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Magna Carta/War of Genesis


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[COLOR=blue]I'm pretty sure it's a Korean game and not an anime. That being said, why would you want it? The artwork is horrid. Ugh, the perverted artist puts so much emphasis on the butt. Maybe it's just not my taste: I really don't like anything the guy/girl has drawn. The style/look of the characters is almost repulsive to me.

Anyway, there's an official website for the game. It has some pictures and stuff.[/COLOR]
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Based on what little I know about Magna Carta, I can't tell whether it's a Korean PC game, a Japanese console game, or (as is starting to seem likely) both. So I moved this thread from the Anime Lounge, but I'll let the Play It mods decide where the topic should ultimately end up. :animeswea

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It seems to be out on the PC, but a quick Google search (Google is your friend!) showed that the game is on the PS2, as well, so the thread is okay here, I suppose.

EDIT: And I'm guessing that [b][url=http://www.magnacarta.jp/]this[/b][/url] is the site that Azure mentioned earlier. I didn't really check it out too much for myself, though, because I can't say that I'm very interested in the game. lol
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Guest sicabee
They are korean games and hard to find. If you really want the game ebay is your friend but lets hope you can understand it lol.

As for the media. I have been a big fan of the art in War of Genesis and Magna Carta for a couple of years now. It is beautiful artwork. Your best bet is to just google these titles and it will bring up many sites to look through.
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This series was originally made for PC (Magna Carta: The Phantom of Avalanche), then a PS2 version was created I believe. War of Genesis III is the most popular game in the series but it entirely in Korean. It is also not wise to assume that because most of the games were never translated to English that they are poor games... it's extremely hard to market RPGs here. Fans note that an X360 release is coming out, Magna Carta 2.

We now have (in English) Magna Carta: Tears of Blood. Fans of the series love the game, the problem with it is mostly technical in nature though. Atlus games is known for releasing poor quality games and suplementing it with deluxe box sets (extras, artbooks and so on). The production value of the American release is regarded as being of exceptionally low quality (I would buy the game myself only problem is that it's extremely expensive, if it lowered in price - which it probably won't - I'd gladly get it for the artwork and story, ignoring as best as possible the technical problems).

Another technical issue with the game is the horrible fighting system which makes the characters you travel with immobile. The game designers thought this would make battle more interesting, making it more difficult... and it did, but in the process of doing so the game is extremely long and considered to be "not worth it." This battle system is rumored to be a similar battle system being implemented in Final Fantasy XII.

Tears of Blood is a [b]direct[/b] port of the Korean version of their game, Crimson Stigmata.

Well I'm not quite sure what everyone's tastes are here but the artwork from Magna Carta is done by an artist named Hyung Taekim - widely regarded among anime fans - especially in Korea as extremely talented. The artwork is probably the most attractive thing about the series, although the original Korean game is noted to have an exceptional storyline which made it top of the charts in Korea.

The artwork is not neccesarly traditional Japanese animation but mimics it quite a bit (I should note that this is merely an observation - there are plenty of Japanese animes that do not resemble other animes made and so therefore it is also poor to asume that because the style does not look like traditional japanese animation that it is not anime). By and large Magna Carta fans, from what I've seen (and rightly so in my opinion), regard the art as anime. Magna Carta, in Korea, was marketed as a Japanese style RPG.

Many players said it damn near rivaled a given Final Fantasy game any day of the week (a big Final Fantasy fan myself I'm a bit skeptical, but from the number of positive reviews I've read regarding the original game's story, it goes without saying that it's quite impressive and handled neatly).

Well there you go, hope that clears up some of the issues. If anyone has Tears of Blood I'm very interested to know your response to it as well as the entire Magna Carta line as well as any complaints you may have about the PS2 game and/or comments regarding that. I'm also interested to know if the PC Magna Carta has any unofficial patches which could change Korean to English in the game (again, nothing official was released, but the game is for import sale in the US or through Ebay, simply in Korean so it would be nice to have).



[b]Official Magna Carta Site:[/b] [url]http://www.magnacarta.co.kr/[/url] *
* Site contains some beautiful, big, high res movies too for your viewing pleasure!
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