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Zanarkand Abes

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Me and my friend love to duel eachother, but we can never fully agree on the rules. In the card game, when you tribute summon for Relinquished, do then immediately take a monster under his control, or how does he work. Also, when you ritual summon Paladin of White Dragon, does he remain inactive until his next turn, or can his effect be activated immediately? My last question is; say you have succesfully ritual summoned a monster like Relinquished or Black Luster Soldier, and then your friend flips over Morphing Jar which returns all monsters to their respective decks. What happens to the ritual summoned monsters, and can they then be normal summoned?

[color=#4B0082]Moved this to the Anime Lounge, since Yu-Gi-Oh is primarily an anime. - [i]Desbreko[/i][/color]
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All of these questions are clearly answered in the rule book; it sounds like you have'nt read it. You should, because it clears up a lot of ambiguity.

A) First, Relinquished isn't tribute summoned; he's ritual summoned with the card Black Illusion Ritual (or Pact with the Abyss), which is a form of special summon. This is important regarding the gameplay of certain cards.

B) Relinquished may immediatly use his ability on any opponent's monster, only one per turn. If he absorbs a face-down monster, his stats are "0/0"

C) All monsters may attack immediatly upon being summoned, unless their effect says otherwise, or another card in play (Vengful Bog Spirit, for example.) Therefore, White Dragon Paladin may attack immediatly.

D) If a ritual monster is special summoned successfully, and is returned to the deck, you're out of luck, since you must summon them again. You can *never* normal summon a ritual monster.
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So I know that there are some players that visit here, so I was hoping for some opinions.

Should we ressurect the Card thread? The card advice thread was a staple before Version 7 when there was a YugiOh section. If we had a forum to talk about cards and strategies I think it would be fun. Simple discussions of what good stuff is coming out in the new boosters and whatnot.

Basically is anyone interested in that to make it worthwhile?
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Guest Dark Pyro
[COLOR=Indigo]what does every body think of the tounament rules?[/COLOR]

i think they are gay if they have the cards thet them use them!!!!!!!
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[QUOTE=Dark Pyro][COLOR=Indigo]what does every body think of the tounament rules?[/COLOR]

i think they are gay if they have the cards thet them use them!!!!!!![/QUOTE]

My, aren't we short-sighted?

Listen very carefully: the implimentation of the Forbidden card list saved this game.

Yata Garasu, Regeki, Harpie's Feather Duster, Dark Hole, Imperial Order, Chaos Emperor Dragon; these cards were mistakes. Simply put, they are far too powerful, and threw the entire game out of balance.

I could easily explain the concept to a non-player: "Regeki was a card that destroyed all enemy monsters at one, with no cost. It was too powerful, so they banned it." "Yeah, that makes sense."

Konami had backed themselves into a corner, where no matter what they did, only one deck type prospered: Chaos Control. So, they actually used the Forbidden Card List, which had always been there, but had simply been empty.

Now, guess what? You can't play Regeki, Duster, and Yata in a row. You can't nuke the entire field with your Chaos Dragon. You can't negate a Spell card for free anymore.

What can you do?

You can summon Archlord Zerato, and actually keep him on the field. You can place three Burn cards on the field and not see them washed away with a single card. You can play a tribute monster with more than 1500 defense. The game slowed down, and the strategies went up a notch.

Other games, like Magic and Pokemon, impliment Forbidden card lists, and you can see how it destroyed them. :rolleyes:

The only reason I'm even replying to your childish complaint is because I want this thread to look good, so it's not locked. If you want to play Forbidden cards, you can, just not at official tournaments. Get over it.
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