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Prefection [M-LVS]


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Ok lets start this!

[CENTER]Chapter 1: Ahngyong Haseyoh![/CENTER]

Plot Summary: This chapter basically focoses on the two Korean characters. Jenny and Geneive. Everyone is included in this chapter. Keep in mind not everyone will always be included.

OOC: No more posting order post freely!

Jenny and Geneive walked through the hallways waiting for the morning bell to ring. A flyer flew into Jenny's face. She grabbed it and read it. It was a list of clubs that the school was having this semester.

"Look at this club...its for Koreans!" Jenny said softly and handed it to Geneive.

"Well it says here for Asian americans so...other Asians would be there also you know." Geneive corrected.

"Well the only Asians here are Koreans.." they both laughed and the bell started to ring. They made thier way to the girls' locker room. As tehy were changing Geneive asked a question.

"Ya...do you like any guys this year?" she asked curiously.

Jenny shook her head "No...not this year....i don't think..."

Geneive shruged and she fell onto one of the benches. "Phew safe call!"
They both luaghed again.

They jogged onto the blacktop joined about 150 other students.

"15 minute run!" the P.e teacher yelled and they all moaned. They started to run around the campus.

"Oh god.." Geneive moaned.

'It's good excersise you know.." Jenny said as she took a turn as swift as a horse.

Geneive shook her head.

10 minutes later...

"I got 10 dots! How about you Gin?"

"1..." Geneive answered.

Jenny tried her best but she started to burst out laughing. The bell rung and they went out for brunch. They talked amongst themselves in Korean and ate thier bagels.

OOC: Follow posting order!
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=Navy]'' Wow what a run! '' Geneive said while eating her bagel.

Jenny started to giggle.

'' STOP MAKING FUN OF ME!!!! It was only a run geezzz!! '' Geneive yelled.

'' Alright, I'm sorry but it was funny!! '' Jenny chuckled.

Geneive took a gulp of water and joked with Jenny.

'' Hey, are you gonna attend the Asian club?'' Jenny asked.

'' I thought of it but I hadn't decided yet,'' she replied.

They talked about other topics like what they were gonna do on the weekend, if they had any plans, or what they had in common.
The bell rang and Geneive and Jenny went to class. They walk through the halls until Jenny found her class. They said their byes and Jenny walk into class.

[I]Oh boy i got chemistry next, aint this gonna be a blast[/I], Geneive thought sadly.

Geneive walk through the door and the teacher greeted her and told her to take a seat wherever she wanted. She took a seat in the back that was a bit close to the window. She took her seat and stare out.

She sighed heavily, '' When is this lesson gonna be over...''

She looked at her watch and 3 minutes until the second bell rings. She stares around the classroom.

[I]Hmm...white walls, pretty big room, nice view outside with a bit of breeze...,[/I]thought Geneive.

She took out her notebook and drew some pretty pictures. She looked at her watch and it was one more minute until the bell rings.

'' Well time sure is slow today.....'' Geneive said to herself, '' Plus i thought the bell already rang...man this is one heck of a long boring day. Though I wonder if we are going to have any new students today.''

[I]I wish I was with Jenny...she must be having a blast in her class[/I], she thought.

She doodle some more in her notebook and thought of an idea to make-up a story. The bell finally rang and Geneive took out her notebook used for chemistry but still doodle in her own notebook. The teacher stood up and started to talk about how wildlife is.

OOC: Hey I'm a bit new to this and I was wondering if anyone could tell me if this was good or not.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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Javen walked into her classromm and took her seat as usual.
"I hate school...It's already stuff I know."
The teacher stood and tappe dher desk.
"Miss Namako, is there a problem?"
"Yup. Everything your teaching I already know."
"You can leave that attitude at home young lady."
"I'm so sorry, didn't mean t affend you."
She took out her note books and began to write notes and she wrote a note to her friend and balled it up, she threw it and smiled as it hit him in the head, he turned and looked at her.
"Miss Namako. If you contiue to interupt this class I will throw you out!"
"I'm sorry! I'm just so bored I had to clear my head of all the useless babble your teaching. Why wildlife anyway?"
Javen stood and colected her things and winked to her friend and walked out bowing as a mock apology.
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OOC: Thanks very much Katsie for accepting my request. Now if only I had seen it sooner... :animeswea

[COLOR=RoyalBlue][FONT=Palatino Linotype]James Parker was walking around the school with a middle aged man known as Councelor Mr. Kelley. Mr. Kelley was showing him around the school because he was a new transfer student.

