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Forgotten Realms: Legend of the Midnight Dragon (rated M for LSV)


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Ok been awhile since my last RP, lets see what I can still do. Sorry Arcadia, last time I was hear the rating thing was still being messed with. Thank you though.

They say that once a month when the moon reaches its highest point in the sky that a mystical dragon walks the earth. This dragon is one of a kind and is born of the time when the moon is at its apex. Legends say that if one was to come across this dragon that it would bestow one wish to that person. No matter what the wish may be or how large it my be. However an elf could spend it?s whole life searching for this dragon and die before he did so. For the dragon never visit?s the same place twice. This is so a creature with evil intent could use the dragon to its own gain. But no mortal creature is looking for it though. A great demon from the Abyssal Plane has taken a interest in this creature. It seeks to find the creature and wish to live forever on the Physical Plane. Where it can kill and cause chaos for all time. This demon is a great balor by the name of Vilarr. Several mages have been informed of this great evil?s plot, even the mighty Caderly of the Spirit Soaring has found out. This creature must not find the Midnight Dragon, or the great Balor will unleash hell on earth. With the new month coming up, there is little time it seems. For the moon is taking shape quickly and it is said by the 25th day in the month, the moon will be full. So in that time someone must stop Vilarr.

Ok as you can see, this RP will require some knowledge of the Forgotten Realms world. I mentioned Caderly, but I would like to keep the ?stars? ,if you will, out of the RP. So lets try not to ?run into? Drizzt or Elmenster. Now it should also be clear that were working under a time frame, this is so the RP doesn?t drag out. However if it seems like the RP is going well, and 25 days for the group just won?t do. I can always make the Balor miss the dragon. Now as for you characters, I would like to run a bit on the D&D system. Not meaning the whole roll dice for stats, but the choices. Keep the classes and races within the world of Forgotten Realms. I will allow some customization on the class and races, you?ll see when I post it. As for any half breeds, I don?t mind but lets not go to over the top. Nothing like a dragon and a demon or anything.

Ok, here is my Char, follow the format.

Name: Wullf Maximas
Age: 20
Height: 7 feet even
Weight: around 350 lbs
Race: Pure breed werewolf. Never changes into human form. (this is the customizing on class and race I spoke of)
Class: fighter
Weapon: Enchanted long sword. Never dulls and when focused can send a short cutting wave. looks like a straight bladed scimitar. (talking like a foot or two in front of the blade, not much)
Magic: none
Abilities: Fast running, and animal like senses (smell, hearing?etc) don?t go nuts on the abilities and magic. Keep it with in reason.
Description: Wullf has silver fur running all over his body. His actual hair is also silver but just a shade darker. His hair flows freely behind him and comes to about his hip. His eyes are a steal blue. They can be peaceful one minute and then cold and mean the next. He wears his fathers leather tunic. Said to be made from the hide of a black dragon, but no one can back it up. Blue pants and black leather gauntlets and leggings finish off his outfit. A hole is cut in his pants to allow his long silver tail to wag freely. His sword is cared on his left hip. The sheath is help up by a belt made by his mother. It has the image of a silver dragon on the center clasp. His feet are bare and both hands and feet have claws.
Short bio: Wullf?s parents were killed in a attack on his pack . An army of men swarmed over his home. The werewolves did well to stand there ground, but in the end many were killed. Wullf survived and became the head of his pack. After hearing of the midnight dragon, and the packs mage tell him of the Balor?s plot. Wullf decided to head out and try and stop the demon. He wanted to make a good name for his people, and maybe bring some kind of peace to his home.

Ok, that should do it. Now I?ll leave this thread up for awhile. Be about a week and then would like to start.
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