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Falling of Dreams [M -LVS]


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[COLOR=DimGray][FONT=Arial]Damion, King of Arawn, has been in power for only five years after over throwing the original king when he was only sixteen. Damion ruled with an iron, cold-hearted fist to prove to the people and the world that he was more than just another whore's son. Lost in his power and trying to keep his dream a reality, Damion has grown more and more blood thristy.

But the lastest group of girls to be trained as slaves has brought about a strange turn of events. Sarah, one of the slave girls, had found her way into Damion's heart and as the days grow closer and closer to the rebellion, something Damion has been longing for, the bond between the two grows stronger.

With Damion's physical strength nearly gone from a fight with both the rebel leader, Asher, and an old foe, Jacob, Damion's kingdom lays at the hands of his nobles, knights and guards. His first in Command, Lady Ashrel's health is fading and her spirt to keep fighting for her king grows weak. Will Damion keep his kingdom, or will the rebels win the battle?

Only you, my wonderful rpgers can tell me the outcome!! :)

First off, be fair to every one and I don't want any holyer-than-thou characters out there. I will be playing the part of Damion, the King. The setting is medeveilish. The basic idea here is here's a kingdom ruled by a heartless bastard (yes, a fatherless son). Love, rebellion and death is all apart of this rpg.

To catch up on the story line you might want to read the first story. [URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=45512]Reality of Dreams[/URL]

Currently, if every one signs back up (which I'm so praying they do since this is my first rpg that has not only made it into the adventure square, but has gone on to a second chapter) I will have about an even playing feild.

What I really need is nobles and knights for both the rebellion and loyalist. I could take a few more slaves/servants and/or commoners as well. Well here's the sign up sheet and Damion's info. [/FONT] [/COLOR]

[FONT=Arial]Sign Ups:

Age: (no limitations but try not to make them too young)
General appearance: (picture or describtion but please make it detailed if you write it out)
Occupation: (also include if you are loyal or a rebel)
Weapon: (picture or describtion)
Bio: (you can have this short or as long as you wish. But please allow me to know what kind of character you have. If you pick Ashrel tell me how or why you fell in love with Damion--how you met him. If you're the leader, tell me why you want the rebellion and what you plan to do if you succeed. Ect ect.)[/FONT]

[FONT=Arial Narrow]Here's Damion:

[COLOR=SeaGreen]Name: Damion Rossfer
Age: 21
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 200 lbs
Gender: male

General appearance: A tall dark man with a muscular build. His hair draps around his shoulders and his eyes full of dark hatred for life. His face is stunning and a body that no one can match. If not for his bitterness and evil interior, Damion would be one of the greatest prizes for a woman. Usually dressed in his king garb with shoulder armer and dark blue cape, Damion commands respect.

Occupation: King of Arawn

Bio: Born on a lonely road to a slave woman, Damion grew up in a small town with out a father and constant harassment. His mother worked in the small village tavern, supply her son with education from the men she served. As Damion grew into his teens, he found that he had taken an interest in the dealings of ruling a kingdom. He would spend hours studying war stragedies, proper etiquete, and customs.

On his sixteenth birthday, Damion rallied his allies, mostly kids that he had grown bigger than, and they over threw the current king. The blood bath lasted for weeks as Damion freed himself of all those that had torched him as a young child. Even taking great satisfaction in killing his own mother.

Until Damion was nineteen, he spent his days conquering land and creating bloodshed until he had formed a large kingdom loyal, mainly out of fear, to him. He would let nothings stand in his way.

And before the ending of the last chapter, Damion opened himself to Sarah and told her how he never truly wanted to be King. [/FONT] [/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1]Name: Jacob Reise

Age: 25

Height: 6'0''

Weight: 189

Gender: Male

Occupation: Farmer/Rebel

General appearance: Jacob has long brown hair with dazzeling blue eyes; depth that seems to never end. He looks older for his age, with scars scattered around his body, hair (not thick) on his legs and and forearms with a clean cut face. His cloths are that of a simple peasant, a white and dirty tunic with an open chest, with baggy brown pants with animal skin (wolf) wrapped around his feat and shoulders as a jacket. His body is muscular but toned due to his years of work on the farm. Surprisingly...despite his body showing strain, his hands never loose their softness.

