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Top five favorite movies.


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I'm not a big movie fanatic, so I don't have a lot of movies to choose from, just to tell you peeps
(in no particular order)
The Sixth Sense
Miss Congeniality (a little cliche, but I still like it:D)
The Prince of Egypt
Save the Last Dance
Happy Gilmore
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5?! We're supposed to come up with 5 favorite movies?! I donno how you people can do it! Almost all the movies I see are terrible...and if they're not, I can't think of them. The only movie I really, really like is Princess Mononoke, and I've seen it 11 times. -_-
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Guest Majin Gohan
not in order
American Pie 2
Fight Club
Final Fantasy: Spirits Within
I can't think of a last one so many good movies that I have to choose from.
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