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Strange Dreams

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[color=darkviolet]I really like my pointless threads as much as everyone else does and here's a new one.

I had this really weird dream last night involving a prayer group in a high school that looked like a mall, Kikyo and Usagi. Or maybe it wasn't USagi and Kikyo, but whoever interrupted the prayer group (which I was in for some reason) looked like a cross between Kikyo and Usagi. And people who had to compair Jesus to something in their lives.

I ended up going along with some girl to confront Kikyo/Usagi for interrupting our group and being so rude. Kikyo had two blond little girls in bathing suits with her when we went to talk to her.

Another one that I had last week that I can actually remember is one that is oddly simular to the one that Lincoln's cousin Meg had right after we got our tongues pierced.
I had just eaten out somewhere and forgot my Listerine. Then I went to go buy some and all there was was the original flavor. That one's only weird because Megan had the same dream at the same time.

Well anyways, let's hear yours. I doubt any of them can beat the one one of my roommates had about the Lucky Charms lepricahn trying to attack her grandma though, but you can try.[/color]

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OK- here's a weird dream that I've been trying to figure out since February of 1996 (yeah, I know the date because it was a month after I moved back to Hawai'i)

Anyhow, it started out in a forest... I was walking in the woods and it suddenly struck me that I felt different somehow. I came upon a large puddle and peered at my reflection- which was not at all what I had expected. Instead of a 5'6" female, I was a 6'2" (or so) male... and I was some sort of brown-skinned elf.
I had a feeling of true tranquility- which is something very absent from my life- and I felt that I was in a form more true than my female human self. I then continued on my journey.
Along the way, I was collecting herbs and roots and filling medicine bags with them, which I knew would be used to heal people later.
Eventually, I came to a large lake with a beautiful castle in the middle of it. I knew I had to find a way to get to it.
I stood on the edge of the lake, pondering how to cross the water, as there was no bridge or boat, and I somehow knew that the water would kill me.
As I pondered, I became aware of someone standing to my left. When I looked at him, I knew he was a spiritual entity.
He told me that there was absolutely no way to cross the water...but I didn't accept it. I told him that I would find a way.
I took a deep breath and stepped out above the water...and discovered that I hadn't fallen in but was instead standing on an invisible bridge.
I turned to the man and said something about "I can cross because I have faith and I believe that I can cross".
He then said something to the effect that it's impossible to cross and that he should know because he is Jesus.
I answered him with "If you cannot find the faith to cross, then I cannot help you".
He smiled and nodded, as if to tell me that I had passed a test and I walked on.
Then I woke up.

This dream seems extremely bizarre to me because I am not a person who would ever subscribe to an organized religion and at the time I had it, elves were not something that ever crossed my mind.
It's also the only dream I've ever had in which I was the opposite gender.

I've had lots of strange dreams, but this one felt...I don't know... like it was trying to tell me something...

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[i]Thats a very interesting dream Elfpirate. Funny too since your name has elf in it, hehe. I have never had a religious/spiritual type of dream. They have always been bizzare and a bit crazy? Need examples? Okay but I warned you.

I had one where I was riding a big moose. Yes a moose, it was large with huge antlers, and I was also riding with a girl that hates me from school. Why? I have no idea. It only gets stranger from here. We're galloping through the snow in a meadow where there are few trees as squirrels are running to attack us, and we begin to hit them with crocquett mallets. They squeak, fly and skid across the snow, bounce up and attack us again and as we do this we're laughing. Can it get any stranger then that? Its funny but still it isn't nice, even if they are rabid pyscho squirrels lol.

There is another one where I go outside because my mom tells me to get a package from the garage. I open it, and a whole bunch of water falls from the garage. I'm stuck underwater until a hand pulls me up into a boat, and its pitch black. A guy tells me to canoe my way to the other side of the garage. Confused, I start to padle in the boat, especially while noticing aligators are chasing me. I stop to find myself in a large open area filled with dancing monkeys, and I'm getting hit with bananas and fruit. I think this is from watching too much of the movie Jungle Book when I was little, since I had it when I was small. Still its odd everytime I think of it.

There was one I had when I was 12 that is a little more normal. I was walking to school when I opened the door to my homeroom only to discover everyone was blue. Their face, handes, everything. I kept asking them why they were so blue and they kept saying "What? I feel fine. Are you okay?" and finally came across a mirror to discover I was blue too. It really freaked me out for some reason. I've never looked at the color blue the same way again.