Jacob lived in the town with his parents when the kingdom was invaded. At the age of 20...he and his father fought against the invaders, devoting himself to the rightful king. But they were defeated, as Damion killed his father, and Jacob was punished for his crimes against Damions forces; but Jacob never gave in. No matter what Damion tortured him with, he never broke, nor bowed down. Ultimately, he was allowed to live because of his respect for Jacobs as a farmer, his tremendous skill and power with a claymore and bow, as well as his perseverance and strength.

Later on in his life, Jacob took a peasant girl for his bride...and she bore a child the year after. He was at peace, working the farm land...loving and tending to his family. Then, one night...Damion's soldier barged into the house, stripping away everything that he owned. His dear wife Maria and daughter Raine were taken from him...he knew what would become of them, so he fought against the attackers with his fathers large broadsword, which was at least 6 feet long. All 12 soldiers ganged up on him and beat him within an inch of his life.

Lying on the floor, bloody and bursed, hearing the screams of his wife and child...one of the soldiers lifted Jacob onto his feet and read a note from the King himself. ''My dear Jacob, now I will take full payment for letting you live. Your daughter will become a slave...and your wife will become mine.''

A year later...Jacob learned that his wife had been killed, and of his daughter was unknown to him. He became a very quiet man...and continued to live out his life in grief and sorrow. Till one day, for the opportune moment to take back his honor...his life. To this day, Jacob remains a strong and firm individual, loyal to his country, more loving and wise as ever. But upon his face...you can see the scars within because of his wifes murder.

Recently...Jacob has slowly become more and more involved with the rebellion. After his public fight with Damion; alongside the leader of the rebellion Asher, Jacob has been taken in by the noble named Rion, healing his wounds.

Jacob fights alongside the rebellion...but fights and gives his life for the people...and the people alone. He does not pledge himself to one individual. Now weilding his fathers claymore, the same blade that fought against Damion in the first war when he came to power...Jacob hopes to bring back true freedom to his people.

His daughter Rinoa still lives, serving Damion with an unflinching loyalty. Despite his anger towards Damion for killing his wife; strangley enough he thanks the king for not killing his daughter. The one thing that keeps him sane at this point...[/SIZE][/COLOR]

OCC: Tis good to be back:)...
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Name: Sarah Withers

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Weight: 132

Height: 5'7"

Appearance: Her dark brown hair is her greatest feature. Her hair reaches her waist, and is vibrant, and thick, with a small wave to it. But because she is a slave girl, her hair is usually pulled back... Slender body, with green eyes. Her beauty is not extravagant, but a simple beauty that makes her eye catching.

Personality: While Sarah is kind... she is not the kind of person who sits and does nothing. Eager to work, but even more eager to take charge. She's looked up to by others, and has an assurance about her that makes people count on her. Never worried about her appearance, and she is not a people pleaser. She does her work, no questions asked, and is her own person.

BIO: Sarah grew up on her own. Her mother and father died of a disease, and had no money to cure themsleves. Knowing that the disease was contagious, they took their daughter and gave her to a blacksmith who they had only seen a few times. They gave her to him, and he raised her, not as his child as they had hoped for, but as a slave to his own household. She was on his every call and whim, and learned not to care about what was demanded of her. She would do the work, no questions asked, without throwing pity on herself... while he tried desperately to break her, he never succeeded. She grew up to be a fine woman, one who could smile despite all the hurt she had lived with.

He grew tired of her since he found no more pleasure in causing her pain, he sent her to the King, hoping to gain some prestige and honor in the gift. He tried to ordain her, and make her look more desireable, but Sarah didn't care for such measures. After he sent her away, she pulled off all the ridiculous jewelery and went as herself. She wasn't interested in her King... nor was she looking to find love. She did her work, no questions asked. But she would not do this... something beneath her... she would never throw herself at a King... and for this, she knew she would be beaten when returned to the blacksmith.

She came to the Kings household as a slave, but as the days went by, she slowly began seeing Damion... and not the cold heartless Bastard he tried making everyone else see him as. He freed her, allowing her to live her life the way she wanted to. But she realized there was no other place she wanted to be, but with him.

