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Another Avatar/Banner: Vegeta


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Alright...another avatar and banner for you all to have fun with:)...no...this one isn't for me...I'm quiet happy with mine right now:)

However...this one is a gift for a friend of mine who keeps complaining that she doesn't have a good banner. So this will have the theme of VEGETA!

Here are a couple of pictures to work off of for the avatar and banner.

I have one suggestion though for the banner that you can try out. THe picture with vegeta in the shower:)...have that as a banner in any form (no red) with the phrase. "I came to bring you death, but I failed when I fell in love with you" You dont have too use it...and u can add a picture too it, like a fade or something if you want. You dont have too...but knowing her...she may like it. Make two if you wan too of it:) I have a bigger layout of the shower picture if someone needs it for the banner and its length.

Other than that...do whatever you guys do:)...and have fun with it. Hopefully the pictures are good to work off of as well. She's a fan of the color green and black...so if you can incorperate that as well...that would be amazing.

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What kind of colors for background, and I like to ask about mood... Bright and Cheery, Sad and Dark, Angry and conflicted... what's the take? And bigger pics would be appreciated if possible :) Thanks!
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mood can be angry...confused...sad...something like that. For the shower one for the banner if thats what you choose to do...kinda misty looking. She loves the colors gree and black. A mix of white would go well with it too...

here are some more pictures to work off of if you wish...and a bigger one of the shower.
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[COLOR=DarkRed]I don't really like these, but I did them so I thought I'd be best to put them up.



That's the two, heh, hope you like.[/COLOR]
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Yo kitty...thats great...
I know you're working on the shower one now...but for the avatar...you know the banner you made. The left side image with vegeta and the shade of green adn black in the background...try to make that an avatar as well if u want..that might work as well...

Alright people..keep on working. Sorry if i sound picky...just challenging ya:) all in good fun:) one thing though...no more using ss4 vegta:)

Here are some bigger pictures as well...but id still like the shower one to be used if possible.
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[COLOR=DarkOrange]Kairi, before I even post anything, let me say this: due to picture quality :rolleyes: this is not some of my best work. But I gave it a shot...



Hope she likes 'em. [/COLOR]
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