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  1. [FONT=Arial]I have this...thing?, for Youtube, and I find it actually takes up a huge percentage of time I'm on the internet, which kind of surprises and embarrasses me ^_^'. I'm interested in what the Otakuboards members like to see when they're using it themselves. so for this thread, maybe mention some of your favorite clips, what type of videos you look for, and any youtube videos you yourself might have uploaded![/FONT]
  2. [FONT=Arial]I have a soft spot for Cici's; they got me hooked on barbecue chicken pizza. and I am sure glad someone else mentioned Godfather's. definitely one of my favorite places to get pizza. depending on what you order, it can get pretty greasy, but that's never stopped me from coming in. so,my favorite place is either Godfather's or The Pie. LAWDY!!! you have NEVER eaten pizza until you've eaten there!!! if you're in downtown SLC or just around the general Salt Lake area, chances are you'll run into one. I would seriously recommend any one of their specialty pizzas, and they've got
  3. [quote name='DeathKnight'][COLOR=crimson]Eh, I eat dead cows, pigs, chickens, and fish. Few bugs can't hurt. My girlfriend hates all these wonderful things that she thinks are gross: Okra (not even in jambalaya), Shellfish (including CRAWDAD :(), and Mushrooms (!). Man, fried okra is the ****. Add a few crickets and I am sure it is that much better![/COLOR][/quote] [FONT=Arial]okay, I can understand how she might have a problem with mushrooms, but crawdads? okra? come on! I have yet to see the sale of any in Utah (then again I haven't gone out of my way to look either :P), but I h
  4. [FONT=Arial]haha, I remember being all about the post counts. I'd write just a little over two sentences on some topic I didn't honestly know too much about and rationalize to myself, "I kept on topic and it was over two lines. it counts!" and I very much miss my old Julia avatar. cute little thing. the furthest back I've looked at old posts of mine was maybe a couple of months before I stopped coming around for a while. I think I was quite more well-spoken in the written word than I am now, mostly because I'm so out of practice nowadays, I guess. I've also noticed how my opinions from b
  5. [FONT=Arial]ramen never really did it for me, but I kept it around because it was so cheap and it was one of the only things I could afford during my first year of college. I'd eat pretty much any flavor, but there was a preference in brand, I think; one brand just tasted a little nastier than the others. occasionally I can eat it about once a month nowadays, but there isn't much overall nutritional value to it, so it's kept at a minimum.[/FONT]
  6. [B][FONT=Arial]Requiem for a Dream [/FONT][/B][FONT=Arial]- after the movie ended, everybody who was watching it with me were stunned and couldn't think of anything to say for a good 10-15 seconds afterwards. I myself am not (entirely) familiar with drug culture, but a few of the people watching it with me attested that it was all entirely accurate (worst-case scenario-wise also, but accurate). definitely not a feel-good movie, but incredibly powerful. [B]Smiley Face[/B] - I saw clips of it on Youtube before and thought, "who would make such a ****** movie?", but curiosity got the better of
  7. [FONT=Arial][B]Sideways [/B]- freaking amazing movie. pacing was slightly slower than I would have preferred, but it was appropriate for the movie. it's one of those character development-focused movies (my favorite type), and a must-see for anyone else who favors those. [B]Cats [/B]- second or third time watching it. if you don't like musicals, you probably won't like this either. it also helps to have background info about the musical, or it could be confusing. [B]Barbershop [/B]- first ten minutes of it were so cheesy I almost turned it off right there. it got better after a while th
  8. [FONT=Arial]major prop-age to the person who quoted Demetri Martin. some other jokes to add from Demetri: [/FONT][FONT=Arial]-the one in my signature. - I heard this lady say, ?I love kids.? That?s nice, a little weird though. It?s like saying ?I like people, for a little while.? ?How old are you? 14? **** off!? You can say ?I love kids? as a general statement, that?s fine. It?s when you get specific that you get into trouble. ?I love twelve-year-olds.?[/FONT] [FONT=Arial]- I think it's weird when you give someone flowers, you're really saying, "Here you go. Now watch these die....beca
