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  1. [font=lucida sans unicode,lucida grande,sans-serif][size=4][color=#2f4f4f]Yeah everybody it's one of THOSE type of threads again. The oldies blabbing about the good old days. However besides just all that, I was wondering how many of you have cleared out your message box? what is the FIRST message you received on there? It's been forever since I cleared mine out. So I'd like to dig through and share some of my private moments with the beloved people who may or may not be on Otakuboards now today. Back when I remember [/color][color=#ff0000]Otakuboards survivor [/color][/size][/font][color=#2F4F4F][font='lucida sans unicode', 'lucida grande', sans-serif] [/font][/color][font=lucida sans unicode,lucida grande,sans-serif][size=4][color=#2f4f4f]where we were on colored teams and had to compete in contests, when the roleplay/theater forum was so packed and everybody wanted to join x's member's RP because they always had the best turnout. When you opened up the thread and there was music and beautiful graphics to look at and you had to sign up fast because EVERYBODY wanted in. I remember it being SO much fun. The Nifty Fifty....is this still going on? Can anybody update me with the current happenings? I remember how awesome it was to be nominated (I was only once but I didnt win individually I think *sniffles*) but i did vote and still have my old list. Being a mod was fun. So can you list some of your favorite things about OB past or present? And have any messages you want to share? [/color][/size][/font]
  2. Coming back here is nostalgic of my first roleplaying days. You can find me on gw2 @ Akishunda.2405 Add me!

  3. I'd love to be involved in it if so, and I could always message gavin (dragon warrior) to attend. I still have him on facebook and instagram. 
  4. Pumpkin

    Gaming ffxiv reborn

    Hi there everyone! It's Pumpkin. I know a lot of you came over and played Guild Wars 2 which is one of the most popular games out right now for mmorpgs. But I was wondering how many of you are going to be buying or trying out ffxiv reborn? It's the old final fantasy mmorpg but it got completely remade. My friend is in the beta, and he claims it is AMAZING. I know the graphics are really top notch and supposedly the combat system is very addicting. I'm wondering for those roleplayers on the site if you are possibly going to play? If so what class/race will you choose?   Personally, I'm going to be going for the feline race as probably a white mage or summoner. If you haven't heard about this game I suggest you read up on it, because the changes they made are perfect for a social gamer such as myself. 
  5. Pumpkin

    I Forgot What You People Look Like (Image Heavy)

        Still look schmexy Gavin <3 I still have this pal on facebook!    Which btw you all can add me on my enjin page if you want to keep in contact. http://www.enjin.com/profile/2821706  I'm actually on it more then facebook to be honest. 
  6. Pumpkin

    Anyone here from 2001-ish?

    :wub: Popping in to give my hello's! I've noticed a big change in the forums have downsized lately. I remember when RPG's here were all the rage and it's what first got me into roleplaying which I do mostly in mmorpgs now. <3 Good to see you still around too Baron! 
  7. Pumpkin

    Gaming Guild Wars 2

    What!? I'm still around. And yet no one has looked me up yet! I'm usually on as Kaloki Touchstone. <3 A schmexy norn ranger. 
  8. Pumpkin

    Gaming Guild Wars 2

    So am I. If anyone wants to add me my name is Akishunda.2405  Especially older members.
  9. Pumpkin

    Gaming Tera Online MMORPG

    [color=#008080][font=georgia, serif][size=3]Hey everybody. It's Pumpkin here. So if you haven't heard TERA online is featuring a 7-day trial account thats right it's FREE! I honestly tried out TERA a month ago despite what the horrible things I've heard on mmorpg.com and I LOVE it. I know most people are waiting for GW2 because its F2P but if your looking for something to play in the meantime I highly recommend trying the trial out. So far on my server (celestial hills) I have met a great amount of awesome people and had fun questing/instances. I'm currently a castanic sorcerer so if you do decide to check it out add me at Akishunda. I'm just curious how many of you out there have tried this game out so far?[/size][/font][/color]
  10. I know right another request? Pshhh...and this one I want an orange/red theme if possible =) Everywhere else I've requested wants to charge me like 4/5 dollars. I want it to say "The Chebika Carnival" and underneath in smaller words...What happens in Chebika, stays in Chebika. [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif][img]http://s17.postimage.org/n7h7318xb/carnival.png"]http://s17.postimage.org/n7h7318xb/carnival.png[/img][/font][/color]
  11. Pumpkin

