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New banner, and question


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Having recently watched Scream 2 after a good couple of years I went out and bought the box set. Great movies. Quite possibly my favorite movies. Anyways...

Here is a banner I made. The pictures may look kind of grainy because...well...I haven't been able to find too many Scream sites out there, let alone ones with good pictures. The font I used is the font from the credits I believe, heh. Kinda plain, but it works for meh.

Now onto my question. The background. After making the background and everything I wanted to flip it and have it be on the top and bottom. You know, have one on the bottom and one on the top merge in the center. But when I duplicate my original and flip it I cannot merge them. All my options for merging are greyed out. I can't merge down, merge visible, or flatten image. I am unable to do the hotkeys as well. Any ideas on why that is?
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=#B33D79][quote name='Adobe Photosop Help']Note: You cannot use an adjustment layer or fill layer as the target layer for a merge.[/quote]Hmm... that's the only reason I can think of, assuming you're using Photoshop. Try linking them and then pressing Ctrl+E. Or hide all layers except the ones you want to merge, create a blank layer, select it and then use Merge Visible. *shrugs*

Do you have a screen cap of the Layers Palette? That might help. [/COLOR][/SIZE] :animesmil
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