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Hello, there. I was wondering if anyone could make me and my OB girlfriend, suicide__xdance, a matching banner. If it could, have it feature a picutre of Sango and Miroku from InuYasha. Also, a romantic quote would be nice, along with both of our names. We would both greatly appreciate it!

EDIT: [url="http://web.utk.edu/%7Ebborchar/calender/iycal02_3.jpg"]Here[/url] is a nice pic I've found.

Thanks again,
The Nameless
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Okay..really i have to fix it..due to the fact the the site that host this messed it up..so I'll do it on imageshack instead..but tomarrow.

Edit: Weeeee...I got it! yea..stupid uploads....any who here it is...you can shorten the url...

[URL=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v217/MysticSea/5d6af581.gif]Banner here...just felt like putting it here to...[/URL]
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