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All Grown Up (Rugrats)

Manic Webb

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When the animated series [i]Rugrats[/i] reached its 10 year anniversary, the creators celebrated by coming up with a what-if episode, featuring our favorite babies 10 years older.

It was a hit.

So they created [i]All Grown Up[/i], a spinoff about the babies from [i]Rugrats[/i], 9 years later. It features all of the same actors (with the exception of Chuckie's Christine Cavanaugh, who was replaced by Nancy Cartwright), so we get to hear them mature their voices a little.

We also get to see the characters in a grade school/junior high setting. It's nothing groundbreaking, but we finally get our questions answered about how the rugrats mature as they get older. Phil pretty much stays the same, but Lil demands more space. Chuckie's anxiety gets shifted to social situations, rather than ants in the sandbox. Tommy gave up his playground adventuring for filmmaking. Susie is an aspiring singer. Angelica is bending over backward to join the "in" crowd. Kimi went from an extention of Chuckie to an extention of Susie. And Dil... well, they gave him a personality.

So what does everyone think of Klasky/Csupo's latest venture in animated teen comedy?
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[color=darkviolet]Well, it's not that bad. I like how the grown ups try to deal with Charlotte's face lift..ok, that was just once, but it was funny.

Some of the situations aren't as funny as the baby ones because they don't mispronounce words or have really crazy adventures, but they do have some charm.

My opinion, almost as good as the original, but not better.[/color]
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