As for the Lucky Charms Lepracaun, that sounds amusing, I would so love to hear that story. I use to have dreams about the Tiger from Frosted Flakes, he always looked the most friendlist. Say no to Honey Nut Cheerios. [/i]

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[size=2]I posted this a couple years ago, but hey, I might as well copy it down again for old time's sake.[/size]

[size=2]I've had one dream twice, but only when I had some sort of weird, feverish feeling, like I was sort of sick, but not. Anyway I'm on a white plane (not an airplaine, kind of like a plane of existence) and there is a big black glob. I have an opponent, or if not that, then some sort of resistance. There are three consciousnesses (referees/judges?) that I can't really perceive except for that they are different and they communicate. The object of the "game" was to push the glob around mentally, trying to move it to one side or the other, or split it, or combine it. I don't really know the rules, just that there were some while I was dreaming, and I knew what I had to do. "I" wasn't touching the glob, but I willed it to move against the will of my resistance, and the game seemed to go on for a very, very long time. I don't know if I "won" or not, because it was a long time ago.[/size]

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o.k. This is just a question to " Elfpirate " , but here gos I guess , so you said you cant figure out what your dream ment , & also that you dont have a specific belief ,(as in Christian , Catholic , etc. ) Well I dont know how much you know about Christianity but I am a Christian , & this " dream " really reminds me of a Bible story . (If you know about Jesus , you probablly know of this story , too , but Ill tell it just in case you might not ) in the story Jesus has a follower named Peter . Jesus knows that Peter wants to have fiath in him , but also that Peter dosent really have the bravery , or faith , so one day Jesus takes a fishing boat out to sea , with his Diciples , & eventaully falls asleep . Soon a storm arises at sea , & all of the Diciples are afriad & wake Jesus , & tell him that there all about to die if he dosent do something soon . Jesus looks at them & says , " Why do you fear ? Am I not th Savior ? " Then Jesus stands up , walks out of the boat & onto the water & walks off onto the sea a ways & says to the sea , " Be still , & know that I AM! " The sea & wind die down almost instantlly , & all of His Diciples are amazed . " How is it you may walk on the water so ? " , asked Peter . " I have faith , Peter ! I believe that the sea is Gods & that in His name , for His good , I , & any who believe , can do the same. " said Jesus . " I have faith & believe in you ! By your will , let me walk the waters as you have ! " said Peter . Jesus replied " Come Peter !" Peter trys to walk to Jesus , but a few steps onto the water & Peter looks down on the waves & becomes scared , & forgets his fiath , & begins to sink . " Peter , your faith has fialed ." said Jesus watching this . Jesus walks over to the screaming , frightened Peter & helps him abored the ship . Jesus , again , speaks of faith , & eventually they ride home .
I think your dream relates in a way of God , (or Jesus ) saying that in what you believe , you have a lot of faith , & that He wants you to have the same faith in Him . Because , just like how you searched for something beautiful that you desired , & had fiath in , if you search toward a heaven that God , & He alone can give , & with just as much faith , He can give it to you . & I think He wants you to choose Him over other things . I know that the story above is long & much in itself just like a wierd dream , but it sounds to me like you are a good person & He wants you to be happy , both befor & after things end in your life . I dont know , you may have haerd this befor , but I feel better ding & finding out that God isent real , than ding & finding out there is . So yep! You said you thought it ment something & I told you my oppinion of what it could mean ! Hope it ll help in any way possible , ziopheth :D
( & this may be harder to believe seeing my sig. but its honestly just some form of poetry with faces to express how some people think of it ... :o )

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i have strange dreams too...and i write them out on the computer and they seem like stories....^_^ i have at least 3 stories in my folder...i update them to my lj but yeah anyways...i just wants to say that...later people bye:)

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Holy Punctuation, Ziopheth! Naw, but really, it would've been alot easier to read your dream with a few more paragraphs in there. Anyway...

I have rather violent dreams, but sometimes they're peaceful. I'll post an example of each.

I can't remeber much from this one, except I was fighting this other dude. I punched him into a sheet of glass, and jumped down from the skyscraper to attack him in midair. All the shards of glass where falling all around us, as we fought to the death in midair. Then somehow I landed on top of his body. He was dead, whoever this person was. I had a broken wrist. Hm...

