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Don't Fear the Reaper [M - LSV]


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[color=darkslategray][i]The feeling of a soul being released to its proper domain is intoxicating. The feeling of strength flowng into the Reaper as a reward for a job done well, the emotional high that you have aided in the ever-present balance of life was the best rush Matthew had ever felt.

It was especially intoxicating to know the destination of said soul. His father's soul, writhing in his grasp, was being sent to Hell. Matthew, as Silversoul, had waited a long, agonizing nine years for this moment. He ripped a hole into the ethereal planes and released the soul, absorbing its life energy as it descended to Hell.

Without a backwards glance, Silversoul shifted into his wolfen form and entered the ethereal realm, heading for Thanatos, the Plane of Death. The only witnesses to his ascension from the mortal realm were the shadow's cast on the walls by candles and a cold, lifeless corpse.

Matthew was going back home. Back to his afterlife, back to his duty, and back...

Back to Death.[/i][/color]
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1]Jackson was confused, but ... pleasantly so. His death, his transformation from Jackson Holloway into the Reaper, Gossamer, had not been the dead-end road he had expected and feared when faced with the flames; instead, thanks to Death's decision, it had opened up a wealth of new opportunities.

For a start, he could change his appearance. He'd got rid of the weedy, bespectacled figure of his life and made himself taller, more impressive, with a lean figure and a shock of red hair. And he'd been assured that further new abilities would open up to him once he completed this task.

Once he took his first soul.

[B][I]I'm not killing her,[/I][/B] he kept repeating over to himself in his head. [I][B]She's dying anyway, I'm just delivering her essence to the next stop on the line.[/B][/I]

[I][B]But she's so damn[/I] young...[/B]

He watched as the girl, younger even than he'd been, hurried along the road towards ... wherever it was she was going. School? Dance class? Friend's place? It all ceased to matter when she dashed out between two parked cars and somersaulted untidily over the roof-rails of a metallic blue family estate car.

A strange feeling overtook Jackson. Not unlike elation, but he couldn't be feeling that at a death, could he?

He felt the girl's essence swirl in the ether before him. [I][B]She's like me,[/B][/I] he thought. [I][B]This is another one for Death to judge.[/B][/I] He spun and swung the bladed steel wind and fire wheels, directed the severed soul to Thanatos and his master. As the energy flowed to the ethereal plane, it flowed through him. He felt new power course through him. It was the best feeling he'd ever experienced.

Knowing immediately the new power gifted to him, Gossamer grinned. Given his lot in life, it was pure poetry.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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The old man lay silently on his death bed, his hands folded over his chest, his grayed eyes stared off into nothingness.
An unseen breeze brought a string of chimes through the open window. The man felt more than saw the person in his room, "So," His strained voice came out softly, "It is time." Termanis stood next to the old man, "Yes." The old man turned his head to the window, "Pitty, I would have liked to see the sun rise, just one more time." Termanis smiled, "Ah, but I think I have a few minutes." The man looked at the reaper, "I thought death never waited for anyone." Termanis placed a hand on the mans shoulder, "Lets just keep this between you and me." The man smiled.

Termanis keeped his hand on the mans shoulder, the two watched the sun rise. As the sun broke the door opened, a young woman walked in.

"Grandpa, how are you Grandpa?" The woman walked over to the old man....

Termanis stood with the old mans spirt, watching the young woman as she realized that her grandfather had died. The man begain to cry softly,
"Ok, befor its realy hard, my old soul already died, don't know what it would do next."

Termanis smiled as he open the door into the ethereal plan, "Death is not so bad...not for you."
The old man lifted his chin up, and with out looking back he walked into the plane.
Termanis lead the man down a long path that lead to a large room, with high vaulted ceilings and tall slim windows. lines of people lead off in defferent directions, a few desks placed hear and there. Termanis lead the old man to a desk, behind which was a door. "Ah yes mister Charlie, we are expecting you." The desk clerk stood and opened the door, ushering the man through...

Termanis turned and walked off through the crowd, his scyth proped against his shoulder, and as quick as one could blink he disapeared from sight and sound.

Termanis strolled along the streets of a small village in Australia, a man ran down the streets followed by police, a few of the officers fired. Termanis took his scyth and lightly swung it in front of the man, whos body fell to the ground the spirt stood in shock. "For your crimes against your fellow man, and such and such and so forth as you already know of your sins you are hearby condemend to eternal death in hell." The Soul of the man begain to protest, but Termanis swung his scyth lightly again, and the soul shattered and was sent to its final damnation...
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[i][color=sandybrown][font=verdana]Vantrice glanced over at the digital clock on the end table at the heat of the bed and sighed as she resumed her blank stare out the window. Her head in her hand, the other drumming anxiously on the sill, she watched the cars rush by. She watched the men with their push carts assume their regular posts, each hoping to accumulate a greater ammount of money than their debts, and each half-heartedly believing it was possible.Vantrice looked at the clock again.[/i][/font][/color]

[color=sandybrown][font=bookantiqua]10:08. The girl has to be done by now, it's been nearly four hours! This is depressing, I'm waiting for a girl to bleed to death so I can whisk her soul away to it's eternal resting place which could very well be Hell, considering she's worshiped the devil for who knows how long...[/color][/font]

[color=sandybrown][font=verdana][i]Vantrice grew tired of waiting and slipped inside the bathroom.There was a shallow pool of water spread evenly over the tiles on the bathroom floor. The girl's body was in the overflowing bathtub, while the girl's spirit was staring wide-eyed at it. The girl's spirit turned to Vantrice, who had decided to take the form of a human as to not scare the girl.

