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TigerVX's 3D texturing.


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[FONT=Arial][COLOR=Teal]Lately I've been getting into 3D models and texturing, I'm actually apart of a fairly large mod team turning Rome: Total War into a Middle Earth mod.

But anyways, I did this today for the pure fun of it, ever single texture is hand made (I know the metal parts look like crap, bear with me =P) except the White Tree, which I was too lazy to draw so I got a pic off google and pasted it on the shield ^^;;;.

Anyways, here it is, constructive critism is encouraged I really want to know what I should improve on in my texturing. Also, I didn't edit the 3D model much. Just took a RTW model, gave the head of another RTW model to that model, edited the shield a bit, and made the sword from scracth. Anyways, here it is.

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The armor looks very good, but the helmet's texture is too simplistic.
So, not counting the tree, is the rest of the shield texture done by you? Looks nice, but lacks metalic sheen.
The soldier has potential (at least until he horribly dies), so be sure to complete him.
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[FONT=Arial][COLOR=Teal] Well, after watching Troy, I got really bored so I decided to texture some Trojan soldiers. I used alot of RTW skins, but I made it look cool so I wasn't really trying to gauge my skills like last time. Anyways, here it is =P. Trojan Spears attempt to push back the greek tide!


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