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Escaping Reors (M-VL/possiblyS)


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"To escape from this place is to do the imposible...in this place you will die, that is now your fate."

The small ship was rocked hard by the waves, a strong man yelled out orders to his men, "Hold fast, we will hold out!" A flash of lightning streaked across the sky. "Land off the starbord side!" A lookout called, the men turned to see. A towering city on an island, walls that stretched up into the blackness. The captain of the ship called out, "Bring us away! Don't let the wind put us against the rocks!" A sudden wave lurched the craft toward the island, they could not pull away. The rocks slashed the under side of the ship, water began to fill the hull...

Another flash of lightning, and the men could see a massive door.
From below another, younger man came to stand next to the captain.
"My lord prince Anasin what do you wish us to do? Out ship is lost." The prince turned toward the captain, "Go, and see what men can make for shore!"

The men abandoned there ship, and swam for the shore, the storm was letting off now, only slightly. Almost a quarter of the crew drowned in the waves. The others made for the slightly sunken causeway leading to the door.

As they made there way toward the door it begain to open. At first a light shone through, but then darkness. "What is this madness? Do my eyes deceive me?" Anasin watched as the door inched open ever more.
Suddenly a dark mist shot from the crack, it moved toward the sailors, and engulfed them in darkness, none could see, all was dark.

The prince heared the faint screams of men, dieing men. He began to worry, but could see nothing, he called out, "My men what do you see!?" But even his own voice seemed distant...

Suddenly Anasin woke, the sun shone brightly on the causeway, a few soldiers and sailors were left alive, the rest were all gone, not even blood stained the cause way. As he got up he noticed some men gathered by a large stone, he went to them. They all stared at some inscription on the stone:

-You have trespassed on the island of Reors, to escape this place is to do the impossible, you have stumbled to this place, and in this place you will die, that is now your fate. Go now, and die in what way you see fit.-

An island of legend, a massive city and fortress, a palace of some unknown ruler. It lies in the southern Arabian Sea. Stories say that it is much like the city of Babylon, though Reors is filled with all number of dangers. It is sayed that wealth beyond measure is locked away in its vaults, but it is also sayed that evil beyond compare is imprisoned there as well...
Many bards have told of the city, of the dangers that lurk there and the treasure rooms...

The survivors.
You are one of few survivors, your prince (played by me) was on a mission to Egipt, and you were his guard. Unfortunetly a storm pushed you far off course and stranded you on the island of Reors, your first impression after reading the inscription out side the city gate is that you will die there, but you Prince has assured you that there must be a way home, after all some one had to live to tell about it once befor because you've all heard the stories.
You are all very athletic, and well trained to fight with the sword.

This is kind of like Prince of Persia: Warrior Within, except without the ability to control time. With this inmind some things that would normaly be improbable/imposible, (insainely long wall runs and other athletic acheivements) can be done on a regular basis, just keep it with in the Prince of Persia's ability.

That said:

Name: (middle eastern BC kinda stuff.)

Age: 30-40

Gender: (Some women are ok, but not to many, this is old Prusian setting, so there wouldn't be many)

Appearance: Pic is good Words are good.

Bio: Include likes, dislikes, personality stuff, and a short history. Not to long.

Weapon: All old Prusian kind of things, (no Far Eastern) Mostly swords, but bow and arrows are ok, Knifes and spears will do also.

I'll post mine when some other people join.
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