"And so, James, your U.S. History class is right here. Please enjoy yourself here. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me or any teacher."
"Sure." James said as he walked in with a sketchbook and some folders filled with lined paper and that straw in his mouth as usual.
"Oh! You're here." A young teacher by the name of Miss Morganson greeted him as he pushed his hair out of his face. "Class, I'd like you all to meet our newest addition to the class. This is James Parker."
"Hello James." They all droned as James simply nodded and chewed on his straw more.
"James, why don't you tell us a little bit about yourself before we start the lesson?" Miss Morganson asked.
"Well, my name is James. I came from New York, I like chewing straws and I play volleyball." He replied as he itched the back of his head.
"Is that all, Mr. Parker?"
"Yeah...sure..." James replied.
"Very well. You may take the empty seat next to Aidan in this row right here."
"Great." James said with a sarcastic joy, being here wasn't exactly pleasing him.
He sat down next to the boy named Aidan. "Hey, my name's James. And you're Aidan, right?"

Aidan looked up at him, and turned away. "Well, okay. You're a quiet one..." James shrugged.


After the bell rang, James walked out quickly to avoid extra contact with any teacher. It was nice that they were all so welcoming, but damn was it annoying for him. He looked at his schedule and continued walking, what he didn't realize was that he was about to run into a girl. He just barely missed her, but she knew and turned around. It was Geneive, but James had never seen this girl before.
"Sorry." James said quickly as he walked off.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1]OOC: Sorry for not posting by now. But I'm not exactly sure what I'm supposed to do in this chapter. Meh.


Aidan looked at the newcomer as he sat down in his seat, trying to be sociable.

"Hey, my name's James. And you're Aidan, right?" Aidan looked at him, giving a faint nod, then looking forward once more. He noticed James' aggravation... but it was just Aidan's personality that made him that way.

"So... uh... how are you, Aidan?" He said, trying to be nice. Aidan realized he should be at least polite in return, so he graced him with a response, albeit a simple one.

"Fine." James looked at him again, as if he was expecting more words to follow the first. He was dissapointed.

"I'm glad. So you don' talk much, hm? Why's that?" He asked innocently. Aidan gritted his teeth, remembering his brother's murder. He looked at the desk, and shook his head. It wasn't the time or place to talk about his past.

"Ok.... did I say something wrong?" Aidan was quiet again, not quite sure what to tell him. He didn't want to say yes, or he'd be further questioned. And he didn't want to say no, as if he brother's death meant nothing. James looked slightly confused, and had given up talking to Aidan by the end of class. The bell rang, and class was dismissed, as everyone rushed to get out the door.

In the hallway, Aidan couldn't help but glance at the asian girls who all huddled together talking in their little clique. He had had a crush on all of them at least once, but had given up. They were smart, and cute, but we're very accepting of people. Looking back at down the hall, he continued walking to his next class.[/SIZE]
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[COLOR=Navy][SIZE=1]The bell rang and everyone started to get out of class.

''Hooray!!'' Geneive said as she walk out of her class, ''That took forever, though I thought that girl was a bit rude. Well it made the class a bit interesting.''

She walked and began to dig in her backpack for her notebook. When she looked up she almost bumped into a guy.

''Sorry,'' he mumbled.

She thought he was kind of familiar and also cute. She soon took out her notebook and went to find Jenny.

''Hey!!'' Jenny called.

Geneive turned and gave a wave. Jenny caught up with her and talked about how fun her period was.

''Really? Mine was a bit boring...'' Geneive said.

''Wow it was so amazing and you should have come'', Jenny said.

Geneive show her pictures she drew during chemistry. Jenny thought they were great and later Geneive saw someone looking at them. It was a boy. He quickly turned away when she caught a glimpse (sp?) of him. It was a short peek but he did look good she thought.

''So...got any plans?'' Jenny asked.

