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Abstract/Depressed banner/avi set


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[size=1][font=veranda][color=indigo]I am in a seriously down mood, and I need a banner and avi set to go along with it. I don?t have a certain anime picked out, so you can do that. I just want it to be dark, or gray, and depressing. I lost my grandfather in the past week, so this is probably why I have a sudden change in mood.

Colors, anything dark(unless its any shade of gray); not huge, maybe medium sized. About the same size as all of my banners usually are. I just need a quote(on the banner): ?What can you see? on the horizon?? Hey, if the first half of the quote could fade in, then out, and then the second half, I would be even happier. But if you can?t, that?s cool. For the avi, same theme, but no words.

Thanks, guys.

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Hey I don't know if this is exactly what you're looking for but I gave it a shot. I hope you feel better soon bud.


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[size=1][font=veranda][color=indigo]Wow. I really like both of them. The only problem with them is:

Turdle: the font goes to fast. But this is great.

Duo: Can you make the banner smaller?

I absolutley love these. I'm having fun trying to choose one![/size][/font][/color]
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