    I Forgot What You People Look Like (Image Heavy)

    [quote name='OMNOMNOMALY' timestamp='1345961862' post='712290'] [font=trebuchet ms,helvetica,sans-serif]I... I thought you were still like 15??????????????? my world is shattered [/quote][/font] [size=4][font=georgia, serif][color=#008080]This is why I freak out half the time when I visit these forums. You guys all make me feel even older then I am![/color][/font][/size] [color=#008080][font=georgia, serif]Now where is Chibihorsewoman? *looks around* She always had the cool fonts and personal posts going on.[/font][/color] [color=#008080][font=georgia, serif]I'm 25 not sure to those who remember me but I believe I was around 16 when I joined here still in high school. GOSH, that feels like forever!![/font][/color] [color=#008080][font=georgia, serif]<-------------oldies. Still single and no kids though[/font][/color]
  12. Pumpkin

    Gaming Guild Wars 2

    I got 2 days early access...unfortunately my internet connection is SO slow I've spent the last two days downloading that stupid patch. I should be up and running about by tomorrow it should be done. My name will be Akishunda. I'll be on Tarnished Coast server. Unofficial "roleplay" forum. =) Be prepared.
  13. Pumpkin

    Request Only you guys could help me on this....

    I'm sorry Petie but for some reason it wont let me open up that file without BUYING winzip because apparently its not free anymore. Any way you can just post the image link? You can use postimage.org :) ?
  14. Project. All I want is a banner that says "Celestial Hills Chronicle". With any of the pictures below. I want it wide and tall like a header not a signature. Not sure specific specs but kinda big. Here are photo links http://a1.ec-images.myspacecdn.com/images02/151/a965c4e87a2b4a818f0e910f88c9e129/l.jpg http://a2.ec-images.myspacecdn.com/images02/128/2654b73e4f1946dc85f2ca6ee340d27b/l.jpg If you can try and make it look professional/classy like :) YAY I would be super duper happy
  15. Pumpkin

    Request Only you guys could help me on this....

    Okay so here are some more words that I needed...ummmm..let's see...more to be added when i can think of somethin' Featured Story Entertainment Tonight Gossip Corner Upcoming events Ask Miss Velika Fashionista 101 Special Thanks Player of the Month Guild of the Month More to come...but for now if you could do those that would be great
  16. Pumpkin

    Request Only you guys could help me on this....

    Okay if you got my PM petie sorry I didn't see all this! It's the perfect size. Wow a debate over my banner? Atleast you guys are responding (: Thank you! I also wanted to add another request if possible? Is there a chance I can get whatever font/color you made for banner and just get the words just as big? For example for the first one, I'd like one that says "Table of Contents". Then I can see what it looks like. Also background should be a darkblue...not white. If possible thanks. OR transparent. Not sure if you guys can do that or not.
  17. Pumpkin

    Gaming Guild Wars 2

    I'll probably be playing on the Tarnished Coast Server on the 25th as a Sylvari Mesmer!
  18. Pumpkin

    Request Only you guys could help me on this....

    Hey Petie. Actually its for a online gaming forum a "Newsletter" Type feel. So just a big banner would be sufficiant if you catch what I mean by that? I hope so sorry to confuse anyone. Just try and do the best you can with it. I'm actually not really picky at this point.
  19. I'm playing the mmorpg TERA. IF anybody wants to look me up my name is Akishunda on there :)

