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  1. I was deeply saddened to hear about Des' passing. It feels even worse to realise how long ago it happened. You just don't expect someone so young to go that way. He must've only been about the age I am now, and it seems devastatingly unfair for him to have suffered how he did. It was almost unreal to read his series of tweets and realise that this was the last people heard of him. It's been a very long time since I (or I guess, many of us) had much to do with this forum. Des was a fixture though, and a fantastic member of the community, who helped make it the welcoming, friendly and active community it was. He was the epitome of what this board represented. For someone who lived half a world away and who I haven't spoken to in probably ten years, I think he might be the closest person I know to have passed away. I think everyone's comments and memories here show how well loved he was, and I'm sure that he continued to make a positive impact in his life post-OB. Vale Desbreko.
  2. Just had my 10th anniversary here two days ago. Pretty incredible to think that the one site has been around for that long. I'm not sure why this place has gotten so quiet, given it used to be spectacularly busy, but I'm glad it is still around at some level.
  3. [size="1"]I remember your classic avatar Shinobi =P[/size]
  4. [size="1"]20 years? O my lawd, that is a pretty scary thought! What year was OB's first iteration in? I'd assume around 1998-9? PS: Hi Gavin![/size]
  5. [size="1"]Wow, epic necro. Zeno's Racetrack Paradox, without the luxury of time to expand, doesn't prove anything... you can try to infinitely divide the distance down, but I can still take steps of the same length. It is a Paradox that even a child realises has no practical applicaiton in the context. With regard to the broader question concerning omnipotence, I was always of the view that an omnipotent being could set a task which was impossible, but that in the event of any attempt to complete the task, whereby the power was directed at erasing the impossibility rather than completing a task, it would not be able to pose a barrier. Essentially, the decision to revoke the limitation is possible. That, or, an omnipotent being is still bound by certain immutable rules and are only omnipotent as far as can be exercised in this universe.[/size]
  6. [size="1"]Hai guyz, wots goin on in dis fred ay? Seems to be the year for returns... Kitty (I remember you!), Drix, Heaven's Cloud, Brasil (you'll always be PoisonTongue to me), Syk3... it's all too beautiful for words. Honestly. Every couple of months I'll have a moment of dreamy reminiscence about OB. An email notifying me of Boo's comment on my profile is actually what brought me back tonight, after almost two years since my last log-in, and verging on four years since my last posts (except for three in 2008). Nice to see some of the old names still around. Oh, the memories.[/size]
  7. Hah. So when I decided to try and see if you still existed online (in a fit of nostalgia), and I found beyondcarpetcare.com, that WAS you. Amazing.

  8. [size=1]Hi. I think I'd count as a hiatus-er.[/size]
  9. [size=1]Be careful, people on the internet want to hurt you for your technological preferences. Because goddamn it, those bastards are just wrong![/size]
  10. [size=1]I see no reason for me to have to try and find a way to buy music of bands in the style I like off the internet, then have it shipped to me, when I don't even know if I will like the music on there. If I can't listen to whats on there, I'm not going to buy the cd, especially in the case I mentioned above. There has been a reasonable amount of music that I have downloaded and then bought the cd at a later date, if I've managed to find a copy in australia. There is also a lot I haven't because either a) it isn't really good by my standards, or good enough to pay $20-30 for, or b) it's out of print or ridiculously expensive because it's out of print, or c) I just don't. There was no chance of me buying the cd without listening to it. If I do download it then I might buy it at a later date. Thats my view.[/size]
  11. [size=1]I was with my girlfriend for four months before we had sex. Everyone assumed we'd already had it by that point, which was kind of amusing. We did, it was alright, and since then we've.... [i]gotten the hang of it[/i]. Does it make you feel any different? Not really. But it makes occasions when you don't get to have sex with them less satisfying, sadly.[/size]
  12. [size=1]Having sex with a cheap robot is liable to get you all sorts of nasty rust-spots. Don't do it kids.[/size]
  13. [size=1]What, you think this is some kind of anime-related site Des?[/size]
  14. [quote name='Lunox][color=dimgray'] You're so hilarious![/color][/quote] [size=1]a.k.a You're a ******' retard! What makes me want to trash my speakers.... drone / deathmetal. Drone is crap. It barely deserves to be called music. Sludge is good, fuzz is good. I love Stoner Rock. But drone? Geez. It's just nothing. And deathmetal... a wall of implacable noise and screaming and frenzied thrashing. Phail. Space-rock is good, it has groove, it has something underneath, it tantalises and lets you nod your head.[/size]
  15. [size=1]I'd spit on all the other flying people who think that being able to fly grants them the right to spit on people of their choice, and then fly away like a *****.[/size]
  16. [size=1]My preferred weapon of choice is your Mom.[/size]
  17. [size=1]Well, this week would probably be something by [I]Yawning Man[/I]... they're a mid-80's formed stoner rock band who have pretty much split up now, as I recall. Here is a good description of their music. "Yawning Man?s music sounds like a melancholic mix of acoustic space rock with elements of surf music, as well as middle eastern guitar style. Yawning Man was responsible for influencing music in the desert and creating a sound which today is still trying to be duplicated." For this week I'd nominate [b]Rock Formations[/b] by [i]Yawning Man[/i] off the album of the same name.[/size]
  18. [quote name='NIKI12345']Yeah the battle is over because of Rachmaninoff. Thank you. I posted this thread to get opinions not someone to fight against them. I didn't want someone to say **This is the right answer and everyone else is wrong** So I'm glad its over thanks again Rachmaninoff[/quote] [SIZE=1]It's lively discussion, not the burgeoning of lifelong enmity.[/SIZE]
  19. [size=1]Tell me Therapy, if you hear that someone chose to have a drag-race with someone else, crashed their car and died, do you feel sorry for them? I sure as hell don't. If people decide to do something ridiculously stupid that they [i]know[/i] could hurt them, or kill them, they do not deserve sympathy. The only thing I feel is relief that they didn't take anyone else with them.[/size]
  20. [quote name='Retribution][size=1']Way to ignore the obvious. Unless you were going for that lamely sarcastic joke...[/size][/quote] [size=1]Eh wtf? Maybe I ought to change my banner... so I can avoid that kind of drivel.[/size]
  21. [size=1]Last Wednesday I was in Surgery operating on a woman with a tumour on her appendix, and can I just say that it was one of the most unsavoury operations I have had to do. (view at your own risk ~ image could be considered graphic) [URL=http://static.flickr.com/110/251782345_f95f56ef1a.jpg]Click[/URL][/size] [INDENT][SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkRed]I changed your picture to a link, next time when using an image that graphic, even if it's meant to be funny, please use a link along with a warning. Thanks. ~indifference[/COLOR][/SIZE][/INDENT]
  22. [size=1][img]http://img77.imageshack.us/img77/5345/redoingitwrongfe2.jpg[/img] [center]You're epic too now! Glad that I've made an impression :P[/center][/size]
  23. [size=1]Confucius say "Daydreaming about perfect world number one cause of flogging"[/size]
  24. [quote name='NIKI12345'] he ended up being this really nice guy.l[/quote][size=1]All the nicest people I know have lists of people they want dead. Some of the best just have whole categories of people, like 'Jews' or 'Preps' or stuff like that.[/size]
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