''Huh??'' Geneive got out of her thought and said,''Oh yea, I don't have any.''

''Are you ok??''

''Yea, I'm fine. Just thought that I saw someone looking at us.''

''Who?!'' Jenny started to look around.

''Uhh...I don't know but I think he's in my class.''

''WHERE IS HE???'' Jenny asked desperately.

''Jenny, are you alright??? You sure you don't wanna see a doctor??''

''Yea I'm fine. I just wanted to see if the guy was a cutie.''

''Yea alright well I'm gonna go to next class,'' Geneive said.

''Alright, tell me if that guy was in your class,'' Jenny whispered.

''Ok. Maybe,'' Geneive gave her a wink.

''Oh yea what class do you have next because I wanna wait for you there instead of near your locker,'' Jenny asked.

''Uhh..let's see'' Geneive looked at her schedule,''Man I wished I memorized it....ok I have math next. I can't wait until we have history together.''

''Yea well see ya!'' Jenny called as she was walking down the hallway.

''Ahnyoung (hi or bye in Korean),'' Geneive called out to her.

She began to walk to her class until she bumped into someone and fell on the floor.

[I]Oh darn, clumsy me[/I], Geneive thought,[I] I wish I looked where I was going I bet I'm gonna get in trouble.[/I]

OOC: Hey, was mine any good? Well I think this is getting a bit interesting. See ya![/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][FONT=Arial]OOC: I believed we were supposed to stay in a certain posting order, which is the reason why my post was delayed, if there is any problems with it, my apologies in advance.
Xander smiled lightly as he walked out of his Anat-Phys class and into the massive waves of oncoming students. Professor Kayda, had, as usual turned the class into a fun one. Who ever could have thought that learning about bones of the body could be so fun?
Since his next class was in the same building, Xander could afford just standing around, watching the interaction of his fellow classmates. Glancing around in search of a familiar face, Xander noticed a new face walking out of Ms Morganson's U.S. history class. He watched with some curiosity as the newcomer came out of his class, and bumped into the little asian girl who was walking disinteretedly throught the hall. She was a cute one, little Genevive, and a person that most people passed by. Of course, the fact that she tried pretty hard to [I]not[/I] stand out was what had drawn his attention to her in the first place. Xander slowly started to count under his breathe and before he reached the count of ten, another smile blossomed on his lips as smart girl Jenny came up to talk to her best friend. They were like pea's and carrots, those two, almost never out of each others sight when they could help it. He watched them talk for a little bit, and noticed Genevive glance over at the newcomer again, after he had been staring at her for a almost a full minute. The boy, after seeing that he had almost been caught, moved away, probably in search of his new class. Feeling that the kid could probably use some guidance, in more than just getting around campus, Xander started walking towards him, ready to offer some general Middleton High pointers.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Jenny was wondering where Geneive was. "Hmm, where is she?" she said under her breath. Geneive came toward her friend blushing.

"Mo?" Jenny said in Korean. Geneive blushed even more. "Um..hi Jenny...."
"Whats teh matter with you..your face is brighy as a tomato!"
"Oh my gosh really..." she looked down.

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Javen looked at the crowded halls and spotted a new kid instantly.
He stopped and looked at her strangly.
"You can say hi back ya know."
He kept going down the hall.
"Fine than."
She turned and swiped a candybar from a passing bookbag and ran towards her next class, she slid into US Hitstoy just as the bell rang and sliped into her desk, She looked up at her teacher smileing happily.
"Well good to see you back Miss Namako."
"Good to be back sir."
He nodded and went to teaching, she looked out into the hall as a kid shoved another agaist a locker.
[I]You woud think that in highschool we get over that kind of thing...but no, we still have to proe ourselves to the world...Oh well, not my problem.[/I]
She began to take her notes like always.
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[COLOR=RoyalBlue][FONT=Palatino Linotype]James didn't realize until he reached his Honors English classroom that someone had been following him. He shook his head to get his hair out of his face and noticed a pair of sharp blue eyes turn away. James shrugged as he walked down the hallway.

'What was all that about?' He asked himself as he scratched his head.

It was then that he realized that the bell was to ring in about another minute or so. 'Oh...I see.'

