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It's a hard knock life! (M - LSV)


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[FONT=Garamond][RIGHT][COLOR=DarkOliveGreen][SIZE=3]Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, there was an orphanarium, lived lots and lots of pluky young girls, who for some reason or another, had no family. The head of the orphanarium was the cruel, alcoholic Ms. Halloran. Oh, she was a wicked old hag! She made all the girls do a frightful amount of chores. 'Twas shocking!

But, dispite the exhausting hours of work, the girls were ofter in high spirits, thanks to one spunky street urchin, Angie. Oh, Angie was a character. She had a mass of red hair, and a fierce attitude. Always getting into mischief and leading the other girls in a sing song, as they went about their days labours.

Anyhoo - One day, Angie was adopted by a rich old man (for dubious reasons), who called himself "Daddy Warbucks". Angie was livished with attention and wealth, and soon forgot about the grotty old orphanarium, and it's flea ridden inhabitants.

Years went by, and Angie grew into a fine looking young woman, gaing the attention of all the yound lads in the neighbourhood. But, no matter how much they chased her, she never succumbed to their "charms" (at least that's what she told Daddy Warbucks!).

One day, there was a letter in the post for Angie. Assuming it was yet another declaration of love, she tossed it aside.

A week later, there was a knock on the door. It was Polly, an old friend of Angies, from the orphanarium. She was in a terrible state. It seem, Ms. Halloran had gotten a hold of an ancient artifact that could wake the dead. Now, Ms. Halloran was in charge of an army of Zombies, and was planning to take over the world. There had been a prophecy on the artifact, Polly told Angie. It seems, that the only person who could have stopped her was "A spunky young street urchin, with a flock of red hair". Polly had written to Angie asking for help, but Angie must never have recieved her letter(DUM DUM DUM!). But, it was too late now. Hallorans army was getting larger all the time. The only to stop her, is to distroy the artifact...


Sign ups:
Name: First name, last name, nickname, whatever your little heart desires!
Age: How old your character is - duh!
Gender: Male / female / transgender
Appearance: A good discription or picture is necessary.
Personality: What's your character like? A little cowardly perhaps? or maybe you'ld rather be the fearless type?
Occupation: What your role in life is, certain roles will have certain advantages. eg; a police officer will have a gun, a nun will not (well, maybe if it's some sort of GI nun).
Short Biography: You know - like a bit of history![/SIZE][/COLOR][/RIGHT][/FONT]
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