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Salem's Lot [M for Horror]

Baron Samedi

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[size=1][b]Salem?s Lot[/b] [M]

If you had been there, you would have heard the moan of the wind as its prying fingers sped through the vacant town, whistling through the trees, nosing around the edges of doors. Rats scurried through piles of leaf litter, and feasted on the food left rotting on tables and in cupboards. They were the lords of the town, or so it would seem. But they weren?t, they were scavengers, crawling along behind a grand parade of evil, unnoticed at the moment.

Once upon a time, Rittylworth had been a thriving town, full of the hustle and bustle of a wholesome, productive society. They had been simple, but honest folk, all of them devout Christians. And maybe that?s what had attracted Him. Of God he has no fear?he knows that Evil is the only strength. But why Rittylworth? We shall never know.

On the Monday it started. First it was only the baker, but then people realised others were going missing too. Monday only one was gone. Tuesday brought to light three more. A schoolteacher, the Mayor, and a child. Wednesday was quiet. Thursday morning, citizens awoke to ten more people missing. Rumours began to circulate of an evil man, dressed in black, and with shadows for eyes.

Friday, and five more people were gone. That night, all that was left of the small rural community gathered in the local hall, a converted barn. They were awake all night, but in the morning, a body-count showed three more had disappeared.

Saturday night was a nightmare. Nobody went missing, but the walls of the barn shook with the screaming of unmentionable beasts, and the thud of tramping feet.

Sunday morning dawned quiet.

By Sunday afternoon, nobody in Rittylworth was alive.

And if you had been there, in the Church, you would have seen the bodies piled high. For this was Salem?s Lot now. For the next 13 years it would continue to be so. Until the time came for the show to move on?


This was just an expansion of my 55 Fiction story. I know it's not very good, but I just thought it would be fun.
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