He sat down and the teacher, Mr. Diesing, walked over to him. "Hello there James. Welcome to Honors English." He held out his hand and James took it in a handshake.
"Hello there...um..." He paused, fumbling for his schedule with his free hand.
"Diesing, Mr. Diesing." He said with a smile.
"Right." James said when he noticed out of the corner of his eye, Jenny walk into a classroom just across the hall.

"I'm gonna kill you!" A booming voice yelled from the hallway and the young teacher turned around. A larger kid, most likely a football player, holding a boy slightly less larger than him by the collar of his shirt.
"Yeah, well I'd like to see you try!" The other pushed back. Mr. Diesing ran out into the hallway, clearing James' view.
"Hey now! Break it up!"

The kid that James met first, Aidan, also walked in.

'Two classes in a row. How fortunate. Luck's gotta be on my side today.' James thought as he looked around the room. Little did he know, Jenny was throwing a glance or two at him. He just twirled the straw in his mouth and kept right on chewing, oblivious as he was.[/FONT][/COLOR]

OOC: There...I notice that James is getting a lot of attention for being such a new kid. :p
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Javen looked out as a teacher tried to break the two up and blinked as she saw her friend in the mix.
"Alex? Oh hell no!"
Javen shoved her seat backwards and jumped over he desk running into the hall as the football player swung at Alex. Javen Swooped down low and kicked his legs legs out from under him tahn put him in a lock that he struggled with.
"Well Kane, you seem to like to pick on Alex, I thought I told you to stay away from him or you'd have me to worry about Ne?"
He struggled with her till the officer of the school drug her off. Alex rubbed his neck and looked at her.
"Thanks Java..."
"Hey, no one messes with my friends, especially the ones I consider family."
All three were led to the office, Javen growled low in her throat at Kane and winked at Alex.
"The loveing school."
Alex laughed.
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[COLOR=Navy][SIZE=1]After the bump and hit incident Geneive finally went inside math class. She took her seat in the middle of the classroom and began to doodle in her notebook again.
The bell rang and she took out her math notebook and began to write her homework down.

''Hmm...ok, so we have to do a worksheet and a few pages in the textbook,'' Geneive said to herself and let out a sigh.

[I]Well the more the merrier right[/I], she thought, [I]Well not really, got more homework to do now. [/I]

She began doodle some more in her notebook and soon the math lesson was starting. She got her math notebook and began take notes.

[I]So x equals two to the fifth power over three to the six power[/I], Geneive thought, [I]Then that mean y equals four to the third power times three over twenty-six divided by three to the second power...wow thats a lot of help ain't it.[/I]

The teacher began to talk more about the lesson and heard a racket outside. Everyone in class started to look out the window to see what it was.

''Class please take yours seats it's nothing to worry about,'' the teacher said.

Nobody was listening.

''Class please take your se----'' the teacher was interrupted by the pushing and shoving of Geneive's fellow classmates.

OOC: Sorry about that math thing. I couldn't write it in numbers. ^ ^ [/SIZE] [/COLOR]
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"Ish!" Jenny said as she was pushed when the bell rung. She looked back at James one more time and went toward her next class. She sat in the class her eyes slowly closing then opening right away. The English teacher came over to her and said
"Jin-Wuang....". Jenny looked up very mad about the teacher calling her my her Korean name.

"Sorry Miss Liam..im just very tired..." she said with her usual look. The teacher looked down at her. "It's ok..just don't fall asleep!" the kids laughed friendly with the teacher. The teacher went back to thefront of the class and resumed her speech. Jenny looked around the windows and saw James in teh other class. She sighed and looked down at her blank notebook.

"Ok class turn in your essasys and then we are done for the day!" announced the teacher. She started to draw a small comic smileing to herself.

OOC: Im thinking of a plot for chapter 2, if you want your char to be the main one in ch. 2 please PM me!!!
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[COLOR=Navy][SIZE=1]OOC: I'm posting again since no one is for now. ^ ^

Soon the racket outside stop and everyone took their seats.

[I]Finally[/I], thought Geneive, [I]Everyone probably heard that one.[/I]

''Alright, since everyone got out of class...everyone has to take a POP QUIZ!!!!!'' the teacher exclaimed.

There were a lot of loud moans in the class.