Another one began with a knock at my door. I was only 6 or so, and my little brother was 4. [I]*knock knock knock*[/I]
David (younger brother): I got it! [spoiler](He opens the door, shotgun blast blows him away. Blood goes everywhere against the light violet walls in my house.)[/spoiler]
Me: Ah!! David!!! (to mother, who's in another room) There's a robber in the house, and he shot David, mommy! Help!

My mom doesn't say anything, but gets a sorrowful, angry, hateful expression. I can't explain it. Just think if your son got killed by a robber. That's how she felt. A gatling gun/chaingun/minigun somehow phases onto her arm (Megaman style). She walks up to the robber, aims the gun at his body, and [spoiler]blows the life out of him. She sobs violently as she continues to riddle his body and face with bulllets[/spoiler]
Me: (sobbing) Mommy... he's dead... stop...
My mother keeps crying, continutes firing. Things fade to black.

Me and my crush are walking down an endless, completely white hall (Think Matrix's Construct program). We're holding hands, and never stop walking and smiling.

Another is I'm in space, floating without a space-suit but very much alive. I'm not cold from the vacuum. And I gaze at the stars, completely stunned at their beauty in zero-g. I cry a tear drop, which doesn't freeze, but goes in a perfect sphere. All I can remember after that is thinking [i]Perfection... this is what it is...[/i]

Hmm... I have more coming later. Peace.

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I had an odd dream the other night. I dreamt I was at school, taking a scantron test. For some reason, probably because I had been inking a picture before I went to bed, the girl next to me was using ink with an ink well to take the test. I spilled ink on my test.
Me: Teacher, can I get a new test? I spilled ink on mine.
Teacher: No!
Me: But.... :( but... :bawl: I got cheese on my pencil!

I seriously help up a pencil with a bunch of melted cheddar on it then. I'm one strange cookie.

Then there was this one dream. I dreamt I was on a roof top, staring down some guy. We both had swords. There were some of my friends hanging on the gallows in the distance. Suddenly the guy stabs me through the stomach!

And I woke up with a sharp pain in my tummy, gasping. It was odd, but most likely all psychological.

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haha..thanks for the message..well lets see one of my dreams

I am sleeping in my room and for some reason i wake up and a figure is standing there while another is holding the door closed....it took me awhile to realise that they wouldnt let anyone in my room...one of them hits me across the face and i black out when i come to i am on a whole different world...one exactly like in anna mccafreys pern series

another one is this...

i was in a place of flat plains of grass and i looked over my shoulder and i see tornados coming at me at least 5 from one direction. so i start runing in the opposite direction and for some reason my body changes into a dragons and when i fly up high enough i see red glowing eyes looking straight at me from a big black cloud....for some reason i was angry and scared of that cloud..

that is what my most freakiest dreams were..my others consist of everyone thinking i am dead...^_^

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O.K. O.K.
But you have to admit Im getting better at this whole " spell correctly online! " thing! I just needed to post that .

ANYWAY , yea I have dreams & all , but is it normal, ( or has anyone ever had this happen, ) when you have a dream when you like 4 , & then you slowly with time forget it , but then a few years later , ( say now your 6 , ) you have the same dream , only that time you just kind of get farther & farther into the dream , so then you think its over & when you wake you go " OH !!! I REMEMBER THAT DREAM!!!" , & yet again you forget & then yet again a few years later , (now say its present time , ) you have the same dream & its all finished all ready , but then its like a new season of the dream , or like a T.V. show you just kind of ... continue in the same theam & place & all but its different cause your older ??? :wigout:

Yes , I know , either hard to fallow , or you dont have a clue what Im talking about , but if its happened to any one id be kool if I could hear about it , ( feels so different from others ... ) :D

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Hey, cool thread! ^-^

Anyways, I've had a bunch of weird dreams. I had this dream just recently: I'm in my house at night doing a protection spell, when all of a sudden these preists barge into my room with crosses and holy water. I run out of my room searching for my dad to kick them out but I just wind back in my room as if nothing happened. Confused I walk out of my room again, opening all the doors in search out anyone I know or those stupid priests.

I come to a door and there's a cat. It starts talking to me, its eyes were glowing red. It tells me something about watching my back. It runs off and then I see light coming from the door the cat disappeared into and sounds of ripping paper.

