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I Have Written [E]

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[COLOR=Purple]This is a different style for me. This is basically an essay that I did for my Writer's Workshop class. Our teacher asked us to write whatever we wanted to write, and for some reason this is what came out of me. I'm interested what do you all think about it. Now I know it's nothing that great, but all in all I want to hear everything you have to say.

[B]I Have Written[/B][/I][/U][/SIZE]

Write. Writing. Written. What does it all mean? The "art of writing" has been developed for thousands of yeras; like any other masterpiece it has been sculpted, torn down, redone, and finally perfected. Well, perfected to the point that society has no problem with it. Through all of this, has their ever been someone who said, "This is what writing truly is?" Has there ever been one smooth true definition that everyone follows?

When you write what are you doing? Are you simply forming letters into words, as many dictionaries put it, or are you explaining a different phenomenon; the phenomenon of emotion. To delve into that specific area would take years to truly understand, because emotion, as so many other things in this world, is neither correct nor wrong, emotion just is.

While this may just be a writer's, if I may call myself so, opinion it is an opinion all the same; writing is what you make it to be. For a writer and for so many of my friends, who write as well, writing is an escape. One may feel that they are powerless in this world, everyone has felt this sensation, but when we pick up the pen, or when we turn on the computer, we are empowered. Suddenly by doing such a simple act we have become the rulers of our own kingdoms, and the gods of our own worlds.

Writing to some of us is a way to defeat our own inner demons. I've talked to some that have had problems in their childhood, be it abuse, molestation, or poverty, and each of these people, which I have known, have written about the subject at hand. From first hand experience I know that writing about such a subject is difficult. Trying to portray the exact emotions, and trying to send a specific message. All of these things are hard, but I know something else it is as well. Not only is it difficult, but it is liberating.

Perhaps that is what writing is. To write is to liberate. I am writing this in a classroom, but my thoughts are not in this classroom, my thoughts are on this paper. I am liberated from any other thought, I am allowed to think on my own and write what I will. What makes people so happy when they hear the words, "Write what you want." As I said, it's liberating., we are allowed to take ourselves anywhere we want to be, and become whomever we wish to be.

When you write you are liberated from the focus of society. It is no longer, "clean this," "work here," "learn this," ""speak this way," but it is exactly the opposite when you write, you write for yourself, you write what you want to write, and you say what you want to say. Society demands one thing of you, but when you are writing, you can demand several things of society.

Throughout history the wristers have held the power, they have change their times, and ours. An easy example of this would be Common Sense by Thomas Paine. This essay was not beautifully written, it was not a perfect essay, but it had a message to convey, a message that swayed many Americans to revolt against their motherland of England. That shows how powerful the written word can be; it stirred an entire nation to rebel against what was known as it's motherland. In fact, at one time, the ability to write earned onself a high place in society, simply because not everyone could write.

It's true, not everyone can be a writer, but everyone can form words. As I have asked before, what is writing? Now I have neither answered this nor truly tried to answer this for one reason; writing is like emotion. To each person the word "write" means something completely different. To a high school student the word "write" could mean homework, to me it's freedom, to another it could mean their living.

Each person holds a different ideal of writing, but there is one universal truth about writing. Everyone can do it, but not everyone chooses to do it. It was once said, "The only difference between writers and everyone else is; writers write." As I said not everyone can be a writer, simple because not everyone writes. In my mind that is undoubtedly the one fundamental truth of writing. The way you become a writer, is to write. The way you become empower is to write, and the way to become a god is to write.

Write. Writing. Written. All of these things I have done, as you are reading the product of it, but in all this time have I accomplished anything? I have been liberated, I have been empowered, I have conveyed emotion, but have I achieved the goal that I have set out to achieve? Have I made you think about writing? Have you sat there and even given a second thought to writing, have you taken the time to contemplate what I have said? Or perhaps it doesn't matter. Does it matter if you have done any of these things, does it matter whether I achieved my goal or not; perhaps all that matters is that I have written. For that is what I have done, written.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Indigo][SIZE=1][FONT=Arial]I like this. A lot. It really made me think, and was genuinely interesting look at the art of writing. If your intention was to make me think you succeeded, lol.

I agree with you on most every point, I think. You've dissected the subject well, and yet not answered any questions whilst letting the reader think for themselves. And yeah. I'm rambling. Good work. :)[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[color=deeppink][size=1]To write is to be liberated. That was the idea that truly struck a chord in my mind and soul - because for me, that is what it is. Writing is a liberation, a release of emotions and at the same time a way to pinpoint them and realize what they are. I write for myself first and for others second. Writing is liberation, it is enlightenment, it is a window into your own soul.

And of course, it is many other things, which you have stated. But that was the thought that I related to. Very well-written piece. ;)

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