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kill your tvs [PG - L]


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life is the funniest sitcom
the saddest tragedy
the scariest horror
the most passionate romance
life is the best game show
the craziest cartoon
the deepest movie
the most seducing porn
the deadest eulogy
the most action-packed flick

kill your tvs
life's our channels
wouldn't you tune in?

break the glass screen
break that plastic remote
touch some real buttons

open your eyes, ears
mouth, hands, heart
wide as they can go
and feel this
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[color=deeppink][size=1]This poem is kind of ambigious. Is the speaker telling us to give up on our lives, as they are no better or worse than a TV show, and completely pointless and overperfected? Or is s/he telling us that we need to disconnect ourselves from all the technology we've become dependent on, which dictates to us what are life should be?

Good stuff, either way. Reminds me of this song by RHCP, Throw Away Your Television.

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