer, Benji, who actually was born and resides in the UK.

Does anyone else like Skindred or have at least heard of them?
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[color=silver] Yeah I've heard of them. I got to see them at NBT4, I thought they were raly good live, but they were on when i first got there and was lookin for friends so i didn't get into the pits during there performance. but his accsent is realy hearable.[/color]
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