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Rebirth: The Age of Dragons (PG-13 V,L,S)


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Okay, finally it starts. Here's the list of the major towns.

Allinuder- A large port city on the Crytinith Ocean. Very prosperous.

Maunder- A mining community. Large source of metal. Main provider of gold.

Kyripto- A resort town. A main source of entertainment.

Moridinth- A dead town killed by the darkness. Evil spirits roam the city. Was once a beautiful place. Close to the Lands Edge.

Niviniy- A town in the far North. Temperatures deep into the negatives often.

Venna- A large town on the Lands Edge(the last shore before entering the territory of the Darkness). Well known for it?s great warriors. First Line of Defense against the True Darkness.

Benithor- A large fortress town. A place were contact with the elements is the strongest.

Agrini- A forest community. Well known for vegetation and archers.

Cammodor- The center of the Earth(as it is called). The richest city in the world. Best trade. Worst living conditions for the poor,

Unless Takuya gets back to me, I will play he villian.


Hyuga moved slowly. He picked his feet up and got out of his bed. He had stayed in the least expensive inn in Kyripto. That wasn't saying alot though. He would have to find a job if he planned to stay here any longer. He dressed himself, and put on his belt. Along with his belt came his scimitars, one of the few things he had pride in. He strolled from the room, and made his way to the Common Room.

He took a seat in the room. It was quiet, it always was quiet in the morning. He ordered a small breakfast, he was going to need every single penny he could save. he tapped his foot impatiently. He was rritated for some reason. How much had he drank...he felt his head throb. Too much.

Hyuga ate quickly. He payed for his food, and stalked out of the [I]Endless Circle[/I] . The sun made his head eat like a drum, but the fresh air helped a little. He rested his hands on the hilts of his dual blades. He liked ths town, so he was [I]going[/I] to find a job.
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Naomi looks around her patchy practice area; the small pond in front of her hut reflects a dragon shaped cloud. Something draws me south, what do you think Rune? Hoping for an answer she gets naught, ever since abandoning her position the dragon inside her had grown silent. Honor is something I never had, she yells inward. She throws the short staff into the pond in a fit of rage and storms into the hut. Later emerging from the dark door with a pack strapped to her back and wearing a uniform like those of the fortress. A double bladed glaive stands as tall as she, one glaive she protects in a hard leather sheath. Looking up at the trees around her, her anger rises again, ?What do you want? I have nothing to repent for! Stop being a child and talk to me.? Six months alone in this lace and he hasn?t even made a peep. Naomi stalks off west to the main road figuring to turn south when she was on it. Along the way a white fox falls in behind her she barely glances back at it though many on the road eye it greedily. Naomi walks on ignoring them yet her uniform and glaive speak for themselves. Figuring on a two day walk she sets a quick pace while contemplating the meaning of Rune?s silence. AS dark falls she ducks into the forest to make camp, the fox curls up in her pack and is asleep when Naomi finally lies down.
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[i]Eric Redhammer stood on the wall of Bergon, the little fort that he and his companions had been stationed at for the last four years. "Not a thing moves. Sir, not a single thing out there." one of the soldiers said as he came up, "Next leave is in three days right sir?" Eric smiled, "Yes Remid, I am looking forward to it as well. Come on I'm tired of this blank horizon." Eric turned and began down the stairs to the forts keep, but he was stopped suddenly by the cry of Remid, "Sir! You must see this!"

Eric turned and ran back to the wall, "What? What is it?" Remid stood staring of at the horizon. He raised a hand and extended a single finger, "Look."

Over the horizon a dark line was advancing quickly. "What the hell?" Eric squinted hard. "Go raise the alarm!" Remid rushed down the stairs to the keep. Soon after the bell atop the main tower begain to ring. "Rise! Rise, the enemy advances! To the walls!"

A half hour later the soldiers began to line the walls, archers strung bows and men set spears in racks lineing the battlements. The line had become much larger, and much closer.

Eric rushed to the forward tower, "My men, the enemy approaches! He will stop at nothing but death to come into this place and take your life, but you must stand fast! You are soldiers trained in Venna. You will not faulter, you will not flee, and you will not fail!"

The men waited, seconds turned to minutes, and time seemed to be stretched. Finaly the enemy was withing bow shot. "Let fly!"

The battle had begun.
And soon after it turned ill for the soldiers. The creatures were ruthless, and they were poewerfull in magic. Fire was set to the door and it was burst asunder by some huge creature. The men faught hard but could not hold back the swarming tied. Spears were cast into the tide, but the effect was little. The ground was quickly flooded with a shallow flow of blood, deep red and dark black. The fighters of both sides pushed themselfs upon the fray, men slightly more causious then the monsters they faught.

Through all there valor and bravery and spirit the men could not overcome, they could not hold there ground.
Eric stood on the blood sooked wall, skering one creature with a spear. He looked around below him, and around. The walls were stained with blood, the sight was horrible, but the stench, oh the stench. It nearly made him gag. He saw his men buchered befor his eyes, they were put to death in ways he would not in his darkest dreams even tried to use.

"Sound retreat!" Eric looked at Remid. The soldier lifted a horn to his lips to sound the retreat when an arrow tore through his throat, his adams apple exploded in blood. The man couldn't even scream.
Eric ran to him as he fell. He pulled Remid up and looked into his eyes, the pain and anguish that he must have been going through seemed to overwhelm even Eric. Then Remid's eyes closed as he convulsed harshly... [/i]

Eric rubbed his eyes, he was sweating hard from his nightmare...It still hadn't left him, after all these years...
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OOC: I just realized I gave my character the wrong name. Her name is not Vaxla Intunecat (the name of a character I've used in other RPGs). Her name is Treana Alkantom (the dragon's name, Akansola, is still the same). Sorry for the mix-up.


It should have felt odd, having another in her head with her. But Akansola's presence did not feel strange. It felt completly normal to share her brain with the mind of a dragon. It was probably because Treana knew no other way. Aside from a few seemingly random flashes of violence, Treana's only memories were of the time Akansola had been in her head.

Treana supposed that it was Akansola's awakening which had caused her to lose her memory, but she didn't care. If the few flashes she did have were any indication, her past was not something she cared to remember. Besides, it didn't matter. The past was past, and brooding upon lost memories accomplished nothing. Besides, Treana usually had more important matters to occupy her mind with.

Treana was a mercenary, the best there was. Which meant that she got hired for the hard stuff. Tasks such as the one she was currently assigned to. Her job was to kill a group of 'smuggler-smugglers', people who got wanted criminals away from the law. Their group was more than a match for any human. But technically, Treana didn't qualify as 'human'.
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