[I]Great but I didn't even get out of my seat[/I], she thought,[I] It ain't fair.[/I]

The teacher past out the tests. Everyone started to take the test. Soon Geneive saw something being past out, so she tilted her chair a bit to see better.

[I]Oh my GOD[/I], thought Geneive.

What Geneive saw was a ciggaratte (sp?) passing by and was put inside a bag.

''Ahem,'' the teacher cleared his throat.

''Hehe...opps,'' Geneive gulped.

''Opps is right,'' the teacher said,''I'm so disappointed Geneive, I thought you such a great student...I'm sorry but you must fail the test because you were caught cheating.''

''What! I was not! I saw some----'' Geneive was interrupted.

''No I saw you. No buts,'' the teacher said.

''No way...'' she sighed sadly,''Great now what's my mom gonna say.''

The teacher took her test and gave her a F. She looked back but the cigar was hidden.


The bell rang for lunch and everyone got out of class. Geneive saw Jenny happily going towards her.

''What's a matter?'' Jenny asked.

''The teacher took my test and failed me,'' Geneive sadly said,'' but I wasn't cheating, you believe me right? But what I saw was a cigarette in class.''

''Seriously!'' Jenny yelled.

''Quiet down,'' said Geneive,''But I gotta go and buy lunch alright?''

''You sure you alright??'' Jenny asked.

''Yea,'' Geneive said glumy,''Hey go get a table for us alright.''

Jenny left and Geneive went to the lunch line.

OOC: That's all I wrote! ^ ^ I'll wait for everyone else.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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OCC: Alex and Kane are NPCs thought I'd let you in. lol.

Javen walked in with her arm arounf Alex's shoulders smileing and humming she stoped and gave him a noogie sining loudly.
Alex looked up blushing brightly.
"Do you ever not get into trouble Java?"
Alex shook his head and walked away to the lunch line, Javen walked over to a girl she had met last semester, but she never really talked to her, she thought she'd be poliet and say hi.
"Hey...uh, Jenny right?"
She turned and noddeed.
"Your Javaen? From Computers last semester...you still in trouble for putting that virus in the teacher's computer?"
Javen quickly put her hand over Jenny's mout.
"Shhh, I framed someone else for that...Keep that quiet will ya?"
Jenny chuckled and looked around.
"Where's that kid that follows you around all the time?"
"Alex? In the other line. That's my younger brother."
"No, I just call him that."
Jenny shook her head.
"You act like you don't have a care in the world.
"Cause I don't"
"All good."
"No ones there to mess it up."
"Never have any."
"Your lucky."
"Humph, if you think having a broken family and never getting recgonized for anything other than a screw up and a failur is lucky, point that out to me..."
Javen smiled and picked up her lunch and walked away laughing merrily as she sat down with Alex. She looked up as the new kid walked through, Kane moved to trip him, Javen threw a carrot in his face and frowned, he looked away and went back to eatting.
"He's such an ass, I can't wait to beat him so bad..."
Alex shook his head.
"You try to act all bad, but I know for a fact your just a s kind as I am, and just as sweet."
Javen blushed and went back to eatting her food.
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[COLOR=RoyalBlue][FONT=Palatino Linotype]After the kid that so many people had screamed as Kane tried to trip James, he sighed, annoyed and got out of line. It was when he turned to see a carrot hit that kid in the face, James couldn't help but laugh a little. Kane growled a little and James looked over to see a girl and boy talking, she must have thrown it.
"He's such an ass, I can't wait to beat him so bad..."
That boy shook his head.
"You try to act all bad, but I know for a fact your just as kind as I am, and just as sweet." The boy said and the girl's response was a mere blush.

'I'm not really hungry right now. I'll just go to the library.' James thought to himself and walked towards to entrance of the cafeteria. He passed by Geneive and Jenny's table without noticing and continued on.

He sat in the library, looking around and staring at the ceiling, chewing on the same straw that he had been all day.

He looked over at the clock and then looked to his wrist. A silver chain bracelet wrapped around his left wrist was there to remind him of something.

His mother.

She had given it to him on his tenth birthday, right before she was diagnosed with cancer. He and his father moved out here to where his father was originally from shortly after his mother died.