"Is... is that..." the girl stuttered.
"You? Yes. It's what you wanted, isn't it? Death? That's why you slit your wrists, isn't it? Or did you make me wait four hours for nothing?" Vantrice asked.

The girl didn't know what to say. After a few moments of astonishment, Vantrice thought it would be better to just send her away then. So, she turned to a reaper and touched the girl's cheek before lashing herp with her whip. The girl disappeared and so did Vantrice. She wanted to go for a stroll before she sealed the fate of another.[/i][/font][/color]
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[COLOR=RoyalBlue][SIZE=1]Quincy lay back against the trunk of the tree, chewing a piece of grass slowly as she waited. She's been waiting for a while, longer than usual. Russia was a tough place to be in the winter, especially when you were without a home. The girl glanced down to the man on the street; he seemed to have stopped shivering. She jumped off her resting spot and walked to the now lifeless body, sighing deeply at the frozen, pained expression on the man's face.

She looked behind her to see his soul, staring blankly out over the snow-covered park. Quincy didn't know Russian so she instead grabbed his wrist, giving him the warmest smile she could in the sub-zero temperatures.
The man merely nodded and let her take her scythe, closing his eyes as the blade was brought down through his soul, sending him to Death to be judged.

[B]"I hope he goes to Heaven, Lord knows he needs something better than this living Hell..."[/B]

Quincy closed her eyes and sighed, before drifting into the darkness of the night, leaving for Thanatos. God, she needed rest...[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[B][SIZE=1]OOC Note, I changed my appearance in the sign up thread.[/SIZE][/B]
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[SIZE=1][i]Swish Swish Swish[i]. The very air of the Ethereal plane cut clean open into the mortal realm. Shaun walked through the hole and prowled his awaited victim. This was his first kill. "The best you'll experience" he said to himself. He was even aloud to bring music with him, it soothed him as he went in for a clean sweep.

4 Shuriken's shot into his victim. A bank manager, stealing money from his client's, a few punds a week, of all of them. But he was comin gto an untimely end, but he deserved it. Swinging in his chair, something you wouldn't expect. He fell backwards, and right through the glass behind him.

The manager fell, and the last thing he saw before hitting the dull bank floor was 4 shurkiens ripping his soul out, and a 17 year old boy with blue hair smiling as he seen the Flames of Hell engulf him.

Shaun vanished, no-one else saw the figure, apart from the dead manager. He popped back into the Ethereal planes, where he finally recieved the buzz they were talking about. The power he recieved, magnificently beautiful.

He saw a puddle infront of him, and decided to see how it worked. He made a small ripple and smiled. He continued making the water ripple. But soon got tired, he hadn't used his pwers for anything yet.

But he planned to. The water of Thanatos was lethal when it touched a mortal soul, and this would be another weapon to deliver the soul to Death himself.[/SIZE]
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[Color=DarkBlue][size=1]Theia sat in the dark. She had just been taken on as a Reaper, and this was her first kill. As the shadows began to dance, Theia shifted her weight. It had been a long night for her, considering the object of her prey.

A little girl of eight lay in her bed, slumbering. Theia had at first argued with Death about this. The gruesome death that lay ahead of this poor girl was too close to what Thiea had gone through not too long ago. Death just shook her head and sent her out.

Theia felt incredibly bad about this, and hoped she could make this as easy as possible on the poor thing. There was a sudden sound outside, and that signaled Theia that things were starting to pick up. She stood up, and still using the shadows as cover, moved closer. Her knife was in her hand, and had her fingernails as back up.

The man crept forward through the window and up to the bed. In his hand, he held a rag, obviously full of cholophyll. He put it up to her mouth and watched her sturuggle. After she stopped, he picked up her limp body and started towards the window.

As the light turned on, and Theia was left out in the open. She suddenly turned to her etheral form and watched the almost dramatic presentaion.

The father yelled at the man,a dn the man ran for the window. The father pulled a gun, and shot at him. Only, he didn't shoot the guy. He shot his daughter. The kidnapper noticed the blood and dropped her on the floor. he then jumped out the window and took off.

Theia not being able to take the torture of the girl any longer, appeared to her.

