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Dragonball Z: Female Saiyan Request


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I can't seem to get this character down right, so I was wondering if one of you could draw her for me. Here are the details:

About 5' 6'', slim yet slightly muscular, 'Vegeta-like' ocean blue eyes, short, black hair with a few bangs coming out, covering one eye. Both ears are pierced.

Usually wears a black tank top with a large red dragon on the back (if you go to draw her from the back). She wears loose blue jeans and Saiyan combat boots as well. Her pants have multiple pockets. She also has an MP3 player in her left pocket with the earphones in her ears (the small type of earphones). On her right shoulder is a large bladed daggar with a dragon design handle. She has an identicle one strapped to her left hip. On her right shoulder is a similar long sword, with the same dragon handle design, but with a long blade instead of a large daggar blade.

If you need any more info on her, feel free to PM me. Thanks!

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