'It's going to be a month in one hour.' He thought as the clock struck 11:43 am.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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" He didn't notice me.." Jenny pretended to pout in her hands. Geneive patted her back,"It's ok, im sure he likes you!" Jenny looked at her evily and they both began to laugh. Jenny waved bye to go to her next class witch was with James.

"Ahngyoung!"( hi or bye in Korean) Jenny called behind her as she lifted her hand. She followed James into the class and sat behind him. The teacher asked the students to pass back the worksheets. Jenny crossed her fingers that James would turn around to look at her. He didn't, he held the papers above his head and she grabbed it.

"Thanks.." she said softly.

She passed the papers back and sighed. She began to draw a small cartoon on her work sheet not listening to the teacher. James turned around and Jenny looked up.

"Um, you have a pencil i can borrow?" he asked with his soothing voice.

"Yeh- i mean yes.." she said handing him a mechanical pencil.

"Thanks.." he said as he smiled and turned around. Jenny was so happy, did he know her name?

45 minutes later...

The class still went on and Jenny sighed. James turned around and started a conversation.

"Class is boring today eh Jenny?" he asked.
Jenny nodded her head 'Yea..real boring.." she responded.
"Good thing i have you in m-" James caught what he was saying and corrected himeself. "Good thing i have a friend in my class.." he blushed heavily so did Jenny. The began to talk getting to know each other better.
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[COLOR=RoyalBlue][FONT=Palatino Linotype]'This Jenny...she seems pretty nice.' James thought to himself as he pulled out a new bending straw and stuck it in his mouth. 'Things could be a lot better here than in New York.'

"So James, what made you move here to Middleton High?" Jenny asked him.
"My dad used to live out here when he was my age. We just got here about a week ago."
"What about your mom?" Jenny asked innocently, never knowing of James' situation.
"She died..." James stopped and looked at his bracelet as he held his wrist above his head.
"Oh, I'm sorry, I never meant to-"
"It's okay. None of us really expected it, but she was diagnosed with cancer. It's not really anyone's fault, so there's no need to apologize. While I do miss her, I know that she isn't hurting anymore. That's enough for me." James replied quietly.
"How long has it been?"
"A month since five minutes ago." He replied shortly, looking up at the clock. "So...we're in the same grade, what's going on in Gym class?"
"It's the volleyball unit." Jenny replied, cheering up at the change of the subject.
"Did you say volleyball?"
"Great! I love volleyball, I was captain of the varsity team last year." James smiled.
"Really?" Jenny asked excitedly.
"Yeah. I had a lot of fun going to all of the state competitions and stuff." He twirled his straw again. "Man, those were some good times."

'I wonder what she thinks of me...nah...she probably thinks I'm an idiot or something.' James scratched the back of his head.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Jenny sat there being amazed with everything he said. There was a sparkle in his eyes that made Jenny tingle inside. It was now obivouly noticable, Jenny had a crush on James and that was that. "I wonder what he thinks of me..." Jenny thought not knowing that James was thinking the same thing. The bell rung for the next period, ironically James and Jenny had the same next class.

"How weird" said Jenny as she followed James to Band class. "What intrument do you play?" James asked curiously as he pulled out his trumpet.

"Flute, my parents pushed me to play since i learned how to talk..." she said her voice trailing off thinking of her strick parents. James got closer to Jenny "Hey don't worry about it... your a great student and you don't have to be stressed about your parents. No matter what you will always be a genius.." he walked over and sat in the area for trumpets. Those few words James had said meant something to Jenny. Geneive had said them before but Jenny didn't really care (lol).

The whole band started to play Cannon and Dean. The 120 minutes of class passed by very quickly, well it is a class where you do something for a change. Jenny packed her flute and started out the door.

"Wait up!" called James as he joged after her. Jenny smiled and waited for him.
"Finally lunch..i hate those stupid little breaks we have.." he commented.

