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Fair Play [M-LSV]


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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]Panic. It hits your system like a quart of alcohol. Like a pound of sodium powder in water. Like a bullet to the skull. Gunshot in a crowd. Crumpled white lillies. Piss color street lights. Velvet sky. Magnesium magnum flash. Crimson rain clouds. Thud. Swish. Scream. Cry. Die.

Huddled close. Weeping. Salty blood stains. Ruined dreams etched in silk embroidery. Rubber cries. The piercing yell of flash lights. Harsh murmurs in another world. A single thought on repeat.

[I]Please, I'll do anything...just give her back...[/I]

Searing pain. Heart ripped down the middle. Tears like needles. Taste of death. Smell of blood and pain. Suffering in the air.

[I]Please...give her back...[/I]

Then, like every fairy tale miracle...her eyes fluttered open. Clear and beautiful and full of life. Fragile and soft, her hand reached up. It caressed his cheek, and her voice rang out like a bell.


"I'm here, love, I'm here."[/SIZE][/COLOR]


[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]Eric Drake is a man in love. So in love, he'd give everything to save his girlfriends life. She was struck down by a crazed gunman, shot dead in a crowd. She died for no more than a minute...but it was long enough for one man to sell his soul.

Eric Drake promised everything to let her live, bring her back from heaven. And the devil took him up on the offer. Eric's soul belongs to hell, and hers was stolen away from above.

Hell wants to collect his soul. Heaven wants theirs back. Eric just wants to live, but that is not an option. Because a bet has been placed. A game has started, with the rights to Armageddon as the prize. Whoever gets their soul back first, Heaven or Hell, is going to end the world and make it again. Whether by hellfire of the swords of angels.

There are no rules, save that the Seven Archangels and Seven Lords of Sin cannot interefere. Just their emissaries. Demons, angels, ghosts, and men. Its all out war for the souls of two young people. And they'll have to give everything to get out alive.[/SIZE][/COLOR]


[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]Name: This takes place in modern London, so be logical.

There are a few roles to play. Basically, we have Eric, his girlfriend, their friends, and one or two people acting as emissaries of Heaven and Hell. No special powers, just an overwhelming desire towards the greater good...or evil, as the case may be. I'll be playing Eric, and the Girlfriend is reserved for now. I'll be posting my sign-up soon.

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