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The Dark Curse M-LVS

Akieen Cloud

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Hey this is a pull off of FF10. Kinda...

In the year of 3220 everything was peaceful. Nothing was ever out of the ordanry, a new power sorce was found under the earth that was named Vurlium. A white metal alloy that gave energy. Food was never short, nor water of anything else. Technology had advanced so much that nothing had to be done. Computers and robots ran the offices and states. Nobody worked, all they did was play and party. It was near midnight on October 9, 3220. The city of Tokyo was bouncing like it always did. It started here. At the Tokyo tower. the tower went dark. No lights, that a building, and another til the entire city was dark. The sky began to glow red and orange as shadows poured from it. One was particualrly large, two shining red eyes. the Dark Curse. Purple lighting rained down upon the city destroying everytihing it touched while the shadows possed the humans and living creatures, killing and destroying all in their path. As the shadows dissapered back into the night sky cries of injured and lost could be hear amoung the rubble. the attack had only lasted for about 45 seconds and all of Tokyo was gone. A holicopter looking over the city the next day took a picture of the wrekage from above. It was shaped as a Pentagram. Our retrobution had begun, but not ended.
3 Months later in New York City.
It was the same as before, it was close to midnight and it begun with the highest building going from there til the city was black as death. The sky began to glow red and oragne as the shadows ounce again poured from it. The Dark Curse wathcing the destruction from afar. Military sent jets and missles to kill them but nothing worked. Everything was wiped out. Only a few survived as before. And just as in Tokyo the destruction left was burning as the form of a Pentagram. the Dark Curse continued it rampage through the cities and countries til nothing but ash stood in it's path. Humans were feeling the wrath and pain they had caused. But it the dark there is always a light. As each time The Dark Curse took a city, it took a human with it unknowingly. Now these humans are in another world where it is 4560. And Dark Curse is a feared thing and seems only to come when it feels that the humans are getting to arrogant. But these humans are special, as they came through the protal to this new and strange world they were given powers of The Dark Curse. Each major Curse has an element. Now these humans have a chance to destory The Dark Curse and set thing right in their time. They must travle together destroying the Curses as they go til the end where they destory The Dark Curse and find a way back home to their time, or else humanity is doomed and they will be stuck in 4560 for the rest of their lives.

Sighn Ups:
Name: Ty Summeres
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Personality: Fun and loving she is a friendly person and gets along with everyone, just don't get in her face or on her bad side. A skilled fighter.
Apperance: Look at avatar
Bio: Ty is one of the few who believed in the old way of life, She owned one computer and no robots, she did all her cooking and cleaning by hand with out the aid of technology. She was at home when the Curse attacked and was sent to the new world.Now gifted with the Element of Lighting she fights hard to get things right and go home. (Doesn't have to be long. As you can see)
Home State: North Carolina
Element: Lighting.

May The dark Curse spare you....
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