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Fly By Night:The Life of a Street Racer (M-LSV)

Guest ultratheone

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Guest ultratheone
Sign Up Sheet:

Age: (17-27)
Car: (picture if avalable or very good description)
Car speed: (220 max w/o/ nos 280 max w/ nos)
Motorcycle: ( if you want to be in the cycle Scene)
Bio: 3 paragraphs or less more if you want
Appearance: (Pictures are better but a good description will do drawinga or a picture of an actor or model whatever)

Needed Charachters: Craig's girlfriend (you choose the name), The boss of the Dragons, Daniel Takanashi, and the boss of the roadragers Max Stratigish


The Dragons: The reigning Kings of the Streets of California. They only use import cars that are from their homeland of Tokyo. They are challenged Daily By the American Hotrods and their Leader Craig Walker.Daniel Takanashi is a hardnosed leader who only keeps the best his racers are undefeated.He drives a Mitsubishi Eclipse extremely souped up.

The Aremican Hotrods: A new up and coming crew with plans to challenge for the crown of the dragons by Racing them one by one and defeating them. They are led by the fiery Craig Walker and his badass Viper. They use all types of cars beause they do not discriminate unlike the dragons. They are all friendly people who enjoy life to the fullest.

The Roag Ragers: A crew who sides with noones but always interferes in the races but never races anyone. They are not the best people to mingle with. They drive nothing but Bikes. They have very fast Bikes which are very hard to beat.

Name: Craig Walker
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Crew: The American Hotrod
Car: Dodge Viper (Look at my Avatar)
Car speed: 220 max w/o/ nos 280 max
Motorcycle: none
Bio: He was born in cali raised in cali and lives in cali and that's all he can think of. When he discovered that the people who run the State that he loves are not even from there and talk down on the town he went on a personal mission to take the dragons down. He got shot after he beat one of their racers. He nearly died but he recovered and laid low for a year. He looked around for a few people to back him up the next time. Now he is ready to challenge the dragons again.
Personality:A nice guy with a friendly attitude. But when he hits a strip he changes into a racer. He is one of the best but he just has not figured out how to properly race.
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