I open the door to find those stupid priests that barged into my room before. They seem to not notice me or maybe I was invisible....either way they didn't know I was there. The priests were ripping pages out of the Bible for some reason. I think they were rewriting it (the Bible) I think. I couldn't hear their voices, but I could kinda read their lips. They burned the pages they were ripping out and only wrote down, what I think ,were only what they thought were important.

That cat showed up again and killed the preists with paper airplanes (don't ask) It then came to me and started rubbing on my legs purring and licking my feet as if nothing happened. And that's when I woke up.

Weird isn't it?

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lol..i am scaring off tellamarketers..they are rude^_^ :P i love being mean right back...i had another dream of where i jumped off a pier and could breathe under water and a evil little troll from puppetmaster was walking across the water but he couldn't get under the water to me..it really freaked me out....another is where i am sitting outside my house in the dark with the full moon shining down on me..and i am crying for some reason..the moon beams a light on me and i am picked up from the ground and i turned into a fox demon...and then i am transported to inuyashas world..i am a rouge in that world...

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Dreams are really weird. I wish there was a way to record them so you could share them with friends. Here are a couple of dreams that has stuck with me.

In the dream I was holding an infant. I have no idea who this baby is or why I have it. I am walking down the street. I end up going into a grocery store feeling very sad. I get to the frozen food section that has those long waist high tub-like freezers. The kind you have to reach down into to get your frozen food. The jazz band I was in during junior high was there having a "concert". They were playing the song "Traces" while set up near the freezers. As I get closer there are all these people wearing black and crying. I look into the freezer and there is some dead guy in the freezer! Apparently they were having a funeral in the frozen food section of the grocery store!

That is when I woke up. I have no idea why I would dream of a funeral at a grocery store but every time I end up at that store I think of that dream.

My next dream is a re-occurring dream I have been having since I was little. I know for sure I had this dream when I was in the second grade but that is as far back as I can date it. The dream is one in which when it starts I realize that it is the re-occurring dream. It is in a cepatone color. It's like that of a old brown and white "old west" photo.

It starts out with me inside of an abandoned cabin. I am looking around for something. I am not sure what it is. While I am in there I see a figure walk by the window. I know this is the person I am searching for. I feel nervous and excited at the same time. I run outside trying to catch them. It is a tall man wearing a trench coat walking away from me. No matter how fast I try to run I can't catch this person. I have never seen their face or know why I need to catch this person. Each time when I am having this dream, even though I know it is the re-occurring dream, I can't get out of the rut that I seem to be stuck in when dreaming it. How frustrating.

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[COLOR=Blue]It's a weird one, alright. Well, I was in the backyard of my old house, and I was having a martial arts fight with my brother. Then after a deliver a crushing blow to his face, he falls over backward and gets up, his eyes glowing green. "Wait! Your not my brother! Your Kairota!" "That's right." he hissed in a low threatning voice. "He is now ours!" I charged him, and he picked me up by the throat, and threw me into a tree. I was unhurt, but the tree fell over. I was panting, and I said: "This is going to be a tough fight. I hope that Gohan and Piccolo arrive soon." Okay...I never got to see what happens next though. Pretty odd huh?



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Well, I had a somewhat weird one last night, though I'm not sure if it's quite in the same league as some of yours.

Anyway, I can remember this one very well right now, so it's a long one.


OK, the earliest point I can remember, I was standing looking out a window in the middle of the night. Someone else was standing next to me, though I honestly can't remember who it was. Right, so all of a sudden I look up, and see one of those really stupid looking UFOs that you sometimes see on TV programs, shaped kind of like a bell, and just hovering and spinning. Then it flew off, and I started talking to the person next to me.

It went something like this;
HIM: Wow! Did you see that!
ME: Nah, it's a fake.
HIM: How can you tell, hmm?
ME: Just look at it! It's a [insert obscenity] fake!

The UFO disappeared into the distance, and then this incredibly bright star appeared high up in the sky, then shot down over the horizon, staying the same intensity all the way. I was totally convinced that [I]it[/I] was the real UFO. And started argueing my point to the person next to me - the problem being that he hadn't seen it. I kept on telling him that it had to be a UFO, it was twice as bright as any other star or planet in the sky. All of a sudden a light exactly like it appeared where the last had disappeared, and I pointed it out, yelling at the other person to look. But it turned out that one was just a car. :sweat:

HIM: [laughing] Nice UFO, Alex.
ME: Shut up.

