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Nre Banner and Avi.


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I need a change of banner and avi since it is the new year. That's my excuse so get over it. Not that I don't like my previous banner and avi set I just found a new love. Orphen from Sorcerous Stabber Orphen. THe anime is alsome and so is the music. Anyway for the avi. I want the Tower of Fang dragon neckleace(excuse the spelling). Nothing else in it execpt my user name, if you can fit it in if not just put BM in small letters. Make the dragon neckleace stand out.

For the banner I don't care to much about it I either want Orphen or Magik. Or both of them. Try to get Orphen casting a spell and please but my name on it small so it doesn't overlap the picture.

Please and Thank-You!!!
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I really quite like the banner..though I'm not sure the avi is what you're looking for. I couldn't really find a decent pic of the necklace.


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