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Banner and Avatar Set - Vincent


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Okies Folks.
My newest creations..Vincent inspired.



My first Attempt at this, so be nice ^^
What do ya think?

I think They need some form of border..to seperate them from everything esle...

And, becasue I am on a PS Spree..Heeeeeeeeeeres Edward Wong Hau..i forget the rest of her name >.>



Ok, i admit it. i intend on doing these for every CowBoy bebop Character >.>
Spike anyone?



And faye! ugh..i can't stand with one..I hate her >.> she makes this difficult for me..both of these are **** with a capital S



You might ntoice i have been doing all the CB movie charcers, and yet..not Electra (hate her) or Jet...I'd love to do Jet..and i might..but the dog struck me as more fun ^^


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