Occupation: Peasant woman. No money, but stays in the Kings house as a guest now instead of a slave.
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[COLOR=RoyalBlue][FONT=Palatino Linotype]Name: Maaya Joston
Age: 19
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 126 lbs
Gender: Female
General appearance: Straight raven black hair that falls to her knees, forest green eyes. A willowy build and a pretty face. She usually wears a simple black sleeveless tunic and matching pants that are strapped around her calves, yet baggy around the thighs. She uses a yellow ribbon to tie back her hair into a long ponytail while at work.

Occupation: Slave Girl, But now that the Rebellion has started, she has no loyalties. She only wants to stay alive.

Weapon: A strange blade that is a cross between a dagger and a short sword. It is made of pure silver, and is about a foot long.

Bio: Slowly, things are revealed about Maaya and her personality from being sort of
timid in her past to becoming cold and distant. She seems to have taken an interest in Sir Marquise, but doesn't really show it. After dueling with him, he is the only noble that has truly gained her respect.

Not much is known about Maaya's past, she never speaks about it. But it is known that she is the last living person of the Joston family. Her brother, Tobias died fighting for the King and now Maaya has wound up serving him as a slave.

I hope that this goes well...seems to have gone good so far...see ya'll there![/FONT][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Indigo]Name: Amaya Liluye

Age: 20

Height: 5'4

Weight: 122

Gender: Female

General Appearance: Amaya Liluye isn't very tall for her 20 years of age, and she doesn't weight very much, but her appearance can easily grab second and even third glances. Though she was a slave, she walked like she was a noble, with a fiery personality and a strong loyalty to her king. He was a King after all. She had shoulder lenght hair with the luster of a deep chestnut color and natural red and gold-brown highlights streaking their way through it. Her bright green eyes raidate with life, taking in every bit of it, reflecting the bright and shining soul that she had. Her figure was lean, slim at the waist, nice sized hips, and a large bosom that she tried not to emphasize. She hated when women flaunted themselves pointlessly. People could see that they were pretty. Her hands were small but strong, and her feet also small. She had a strong nose and full cherry lips. She was well toned, but not so much that it would be too noticed by men. Buff women were not in her taste either, though she did know that a woman had to be strong to survive in the world. Her lightly tanned skin was unmarred but for a long, thin scar that stretched across her stomach and around to her lower back. On average, she wore her slave livery, but she enjoyed wearing skirts that would swish and ripple with her movement, and a top that had a high collar. A person could tell that she could to almost every and any task set to her, and could work through whatever task her king wanted her to. She was loyal to him, and him alone.

Occupation: One of the Kings slaves, and though she sometimes has wished over being a noble, she is satisfied with what she is doing. Doing something, in her eyes, is better than nothing.

Bio: Amaya doesn't know who her parents are, having been born during the deep parts of winter somewhere in a barn. She must've been taken in by someone, who took care of her until she was about 10, though she never found out who that person was, though she asked many times. The woman, who she remembered as being slightly fat, with a hard cold face, had always told her to stop questioning.
At the age of 10 she was sent away from the farm that she had basically called home, told to go find somewhere else, that those who had lent her thier home for so long couldn't support her anymore. She had wandered around, sleeping in haystacks when she could, developing a cold hate towards the world.
She had been taken in by many homes as she journeyed on an aimless path, and her hate had softened only slightly by the age of 12. A life on the move was a life that nobody wanted, in her eyes, and she desperately wanted someone to love, to be loved by.
She started to change her ways when she was called into work at a tavern, acting a serving maid. She started to learn the good in people, and her hate softened and melted. That was the first time she had ever seen the future King Damion, though she had dismissed him as just another boy who was older than her, attractive, but way out of her league. He would never look her way.
The time came when work at the Tavern began to slow down again, and she had to move on, finding part time jobs where she could so that she could get food. Around 15 she had an experience that caused her to join the rebellion that Damion was calling up, though she couldn't do much. She had never spoken of the experience, but she has the scar that reminds her every day to be careful of who she talks with.
After Damion formed his own kingdom, Ayame had been taken into his service as a slave, around when she was 18.
Since then, she has obeyed his every command, jumping when he said jump, quacking if he said quack. He was her king, and she felt the utmost loyalty to him, for taking him into his service, providing something for her to do, a shelter for her, and for giving her something to long for. His love. She knew she could never have it, for he was a cold, seemingly heartless king, but she admired him more than anyone. He was strong, and iron hard. He was commanding just in one look, and she wanted to serve.

