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Escape (Underground) [M-LVS]


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[QUOTE]The newest rage in video game technology! Immerse yourself in the game! Make friends and enemies! Live your video games![/Quote]

[Quote]Ads like these have flooded the world as of late, as a new company, TECHMEICHO arose to throw off the likes of both Nintendo and Sony from their pedestals. It?s four dimensional technology allowed gamers to enter their favorite games as their favorite characters. From Resident Evil to Pokémon, gamers have no end to the levels they could choose.

The best part by far, is that you can get a group of friends together, and play online free. Each game has it?s own difficulty level, so even the newest gamers can jump right in. We here are even surprised at the fluidity and smoothness the game plays. All you need to buy is the system, and the games are programmed in.[/Quote]

In 2006, a new video game company that brought out a product many gamers had only dreamed of swept the world. It allowed them to become the characters of their video games. Gamers all over the world ate it up, wasting over 20 billion dollars on it.

In 2007, TECHMEICHO recalled all systems, and sent them back to the gamers with internet capabilities, and over 20,000 games. The internet was free, and some kids began to live in front of their systems. Luckily, the company put an instant eject on anyone under 18 who wasn?t supposed to be online anymore.

Everyone in the world as peace, and no one could argue that kids were also learning new languages by communicating with others. Things were perfect until one day, the servers crashed, booting everyone out, when they were rebooted, and everyone returned on, certain kids had disappeared from their rooms, and the game.

Kinda the main point for a new RPG idea I've come up with, although Miss Saishi did help.

We of course would be playing to party that disapeared, and I'll clear up things like why and what not later.

I need someone that's played, beaten, and understands the plots of alot of games. They can join the RPG if they want, but I need the most help in making good scenarios.

If anyone has any comments or ideas, post 'em here, but if you want to help me, PM me please.

Thanks. JJ
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