OOC: Ok im getting of now..bye..
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Javen leaned on her locker and sighed as Alex seemed to dissappere in his, his top half was unseeable in the locker as his butt stuck ut in the hall, She stiffend as Kane came around the corner, he stopped and smiled.
"So, Japan, you nad your little friend almost done here? Go back where you came from."
Javen sighed again and rolled her eyes.
"What an onna..."
Kane frowned.
"What did you just say?"
"I think I just called you a bitch."
His face tunred red and he swund forward, she threw her weight to the side making sure she was out of the way of hitting anyone, soon a crowd was around them chanting 'fight'. She tunred and smiled.
"About time you made the first move Kane, let's do this."
She charged and roundhouse kicked him in the jaw sending him sprawling and then put her knee at his throat and applied pressure.
"So you gonna keep given me greif or are you gonna give up and let me the number one thug here?"
"Your-a -girl."
"I really don't think that matters. You'll leave this school to me and never bother any one ever again. Got it?"
He nodded and she let him up, she smiled and sliped down falling on her butt.
She looked up amileing as the kids around her laughed. Alex waved goodbye as she stood and headed for her real lunch.
"Scianora!"(Bye in japanese)
She ran to the lunch room and smiled as she found her spirit alittle higher, she found Jenny and smiled.
"Hey Jenny!"
She ran over and locked her arm around Jenny's shoulders in her usual fashion.Looking up she blinked at the boy, she extended her hand.
"Hey, name's Javen Namako. I don't really know Jenny but we had a class together last semester and I try to be fiends with everyone, can never have to many."
He took her hand in a tight grip and smiled.
She cut in the line and looked back smileing.
"So where are you two off to next?"
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[COLOR=RoyalBlue][FONT=Palatino Linotype]Javen ran over and locked her arm around Jenny's shoulders in her usual fashion. Looking up, she blinked at the boy and extended her hand.
"Hey, name's Javen Namako. I don't really know Jenny but we had a class together last semester and I try to be friends with everyone, can never have too many."
He took her hand in a tight grip and smiled.
She cut in the line and looked back smiling.
"So where are you two off to next?"
"I don't know about Jenny, but I have gym class next." James replied with a hint of excitement. "She told me that this is the volleyball unit."
"He used to play volleyball before he moved here." Jenny explained to Javen.
"Oh, that's cool. For the school?"
"Yeah, I was the captain of my team." James replied shortly as he threw his straw out. "I need a new straw."
"May I ask why you chew on straws?" Jenny asked curiously.
"I don't know. I just like to, I guess." James shrugged.
Javen gave him an odd look of sorts and turned around.
"So Jenny, I...well, you know that I'm new around here and I don't really know this place very well. Would you mind...showing me around the town? I mean, if it's not too much trouble. You don't have to." He grinned nervously, waiting for her reply.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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"I...I would love too.." Jenny looked down and blushed. James face lit up as he picked up his tray and said "Ok..see you then.." she turned around a smiled with accomplishment to him self.

Jenny went over and sat with Geneive. "You've been bitten my the looove bug!" Geneive joked around. "Im going to show James around town tonight...becuase it's Friday..' Jenny said as she ate sushi with chop sticks.

"Chichero?" (really in korean) Geneive got all excited. "Yea, he is new here and he wanted me to show him around." Geneive smiled "So that means your coming over my house for a sleep over and tell me all about it!!"

Jenny nodded her head and smiled also.

30 minutes later...

The lunch bell run and all the students headed to thier last class of the day. Jenny and James were seperated, teh only class tehy didn't have together. She made her way to History with Geneive. They sat next to each other and passed notes that were in Korean.

The last bell of teh day rung and teh hallway soon was flooded with students leaving the building of Middelton High. James met up with Jenny and she said "Ok, lets get started!"
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OOC:Wow! A bunch of posts. ^ ^

"Well history was fun," Geneive said while she was walking back home.

She say bye to Jenny and giggled at the sight of how Jenny and James make a great couple.

"Well it's pretty funny how she told me that she didn't like guys and now she does," smiled Geneive,"Well maybe my chance will soon come."

Soon she finally got home and went to her room and called Jenny.


Jenny answered her phone and said,"Hello??"

"Hey Jenny, it's me Geneive!" she said on the other line.

"Oh hi but I'm still with James ya' know,"Jenny said.

"Yeah I know. So how's it going with you two.....anything....uhh....special???" Geneive giggled over the other line.