  9. [FONT=Arial]chibi-master... I kind of want your dog. I hope that's not awkward or anything. as far as favorites goes though, my favorite doggy in the whole wide world is my 5-year old 'puppy' Pippin. she's this completely white, beautiful, adorable chihuahua. oh yeah, you know it. I am of the opinion that most chihuahuas are way more hassle than they're worth, what with the obnoxious barking and nipping and well, peeing all over the place. but Pippin is different. she rarely barks, she NEVER bites, and when she's around people she just wants to give them kisses! or entice them to play with
  10. [FONT=Arial]the ones that had me hooked from the go were Trigun and *gulp* Fushigi Yuugi. Fushigi Yuugi was the first shoujo (?) anime I had watched (the first anime period being DBZ), and it had never occurred to my young, Americanese self that 'cartoons' didn't necessarily have to be episodic. and for Trigun, come on. Vash is pretty much one of the funniest, addicting characters you could possibly ask for. I wish I could find my Vash doll. :( sucker cost me forty bucks!!! anyways, the series itself was very funny and exciting as well, so....yeah. definitely some good times coming from that s
  11. [FONT=Arial]haha, yeah. next time you need to feel her up [I]really [/I]good. but seriously, with the kind of stuff this girl is pulling [I]that you know of [/I](and her not even being that smart about it), if you actually did end up doing something with her down the road, you can count on a good chance of getting something nasty from her. if you're willing to risk that, go for it. and, I wouldn't expect anything emotionally stable to come from it, if I were you. [/FONT]
  12. [quote name='Allamorph'][FONT=Arial] And [I]here[/I] I'd like to introduce to you a couple of dear friends of mine: Rhetoric and Flippancy. They're an interesting pair, but they tend to behave themselves whenever I invite Discernment over as well. And then we all play Brawl together.[/FONT][/quote][FONT=Arial] because it's totally easy to discern what someone is [I]actually [/I]saying when you don't have a clue who's actually talking. [I]expect [/I]it to happen; this medium of communication allows for multiple levels of interpretation, especially coming from strangers. [I]get over it [/I]alr
  13. [quote name='ChibiHorsewoman'][COLOR=#9933ff][FONT=monotype corsiva][SIZE=4]I know I've already replied to this, but I have to throw two more cents into the ring.[/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR] [SIZE=4][FONT=monotype corsiva][COLOR=#9933ff]I don't see why so many people are up in arms about gay marriage when there are so many other important issues at hand. Things like the rising costs of fuel and food, the ongoing conflicts in the Middle East and who's going to be the next American Idol should outrank if Bobbie and Benny or Debbie and Tiffani are getting married. Get your priorities in order![/COL
  14. [FONT=Arial]I have to say I've been pretty into Fort Minor lately. I heard about the "group", I guess?, from my husband, who's a big Linkin Park fan, and after listening through The Rising Tied a good couple of times, I think I'm hooked. Mike Shinoda is absolutely amazing at what he does, and he is definitely to thank for how well Linkin Park is doing. if you guys want a good recommendation to start you off, try listening to Kenji or maybe Slip Out the Back. oh yeah, and Where'd You Go has been on the radio for a while now, so if you recognize that song, yeah, Linkin Park's rapper is responsib
  15. [quote name='Allamorph'] [FONT=Arial]Ehh, no, it's pretty much always been that way. No evolution about it; us humans are surprisingly sot in our ways. We don't change, we just find different ways of saying it. :p[/FONT][/quote] [FONT=Arial]okay, true that. [/FONT] [quote name='Allamorph'] [FONT=Arial]Quote within the quote:[/FONT] [I][FONT=Arial]I don’t know how that would even be a question. what, gay couples can’t be as happy as straight couples? what would keep them from being less happy relationship-wise? whether or not marriage ends well isn’
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