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Cowboy Bebop - The Swordfish II Request

Guest Lambeth42

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Guest Lambeth42
First, I'd like to give props to everyone who makes the best wallpapers on the net right here!

Ok, my request is fairly simple. I've been looking for a wallpaper that shows off all the cool space crafts from Cowboy Bebop (Swordfish II, Hammerhead, Bebop, etc.), or at least the Swordfish II. But I've yet to really find one that fits my bill.

I came across one wallpaper recently that was created by "Spacmace". It is a collage of overlapped spacecraft and Spike with an eclipsed planet in the background, all of this offset to the bottom right of the wallpaper set against a black backdrop. This is about 75% of what I've been looking for. I'd like to see this without any characters in the wallpaper with the images in the center of the wallpaper, against a black backdrop. The exact Swordfish II "pose" in Spacmace's wallpaper looks great, and an eclipsed planet in the background would be cool as well, but I'd like to see what you guys might be able to come up with!

For expedience, I attached a personally edited version of the wallpaper I downloaded from here (I basically made it more simpler to suit my tastes by removing a "Cowboy Bebop" banner and "Spacmace" from the bottom left, leaving just the image).

Thanks for any help and great wallpaper work you might bring here, and thanks to Spacmace for creating a pretty good wallpaper!

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