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sins of the Blood Ravens


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[FONT=Lucida Console][COLOR=MediumTurquoise]OK I need a role play to join and I came up with this wile sitting board in Reading class to day?

Year 5600
The wind rustled the wind on a young boys face. The boy smelt the salty smell on seawater as he sat on his beach towel, under the protection of his large red umbrella. He looked up at the inter galactic hotel his class was staying at.

He pulled out his laptop and looked at a saved document. It contained various pictures and documents of a group of space terrorist called the Blood Ravens. They were a group of 12 beings that for 6 months have been corrupting worlds and enslaving the citizens of the planet. When the planet had run out of resoures for their vast army they destroyed the planet with their bare hands. The newest article was about them taking control of a world close to the ocean world of Syren they were on.

Out of nowhere the sky turned ***** black and a voice over the loud speakers came on
? Attention all students please make your way to the shipping deck and board a respective space craft to take us back to the school immediately, only go to retrieve items from your hotel room?

Instantly the beaches began to drain of its people as all the students of the satellite high school went back to their rooms to get their things. On the way to his room the boy noticed the plasma screens on the walls were all red and warning flashed on them. He past 2 soldiers running in the other direction, and he over heard them say

? They are here for the sword?
?What I thought we shipped it to Certaila?
?NO that was to distract them fool, its in room D-3?

The Boy looked out the window in the sky he saw ships starting to burn up as they entered the atmosphere. There were 12 of them. He rushed to his room, but as he ran down the stairs and opened the door to the Hotels loading bay a green ball of fire broke through the roof and exploded. Their escape route was gone. He wielded around to see 3 of his classmates behind him. They turned and ran back to a vacant room on the same level in the room they meet their P.E. teacher pulling out a brief case and opening it to reveal a set of 6 hand gun (please note they use lasers in replace of bullets). He handed each of them one. They knew what was about to happen, the Blood Ravens were here and they had to get out.

Ok this is a little vague but that?s what I need help. I think it would run off the chapter system, and I had this weird idea. Since there are 12 Blood Ravens and they are all high and mighty and unbelievably strong, what if more than one Rp is started like lets say that we kill the first 2 in the first then I feel like the Rp is dieing then I?ll put out part 2 or whatever. This will also let new people join the Rp if they didn?t get a chance to join.

I want the boy to become the wielder of this sword, but I don?t know how to tie it in

Another issue is that since this is space there should be aliens so then some aliens would have like telekinesis or other random thing a human cannot do. Also humans have been tested on and some have like a built in arm canon, immunity to fire. Not ever character should have a unnatural feat?the boy will be human with no mutant abilities of half alien blood. I will in the sign ups get a list of what all you can be as far as race. [/COLOR][/FONT]
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