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.:Deceitful Illusion:. [M-SLV]


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[COLOR=DarkRed][CENTER]?Let the tears run down like rain?
And forgiveness wash away your pain..?[/CENTER]

[CENTER]A muscular figure sat upon the marble floor as the soft clipping of footsteps came up from behind and stopped, a shadowed figure hovered over him. He knew who it was and froze as he heard her soft beautiful voice.

?Why are you here?? her voice so flat and emotionless.

He sat there in silence as a soft hand slid onto his face. He turned, but not wanting to see her pain. He then stood and clutched his hand on her waist and laid her head upon his chest. His arms carefully wrapped around her and sighed, lowering his head down and enjoying the sensation of her slender shoulder. Hours passed like this never leaving her. Soon he noticed that he was only grasping the air?for she was gone. It had only been a memory longing to return to reality. Then he left from the place where he once held her and returned to where he belonged. He laid in his untouched bed an fell into a deep sleep.


The rain drizzled down upon the figure that stood on the edge of the cliff. She watched the waves smash against the rocks, then turned to meet the gaze of the one who loved her so dearly. He looked deep into her eyes from a distance as he tried to find reason in her. Her eyes held no emotions and she just simply smiled. He then studied her body, noticing her once white gown filled with her blood. Then and there he knew she was dieing. But she didn?t care and just smiled at him one last time as she fell into the diamond covered sea. He watched her fall like an angel who had lost her way as her body hit the sea that filled up with her blood, glimmering like a red sea. Hoping that her body would rise from the depths of the ocean?but it never did.
?End Dream?[/I]


A thousand years had passed since the hateful day. Everything had been forgotten and sealed within the memories of the reincarnations.

A young man sat in his wooden seat and wrote in his notebook as he ignored his teacher?s boring lecture.


[U]For every drop of blood that spills into the ocean is a reminder of you.
You were all to me that was ever true.
You linger in my mind possessively.
You made me who I am that I knew.
You drove me insane and I knew you would.
How much I loved you, but that you did not know.
No one knew the pain in your heart?..all they saw was the darkness you impart.
I knew that I could never appease you or overcome your sadness from all the lies.
But all I knew was the relentless devotion to be by your side.
I saw the longing in his eyes, the obsession and love in his eyes I he stared at your face. You loved him and he loved you?..I loved you, but you did not love me?because I never told you how I truly felt about---[/U]

Suddenly the young man?s name was called by his teacher as he stopped writing in his notebook. She wanted an explanation for his behavior, but all he did was ponder in his mind on what could have possessed him to write such a thing.
Info: Ok 1,000 years ago there lived humans, demons and angels. Of course everyone knew about the angels and demons and their reasons for fighting. But what they did not know was that both sides were the cause of their humanity in suffering. Their was no good or bad side?.how could you tell who was an angel and who was the demon. Well one day the son of Lucifer had met a dark Angel and fell in love with her, but she did not feel that way about him. For she was taken by her love, god?s right hand angel. He was the highest of angels and he loved his beloved dark angel. The dark angel use to be the leader of Arch angels until she decided to abandon them and heaven. Heaven was filled with lies and was using their beauty to cover up their insanity and cruelness. But her beloved didn?t leave is place and so she was on her own. That?s when she met the demon prince and that?s what began the nightmare of truth. They were close, each loving in their different ways. But he loved her so much and was about to claim her heart, until her beloved left to be at her side. The evil prince would not let this be, he wouldn?t let some angel take away what is his. That wasn?t the only thing wrong?.some angels and demons began to see the truth and did not know what to do with it. The only thing both sides agreed where to live the way they wanted?so they left their home, but some stood, being faithful to their god and devil. Everything was chaos and this saddened the dark angel?.but she could do nothing about it. Those who worshiped their master sought to kill her for ever letting out the truth about heaven and hell. They succeeded on killing her and that?s when it all ended. Even though he was pissed off and would kill her beloved?he wouldn?t have killed her. The prince grew mad and let out such power that destroyed all angels and demons. But 1,000 years later those who took part in that tragic day have been reincarnated into human beings, not knowing about the path that lies ahead. Now their past selves come out and the war starts again?who will win??will it be the so called angels?.demons?.or those who know the truth? This takes place in the year of 2054 in the United Kingdom.

Twist for your thought: Who is really telling the truth?.Dark Angel?God or the devil himself??.or could it possibly a plan to punish the humans and those who have stained their good names??.Does the Dark Angel really love him (beloved one)..Plus what did her ?beloved? one do..where did he go?was it him who killed her?


[B]Dark Angel (ex archangel): Closed

Demon Prince(Still evil..bad boy):

God?s Right Hand Angel (her love):

New leader of Archangels (the one who is faithful and wants to kill her):

Ex guardian Angels:

Angel of water:

Angel of fire:

Angel of wind:
Leader of Lucifer (faithful to him and seeks to destroy all who oppose):

Ex warrior demons:

Best friend (the future friend of the dark angel( she's also an ex archangel):[B](Closed)[/B] [SIZE=3]Rhian[/SIZE]

Human friend of the young boy(demon prince..oh yea they both are bad boys): [/B]


[B]Sign ups:[/B]

[B][U]Name (from 1,000 years ago:
Nick name (if any):
Age: (17-24)[/U]
[U]Appearance:[/U][/B] Pic or good description
Bio:[/U][/B] At least a little of 1,000 years ago. Plus your bio as a human.

[SIZE=3]Note:All of these characters are now living as humans and go to same school?.if any questions pm me.Plus i hope to bring this rpg to life...some of you may remember seeing this..but i changed a few things...like the plot...title....different characters..well a few.[/SIZE][/COLOR][/CENTER]
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