  20. Pumpkin

    Gaming Guild Wars 2

    [quote name='James' timestamp='1334132416' post='711421'] [font=palatino linotype]It would be great to get another OB guild going![/font][/quote] [size=2]Kabouki Troupe lives on! YAY![/size] [size=2]I remember the old GW OB guild days it was awesome. I'm definately going to be IN GAME, you know me I'm always down for mmo's/mmorpgs. I will probably be a female Sylvari elementalist or necromancer if possible. I love the idea of new races and classes they look completely different & amazing. I'm super stoked also to see so many OB members taking an interest as well, we will definately all have to meet up when it releases. Anyone playing any other online game at the moment btw?[/size]
  21. [quote name='Ellerby' timestamp='1316120172' post='709457'] [color=#696969][font=Tahoma]Oh, Pumpkin. You've got to be the only person that makes regular use of Art by Request. <3 I decided to give this one a shot, mostly to keep CaNz from having all the fun. ;) I made 2 avatars in case you wanted to use the P instead of your full name in the avatar (like the cool kids do).[/font][/color] [center][color=#696969][font=Tahoma][img]http://img263.imageshack.us/img263/6794/pumpkin2v.jpg[/img] [img]http://img714.imageshack.us/img714/4971/pumpkin1f.jpg[/img] [img]http://img155.imageshack.us/img155/9010/pumpkinh.jpg[/img][/font][/color][/center] [color=#696969][font=Tahoma]If you do choose these ones, let me know if you'd like any alterations. ^^[/font][/color] [/quote] These are both really great! can't believe I forgot about this thread hrmm....I think I'll use this later one :) Love it and the hunger games!
  22. I realize I did request one fairly recent however, I want something not so anime/manga related. Picture down below. I just want a simple banner/avatar that says "pumpkin" on both pieces and also the quote on the banner part saying, "You donĂ¢??t forget the face of the person who was your last hope." Thanks I'd be VERY greatful!! [url="http://screencrave.frsucrave.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/hunger_games.jpg"]Image two [/url]
  23. Pumpkin

    April Fool's

    [quote name='Petie' timestamp='1333398115' post='711242'] [color=#0000ff]I thoroughly regret missing this.[/color] [/quote] [color=#4b0082][font=georgia, serif][size=3][font=verdana, geneva, sans-serif][size=2]I triple this notion! Seriously? Why did nobody tell me? What shows were played? SAILOR MOON? OMG that was my favorite when I was a younger it'd just kinda be cool to see the old silly dubs again. I know Nick brought back 90's cartoons on certain nights after midnight like Hey Arnold and I was stoked but Toonami would have been awesome. That sucks.[/size][/font][/size][/font][/color] [color=#4b0082][font=georgia, serif][size=3][font=verdana, geneva, sans-serif][size=2]Anyways, I didn't get pranked. 1/2 my friends on facebook were mysteriously "pregnant". Everyone was either married or pregnant. Not very creative if you ask me. Usually every year I play the same prank on my dad and it never fails. He's too busy watching tv etc to really pay attention to anything else and will just about devour any food (sad but its true). So usually I'll give him something like "Hey dad try this I just bought it". He'll pop it in his mouth without even a glance.[/size][/font][/size][/font][/color] [color=#4b0082][font=georgia, serif][size=3][font=verdana, geneva, sans-serif][size=2]Before last year it was a peppermint candy with lots of salt on it. One year it was a dog biscuit and the next it was a cat hairball treat that actually had gooey stuff in it that was a good one even though sadly he liked it until i told him what it was after. This year I got him mochi ice cream with chili powder on it. YUM right? [/size][/font][/size][/font][/color] [color=#4b0082][font=georgia, serif][size=3][font=verdana, geneva, sans-serif][size=2]Let's just say he didn't like what I gave him this year. [/size][/font][/size][/font][/color]
  24. [quote name='Silver Mech' timestamp='1334330248' post='711455'] I read a quote about growing up. It went something like, "we spend our youth trying to grow up, and our adulthood wondering were our childhood went." I didn't get it down right, but that's the basic idea. [/quote] [size=3][font=georgia, serif][color=#4b0082]Thats where theres a song made about it right here ([/color][url="http://youtu.be/OPi2s1K_pgU"][color=#4b0082]http://youtu.be/OPi2s1K_pgU[/color][/url][color=#4b0082]). That pretty much describes my daily routine & thoughts. Mmmk thank you. [/color][/font][/size]
  25. Pumpkin

    I Forgot What You People Look Like (Image Heavy)

    [quote name='Stephanie' timestamp='1324756011' post='710739'] Wow, Pumpkin, you have grown up.[/quote] Meh...I'll take that as a compliment? I hope? lol its been a long time since I was 16 when I first joined this place ;) I was a weeeeeee lil' child then ha ha.