"Hey honey, I'm here to help. My name's Theia. I'm gonna pull your soul out, and everything'll be fine from there. I don't think this will hurt a bit." she said, steadying her dagger. She plunged it into the girl's soul, and felt it leave. She then pulled up and walked over to the wall.

She slid down it, as a single tear slid down her face. Theia didn't want to have to do this all the time, but this what she chose. Death told her about things like this, and she had accepted.

Theia suddenly stood up. She walked through the wall as she gasped. The power that was surging through her felt so good. It was like she was alive and in the arms of someone she loved. It was pure magic. She had finally realized why she chose this.

Theia sat down on the ground to steady herself. Things were already starting to look up. Theia then stood back up and started off towards Thanstos, to get her next assignment.[/size][/color]
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[color=darkslategray][i]Silversoul lay back against the seat in his favorite Thantos bar, the Blackened Scythe. His mind awhirl the with energies he'd receieved from the "deliverance" of his father's soul, he sipped carefully at his drink.

Afterlife was good, as he frequently put it. He had a loving family of sorts, his mentor thought him the best student he'd ever had, and he'd just assured that his mother's soul up here would never have to face that horrid bastard ever again.

The soul formerly known as Matthew slammed home a snifter of whiskey. If everything was going his way, then why in the name of the Nine Hells did he feel so damned depressed?! He ordered another bottle and looked around the bar. He sighed as he saw couples holding hands, a young woman nursing a pregnant belly, and such.

He shook his head. If he tried wondering how one got pregnant in the afterlife, he'd be so thoroughly besooted by the time he got the andser he'd end up forgetting it anyhow. He settled for draining his bottle and waiting for the others to complete their runs.

Perhaps they could have a little fun with that Phantom of the Opera play later on.[/i][/color]
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1]Gossamer flitted through the misty streets of Thanatos, still a little dizzy with the high from sending his first soul. Was it like a hard drug, he wondered, and would he need more and more soul energy each time to achieve the same level of ecstasy? Or would every time feel this way?

It was like a dance. None of the souls in Thanatos could see him or sense his presence, that was his gift as a Reaper. [B][I]Invisible in life, invisible in death[/I][/B], he thought and grinned, though of course no one saw him. All entirely oblivious to him, the plane's other denizens simply stared straight through him and, more often than not, tried to walk through him too. He had to dodge and weave through the crowd, pirouetting and do-si-do-ing and occasionally flattening himself against walls to avoid crowds or particularly large people.

Of course, he didn't [I]have[/I] to walk Thanatos invisible, but he was like a child with a new toy, insisting on playing with it as much as possible for as long as possible.

Silversoul was already in the Blackened Scythe, obviously. Silversoul was [I]never[/I] late.

Still riding the high and not thinking entirely straight, Gossamer sneaked up and tapped the senior Reaper on the shoulder.

[B]"I'll forgive you this time because I know you're still on a high," [/B] Silversoul said evenly without looking up from his drink, [B]"but let this be a lesson, okay? Keep your head even when you're tripping, or you could get yourself into trouble."[/B]

Gossamer appeared as if a dense cloud of smoke in front of him had been shredded by a sudden gust of wind. He sat down sheepishly at a bar stool. [B]"How did you know?"[/B]

[B]"You can fool my eyes, but I could hear you sniggering like a five-year-old all the way from the door."[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[i][color=sandybrown][font=verdana]The sunlight shine through the trees in blotches, most of it blocked by the leaves. There was no wind that day, so the park seemed unusually still. Exept for an occasional squirell chittering as it made it's way up a tree or bird flying into the distance, there was no movement besides Vantrice. She stopped next to a giant oak, the leaves turning read and orange with the autumn season. Vantrice sat down and leaned up against the large tree and looked ahead.[/i][/color][/font]

[color=sandybrown][font=bookantiqua]It's funny. You can be in a place like this, quiet, relaxing, and look up and there's the skyline behind the canopy.[/color][/font]

[i][color=sandybrown][font=verdana]Vantrice loved the feeling of power from the souls she sentenced, but she didn't like to be around other people when she had the feeling. Vantrice hated to make a fool of herself and running around town like a drunken idiot wasn't exactly her idea of a good first impression on other people. So, she usually slept the feeling off.Vantrice began to close her eyes and just listen to the now present wind blowing through the leaves, feeling it moving the grass surrounding her bare legs. She couldn't remember anymore...

Vantrice slowly opened her eyes. She had to blink a few times to get use to the now dimming sunlight. She sat up and stretched her arms as high as they would go. As she recollected her thoughts something occured to her.[/i][/color][/font]

[color=sandybrown][font=bookantiqua]Damn it! I'm suppose to be in Thantos! What time is it? How could I be so stupid!?[/color][/font]

[color=sandybrown][font=verdana][i]Vantrice turned to a reaper and headed off towards Thantos, rested, more powerful, and ready for her next assignment.[/i][/color][/font]
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