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The origin of project DEMON [m - v,l possible s]


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[U]background story[/U]

The year, 2017. Government operatives are putting the finishing touches to their report of project DEMON, a secret underground project to create the ultimate weapon.

The result was a living semi-human bio-organism with incredible physical and psychomental strength, with an incredible learning capacity, and speed of thought. they even went so far as to give DEMON the ability to think for itself.

This was the biggest of many mistakes.

The DEMON began to resent it's creators. Resent being inprisoned within a cryotube. Resent being continually experemented on. Even to resent life itself. DEMON descended into madness, killing it's creators and escaping into the world.

This was two months ago, and the DEMON continues to wreak havoc...

The unified earthsphere alliance has issued a plea to anyone willing to hear it : "[I]Contain, capture or kill project DEMON. Anyone willing to answer this plea, please travel to the padoga of seven angels to meet with the council of the alliance[/I] "

And so the story begins....


This is a text-based third person narrative RPG for anyone who is interested. ive set the maximum place limit at 10 (i doubt i'll get this many people), but if there is more interest, then we can negotiate more places.

I'm going to introduce a couple of rules into this RP:

you can interact with/make other characters do things in your own posts - but please be reasonable.

please no double-posting, wait for other people to post before posting again.

so. please join if you want to.
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please set out caracter sign up sheets like this:



so hjer's my character

[B]name:[/B] kain
[B]age:[/B] not known
[B]background:[/B] often and more commonly known as "the winged man in the black cape". not much is known about him, apart from the fact that he was involved in the earlier DEMON project, some 20 year earlier, and has not been seen since. there are many rumours surrounding his dissapearance, quite a few seem to suggest he was cryogenically frozen
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