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Gundam wing RPG.....anyone interested?

Heero Darkangel

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Ok....what do you think?

[I]Releena's peace acts have spreed throughout the worlds and Space Colonies. The Gundam Boys are slowly getting on with their lives what ever that maybe....and Zechs has built I colony out inspace called L6.

Out in space beyond the colony clusters a new threat has risen. A group called Zylons have created weapons of Mass destruction, Suits able to fight in space and on earth without having to be enhanced or changed to suit the environments.

After the Gundam suits were destroyed the space colony clusters 1,2,3,4,5 began rebuilding more highly advanced Gundams...only because they feared that oneday....the wars may arise again....which.....four years after the gundams were destoryed and peace was brought back to the universe..........it happened........this time....it was aimed at both the Space colonies and earth.

The Zylons want power over both worlds and they will stop at nothing to get it.[/I]

Well thats kind of what i had in mind. Involved in this RP will be the gundam wing boys. Zechs. Releena......I guess...well I'll see anyway.

I dont know much about Gundam wing...I've only scene parts of it so if anyone wants to help thats cool or if anyone has any Ideas....or seems interested leave a post.

(If I do create this RP my character will be Heero)
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Zylons use to belong to the Earth Alliance and are disgusted by there pathetic attemps of peace and trying to get rid of the rebelious Colonies.....its filled with people who are angered at the fact that earth would resume peace between the Colonies and them after what happened and they want justice type thing..they think the Colonies and earth need new rulers...and they will stop at nothing to exstingish the alliances between earth and the colonies....does that sound ok?
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