Recently, word has gotten around the slave quarters that one of the slave girls, Sarah, the one that she had previously tried to help, has been freed. Amaya is...envious...that Sarah was freed by the King himself, and she can guess why. Love, of course, other wise her beloved king would never do such a thing. She knew that he had to have a soft side somewhere, and regrets that she was never the one to have gotten him to show it to her, but what has happened happened. She won't say anything, she never has. Her secret love for her king has gone unnoticed, and apparently always will.
She still remains faithfull to her king, and it seems as if a revolt is on it's way. It's been in the whispers of the common people and the servants of the castle. Revolt...Amaya would probably have to figure out some way that she could fight and defend her king and his kingdome.[/COLOR]

By they way, I will try to post as often as possible, but I am apologizing ahead of times for my long-in-between-posts. I have little time these days, and don't always have enough to plan out a post.
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[COLOR=DarkRed][FONT=Trebuchet MS][b]Name:[/b] Ashrel Diesmon
[b]Age:[/b] 22
[b]Height:[/b] 5 ' 10 "
[b]Weight:[/b] (I have no idea what this would be in pounds because we don't use pounds in Australia) 65 kg
[b]Gender:[/b] Female
[b]General appearance:[/b] See attachment
[b]Occupation:[/b] Damion's first-in-command
[b]Bio:[/b] Ashrel met Damion when she was about 16 years old. Her father was a nobleman and he introduced her to the future King. It was love at first sight. The looks and gestures he gave her was just heart-melting. He was the perfect man to behold - and to love.

As the years progressed, both Ashrel and Daimon grew ruthless together. When he became King, he made her his first-in-command, honouring her for the services she had given to him since they met.

However, lately, Ashrel has revealed to Damion that she isn't who everyone thinks she is. A woman dying from an uncurable disease, Ashrel refuses to give up and is trying to keep he reputation intact for Damion's sake.

Now with Damion holding interest in Sarah, Ashrel's will has decreased severely and she desires for some sort of companionship. Maybe Rion Marquise is in her sights.

[b]Personality:[/b] Like Daimon, Ashrel rules with an iron-fist and does not hestitate to kill anyone that dares to defy her on the spot. The power she has gained has made her into a monster, much like Daimon. However, she has a certain weakness for young children, for they are the only creatures that give her joy. Only they are given her mercy.

Lately, Ashrel has revealed that she can be caring. The ruthlessness is just a front for those that don't really know her. Dying from a disease, Ashrel has become weaker in body, but not weaker in mind. She strives to let no one see that she is weakening in health.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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[SIZE=1]Let's do this again. ^_^

[B]Name:[/B] Rion Marquise
[B]Age:[/B] 26
[B]Height: [/B] 5' 11"
[B]Weight:[/B] 150 lbs
[B]Gender:[/B] Male
[B]General appearance:[/B]

He doesn't have the helmet, and has a silver rapier at his side.
[B]Occupation:[/B] Extremely powerful and wealthy nobility. He has so much money and influence, it is rumored that if he wanted to, he could overthrow the current government quite easily.
[B]Bio:[/B] Rion Marquise was born into a powerful family. His father, James, secretly favored him since birth, as he was the first-born male. He had an older sister who was taught all the 'proper' things a lady of noble blood should partake in by Rion's mother. James taught Rion to fence, first and foremost, as he called it "The dance of nobles." He was trained once everyday for two hours a day.

All in all, Rion had a very nurturing childhood, and became very smart and cultured. He was taught ettiquite, wines, swordplay, strategy, literature, and philosophy. All of the mentioned subjects were practiced nearly everyday, for his whole life. As a result, he ended up adopting many views he read about the world, civility, and human motives.

Rion is kind to all he meets, so long as they are nice and have good intentions. With a gentle smile across his face, he dances the political waltz, gaining both noble and common friends to help him with his cause. However, Rion never shows Daimon his hate for him. Whenever they talk, Rion treats him with only the utmost respect.

Recently, Rion has been locked inside King Daimon's castle. He is getting rather tired of being kept as a prisoner, and wishes to leave the castle as soon as he can. Wanting to see his family once more, he is supporting the rebellion to break him out.