"Quiet---oh yeah there's one down the street---quiet down ok you're making me go red around him. Ok I gotta go I'll tell you this later when I come over, ok??" Jenny said," Yea I'll be there in a sec." She called to James and hung up.


"Ok geez...she could of said bye,"Geneive hung up and change her clothes into a big T-shirt and short comfy pants.

She sat down on her bed and wrote in her little notebook:

[I]Monday, September 12, 2007
Hey! It's me notebook! Well today Jenny and James are out and I'm here bored. Well I guess I'm a bit jealous that Jenny and James are out together and I also can't wait to hear how it is going for them. Well mother says Jenny can come over and sleepover and I bet it's going to be a joy. See Ya![/I]

Geneive close her little notebook and heared the door bell ring. She went downstairs and anwered the door.

"YAAAHOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" 10-year-old boys rushed out the door.

"Oww...."mumbled Geneive,"MOM!!!"

"Yea dear, what is it?" her mom asked.

"MOM I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU NOT TO LET BRANDON'S(brother) FRIENDS COME OVER!" Geneive yelled over the loud noises coming from the boys.

"SORRY DEAR BUT YOUR BROTHER ASKED FIRST!" her mother yelled over the noises as well.

[I]Darn....,[/I]she thought, [I]now what? [/I]

OOC: Wow this RPG is getting interesting!
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[COLOR=RoyalBlue][FONT=Palatino Linotype]"Yeah, this is Twisters, a local cafe. Geneive and I usually come here for a milkshake or something like that." Jenny pointed out another building to James.
"I see. This town doesn't seem that bad. It does remind me a lot of the town I used to live in though. Small, quiet and peaceful." James smiled as he pulled out another straw out of his black messenger bag and stuck it in his mouth. "It makes me happy, being in a quiet place. I don't really like the cities...too much noise." He grinned.
"That's good. I'm glad that you like it here." Jenny smiled.
"R-really?" James' face turned a light shade of pink.
"Yeah." She giggled. "Your face..."
"Oh!" James' hand met his face in a flash. "Sorry."
"There's no reason to hide it. I think it's rather cute." She laughed.
"I'm just not used to anyone...a girl...really caring. I went to an all guys school and so this is my first contact with girls in a long time, hanging out like this anyway." James replied. "I've never had a girlfriend before. So...I don't know what it's like." He scratched the back of his head and smiled nervously.
"I see. So that's why you're so shy." She smirked, something was definitely on her mind.
The local Clock Tower chimed to signal the regular sunset at eight. "Oh, I'm sorry. I have to go. I promised my dad that I would be back at eight fifteen. But I really appreciate what you've done for me Jenny. Here." James grabbed her hand, pulled out a pen and scribbled something down. "That's my cell phone number. Call me sometime."
"Okay." Jenny blushed a little.
"I have to go, but thanks again!" He yelled as he began to run off.
"Bye!" Jenny yelled.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Jenny held her hand up to her face and a dark red blush flashed onto her face. She slowly walked down the sidewalk to Geneives house. She though about James the whoel way to Geneives house. He was so dreamy she thought.

As she came to the door of Geneives house she knocked softly. Geneive swung the door open and tried to keep a bunch of ten-year olds in. "Hurry-try-to-get-in!" Geneive strurggled to say as she karatae chopped one of the kids hands. "YA!' she said and Jenny walked in laughing.

She plopped her bag onto teh sofa and greeted Geneives mother. She bowed and said "Ahngyoung Haseyoh!" in respect to the elder. "Ahngyoung Jin-Wuang" the mother responded smileing. Jenny and Geneive went upstairs to her room. They turned on teh Korean music awards.

"They are about to start!!" Jenny exclaimed and they both squealed. The watched and singed along with teh preformances. Then they announced the Korean all-boy group. "Dongbangshingki!"

The two girls yelled in excitement. They got up and danced. Then they looked out teh window and two Korean boys thier age were watching them from next door. Jenny began cussing at them in Korean.

"Tankmo!" she finished off and closed teh window. Geneive was rolling on the floor laughing. Jenny soon started laughing as well.


Chapter 2: Saturday light Sunday Bright

Plot: All characters go with friends out on Saturday and Sunday and just have fun. You can pair up with womever you choose.

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