Then it went into another part, where I, along with many others, was camping out in a field. We didn't have tents or anything, just a couple of caravans between several hundred of us, so most of us were just sitting and sleeping outside. The thing that made it most awkward, however, was the fact that it took me two/three days (as far as my in-dream memory serves) to find my clothes..... Yes, quite strange indeed.

After that, it somehow made another leap (there was stuff inbetween, I just can't remember any of it) to me walking down a StarWars style corridor with two of my friends, and another group of three infront. I somehow know that we're fighting in a tournament, and am trying to decide which one I'd stand a chance against.
As the door opens and the others walk through, this one guy from the other team just turns around and looks at me with a smile on his face. He starts to talk;

ME: Umm....what?
HIM: Do you know Arbic?
ME: Arbic?
HIM: It's a variation of the Arabic language. Do you know it?
ME: (completely confused) No.......why?
HIM: (grins) Because I do. Without it, you don't stand a chance.

That just left me extremely lost and confused. Why would knowing or not knowing a rarely-heard-of language make any difference in a fighting tournament? I pushed that thought aside, and walked into the arena.

So, there I was, the guy just staring back at me with that stupid little smile on his face. The bell rings, and the match begins. He starts walking towards me, hands at his side all cowboy-style. I just stay where I am, and whip out a pair of sais from behind my back. Extremely small sais - I've seen bigger nails in my life - but sais nonetheless. The guy just stops, and looks at me;

HIM: What the..? Where did you get those?
ME: (I shrugged, not actually knowing myself) I made sure I was prepared. It's in the rules, you know.
HIM: Ha! But you don't know Arbic, do you!

I just gave him a concerned loo, then ran forward and we started to fight.

We just kept on fighting until I managed to push him to edge of the arena. I tried to stab at him with one of the pathetically-sized sais, but he grabbed my hand and stole it from me, blabbering on about how I was going to lose because I didn't know Arbic. When he stabbed at me, I grabbed his hand and kicked him in the stomach, forcing him off the edge of the arena. He grabbed onto the edge as he fell, trying to pull himself up.

I was in the process of kicking him repeatedly in the face when this girl ran over, asking for some help in finding a lost friend (I remember the girl from a point earlier on in the dream, though I'm not sure exactly where/when it was). All of a sudden the guy just reaches up with his free hand trying to grab the girl's - well I'm sure you can figure it out for yourself - so I pick up my other pathetic sai and stab it through his hand. He pulls his hand back, looks down at it, then up at me. The girl walks away.

HIM: Sorry. Couldn't help myself. Remember....... Arbic!
ME: You [insert obsenity]!!

I kick the guy in the face a few more times, and he stabs me in the leg with the sai he stole from me earlier. I kick him again, and again, and again - but the guy just doesn't budge. So I grab his leg and, while still kicking him in the face, start pushing him off the edge. It works, and he falls off. I heard a slight thud, looked over the edge, and then the dream ended.


The strange thing was, most of it seemed to make sense at the time. Except for the whole "Arbic" thing......
I've got more but, after the length of this one, I thing I'll save it for later. What can I say, it was just fresh in my mind.

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[FONT=Trebuchet MS][SIZE=2][COLOR=RED]I had the weirdest dream ever the other night! Before going to bed I was reading on some site about the proper use of condoms and it said something about it being very important that you get the right size...

Anyways...I fell asleep and dreamed that I was in some store looking at all the condom boxes. There were like hundreds of them and they were all different colors and they all had these weird like encoded sizes on them. I was freaking out because there was no way of knowing what the sizes were...so I just grabbed a random bunch of boxes and bought them. Then my boyfriend and I were opening them up in my bedroom and when we did...little live bunny rabbits came hopping out of the boxes. They were really tiny and fuzzy and so cute! It turned out that
they were "contraceptive bunnies" and you had to pet them while you made love for them to work....LOL! While we were making love, all the bunnies started to hop away and they all got outside and we were frantically trying to catch them all. My little brother (whose 11) kept catching them and shaving them so they wouldn't work! It was horrible! Finally the whole neighborhood was outside catching them and taking them inside their houses because they were so soft and fuzzy and cute and I was so mad![/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

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