While being kept inside the castle, Lady Ashrel has hung around him, and Rion thought that he was slowly converting her from a cruel, cold woman to a kind, caring one. He sincerely hopes the rebellion will succeed and that Ashrel will drop her evil ways.[/SIZE]
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Filling a noble spot that you asked for...

[font=garamond][color=darkolivegreen][u]Name:[/u] Lysander Regall Menius

[u]Age:[/u] 30

[u]Height:[/u] 6' 2"

[u]Weight:[/u] 195 lbs.

[u]Gender:[/u] Male.

[u]General Appearance:[/u] Lysander stands tall over most normal men, yet holds a delicate and slender frame, not one for brute strength but agile flexibility. Although his slight frame may give off the impression of being weak, his tall and straightforward posture disproves all doubt. Lysander is addorned and pridefull of his length of ebony hair that reaches well past his shoulders, the front frock of which usually hangs in his deep and currious jade eyes. He is generally fair skinned, his dark hair contrasting sharply with his soft snowy skin, occasionally flushed a delicate pink at an embarasing moment or a passionate encounter.

Lysander strives to appear flawless at every appearance possible. Which leads one to beleive and know that his wardrobe is not only extravagent, but also impecible. His clothing ranges from flashy and bold to proper and modest, but never plain. Lysander's taste in fabric ranges from silks to cottons, refusing to wear anything that would make him incomfortable or bothersome.

[u]Occupation:[/u] Lysander Regall Menius is a loyal Noble with a huge distaste for Slaves and Rebels.

[u]Bio:[/u] Lysander was born into the rather powerfull and weathly Menius family as the third son to Elizabeth and Aurus Menius. While Lysander wasn't as cherrished as his two brothers, Darius and Samuel, he found other means of gaining respect and recognition from his parents. He pushed himself to excell in learning and knowledge, while his brothers spent their days hunting or sparing with eachother. In time Lysander's knowlege grew superior to his brothers, whom he veiwed as dim and unworthy of the family head. It was then, as a teen he began to plot his brother's deaths.

The eldest son, Darius wouldn't prove to be very easy to finish off when Lysander's plans went into motion. While not being detered by Darius' strength, Lysander concocted a plan to take down the stronger young man. He had led his brother into the family horse stalls, shoving him into a pen of easily spooked horses. He merely told his parents that Darius slipped, and could not be saved from the trampling hooves. Samuel, Lysander's other brother would come to die in a much easier manner since he was relatively weak. Lysander stilled his other brother's heart by placing a pillow over the boy's face as he slept, bringing death through suffocation.

Lysander's mother, who was already ill at the eldest son's demise merely wasted away herself at Samuel's death, leaving only Lysander and his father Aurus to manage what was left of the family. In following years Aurus grew bitter at his family's demise, always placing suspicion in Lysander, but never voicing it for fear of his own death. Aurus grew old and grey over time, and when it was time for him to die, he voiced his anger at his only living son, and soon to be master of the Menius weath.

"Lysander..." Aurus spoke weakly from his deathbed, "You killed them, you killed them all didn't you?"

Lysander merely smiled at his dying father, leaning over the old man to whisper a wicked, "Aye." into his ear. Thus Lysander was left to rule alone.

Before Damien's rule Lysander placed great power and mediocre respect for the standing king. Although he didn't feel that the king was doing all he could with the power given to him, the Noble still stood behind him for appearances. However when Damien came along, Lysander was quick to change sides, seeing great promise and power within the boy. A power that he could use to his advantage.

In Damien's rule, Lysander does all he can for his king, not out of a deadly plot, but for a general liking towards the boy. he sees Damien as the younger brother he never had, one that could be shaped and made into something great.[/color][/font]
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Name: Asher Ravenblood
Age: 19
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 153 lbs.
Gender: Male
General appearance: Black hair, bluish-purple eyes...(inuyasha's human form, minus the crazy red suit), with a scar in the shape of a cross on his back
Occupation: Leader of the Rebellion, smith
Bio: Asher was born and raised in a small forest village, where he was always causing trouble. Though his village was far removed from the tyranny of King Damion's rule, they still felt it's effect. One day, while he and his sister were in town, selling knives and such. She was 'selected' by the King. Asher tried to resist, but was severely injured, almost paralyzed, when a guard nearly severed his spinal cord. It took him two years to heal and regain the ability to walk. He has sworn revenge on the King and to free his sister and all the others the king has enslaved.
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