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The Fallen [PG-VL]

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My topic got locked because I forgot my rating. Well, there it is. T_T I didn't forget this time!

This is my first RPG here, so go easy on me. You can be pretty much anyone you want, you're not restricted to the characters in the intro. Enjoi


The year 2103. The Earth Federation Government (EFG) has spread its
influence across systems throughout the galaxy. Hundreds of planets are
colonized by bold pioneers, seeking adventure and freedom. The EFG's
program has selected only specific government officials, from cultured
countries, making sure that the government on the new colony runs smoothly.

Sometimes, it does not.

The need for a naval fleet arose when several nuclear warheads were
tracked coming in-system, just outside of Mars. The warheads were most
obviously targeted at Earth. Nasa launched remote controlled craft to
disable and dismantle the warheads. Tracking their route, the Nasa techs
found the origin of the nukes.

The US president sent transmissions to the colony, and was answered by

One month later, a group of colonist space vessels jumped in-system,
from the same origin as the nukes. When hailed by Earthen dry docks, the
craft fired missles at the stations, and were destroyed by Earthen
oribital defenses. The EFG unanimously voted to declare war on the colony.

A year later, the Earthen Expansionary Defense Fleet was assembled.
Featuring pilots from the planet's top air forces, the starfighters were
exceptionally formidable. Two capitol ships, 300 meters from bow to aft,
were constructed to be the heart of the fleet. They jumped towards the
colony Orion A2.

The fleet reverted to realspace, and was greeted by a horrible sight.
The once green and beautiful planet, was gray and brown. What few trees
that were left were in isolated pockets of forest, usually near a sea.
The atmosphere was thick with smog. The two moons orbiting it were
drilled through and through with mining shafts and pockmarked by craters. A
mass of turbolasers protruded from an iron ring around the planet.

The Earthen ships were immediately under fire. The Unity Flame was
destroyed before the klaxons could even notify the pilots to launch. The
Harbinger soon followed. But not before two squadrons of fighters were
launched from its bays.

With grim faces, and hearts full of dread, the squadrons arced around
towards the defence ring. Brilliant green light darted all about the
fighters, but their agility and slim design prevailed. After loosing an
entire payload of Havok Ion Missiles at the ring, the fighters turned
about and raced away, gaining distance for another pass.

By the second pass, an enemy picket fleet had picked up signals from
the defense ring, and microjumped into range. The fighters began breaking
formation in an attempt to surround the picket ships. Lumbering capitol
ships, half the size of Rhode Island loosed huge volleys of missiles
that destroyed half of the fighters in short lived blossoms of flame.

Tai Kuricho commed his wingmate, Amy Daniels. "Four, there's no way we
can win this! We have to-"

"Keep fighting!"

"No! If we fight, we die. Honor is of no-" Tai was cut off as an
explosion rocked his ship, drowning his words in static. "Honor doesn't
matter right now Amy! We have to try and survive"

Amy was about to reply, untill she saw her lifelong friend and other
wingmate, Jacob Land, die in a blinding flash.

"We'll 'crash' on the planet. Hopefully th-" Another explosion sent
Tai's fighter tumbling off to the right, before he stabalized it.
"Hopefully they will think we died in the crash"

"Yeah...whatever Lead. I'll relay the message." Amy killed the channel
and relayed the message to the remaining members of Tai's squadron.

I hope I can do this... Tai though as he pulled the fail-safe fuse
under the control panel, and maxed his engines well beyond their limits.
His engines soon exploded in a blue cascade and a shower of steel. The
fighter rocked, then began to tumble as a secondary explosion followed.

Amy and her remaining wingmate detonated the remaining missles in their
wingtips, and were sent spiraling towards the surface of Orion A2.
Whispering a small prayer to herself. She aimed the nose of the fighter at
one of the planets remaining forests, and closed her eyes...

Tai tryed to match Amy's vector, but realized it would be too obvious.
He still tweaked in her direction a few degrees, hoping they wouldn't
be too far apart when they crashed. If they lived, of course.

Alex, one of the remaining members of the squadron, who had blown his
missle payload with Amy, angled for one of the planets few remaining
seas. "If only I can land near the coast of that forest, maybe I can live
off of the native fruits... Or maybe i'll miss the ocean entirely and
get impaled on a tree. Oh well"

His fighter began to shed sheets of brilliant flame as he entered A2's


The first thing that Tai saw when he woke up was a very large pair of
solid black eyes. "Is that a monkey on my freaking head?!" He shook the
primate off, and sat halfway up, grimacing at the pain. Looking around
himself, he saw that his ship had crashed in a desert. He looked at the
sun to get his bearings, then surveyed the landscape. To the east was a
forest, to the west a range of very tall, dark mountains.

"Amy is probably dead. And Alex. Probably Max too..." He sighed to
himself, and crawled away from the smoking streak of glassed sand his crash
had made. Standing up, regardless of the stab of pain in his ribs, Tai
began trudging towards the distant treeline of the forest.

Alex awoke with a start. His vision slowly came into focus and he began
to make sense of the green blurs around him. "Well. I hit the damned
forest." His gaze traveled slowly up, coming to a stop on the twisted
metal and glass of his downed fighter in the canopy above him. He
scrambled out of the way.

Footsteps echoed in the forest behind him. Alex jumped to his feet and
spun about. The trees and bushes were swaying at the edge of clearing.
Alex gritted his teeth and prepared to fight anyone, or anything, that
might come out. He couldn't hide a grin when it was none other than

"Well. I bet I know who didn't die!" Alex exclaimed, beaming. "It'll
take more than a crash straight into a planet going four hundred miles an
hour to kill me." Amy smiled back.

"You know...the others might be alive, since we are."

"Don't get your hopes up."

"Yeah...well, we should get some wood and make a fire or something.
Thats what stranded people always do on the Holos."

Alex and Amy jogged off into the woods to gather dry wood.

[B]Rules and Whatnot[/B]
Okay. No one directly kill another character. You can dive off a cliff for all I care, just don't mandatorily drag someone with you.

For signups I'll need what character you want to be, or a completely new character and their Name, Sex, Age, and backstory. You CAN be people from Orion A2.
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