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Bleach Banner and Avatar request


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[SIZE=1]I haven't requested a banner for a long time, recently I've found my siggie to be nicer without it...but I'm so very fickle these days.

I've recently been hooked onto Bleach because of my dear friend, Reise. My favourite character is by far Quincy, but I know how hard it is to get decent pictures of him.

I'd like it very much if the banner could have a [COLOR=Lime]green[/COLOR]/[COLOR=DeepSkyBlue]blue[/COLOR] background with Ichigo looking suitably angry positioned to the left hand side. (Of course, if you can find any decent Quincy Archer pictures, that would be incredible). The avi could again just be a picture of Ichigo's face with the same green/blue background.

I'd like the avatar to say [B]'Meth'[/B] and the banner to have [B]'Someday our feelings will reach the heart of someone'[/B] on it in...erm...funky styled writing? XD I'm going for a really 60's style background and I'd like the writing to match that. If you've seen Bleach, I'm talking about the part in the opening sequence when the background is all lime green and swirling.

Wow, my descriptive powers amaze me.

Thanks for anyone who could do this for me, much appreciated.[/SIZE]
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[COLOR=DarkOrange]Actually, your discription was very discriptive...mostly...and your right about it being nigh-impossible to find Quincy....

I wasn't sure what qualified as "funky text" but I have a computer full of weird 60s fonts, so...

Here's my attempt.



Well? Hope you like![/COLOR]
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