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Red Eagle M-SLV (17+ Recommended)

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[COLOR=DarkRed][i]Red Eagle[/i][/COLOR]

[COLOR=Red][FONT=Arial Narrow]It is 1964, the era of Credence Clearwater Revival, the free love movement, student riots, black panthers, civil rights movements, and other political unrest. These things are the things that one reads of in a history book. These are the things that one can see in retrospect. These things are a placid lake compared to what lies beneath.

The Soviet Union?s covert and subversive attempts to cripple the United States have been in full swing for over twenty years. The young Central Intelligence Agency has fought powerfully against the KGB and its [i]gulags[/i]. The attempts on Western Europe, Northern China, Alaska, Mexico, South America, and Oceania had generally been thwarted.

These past years have had clear battle lines, well, as clear as spy vs. spy can be. The grey began to grow, and no one knew who they were fighting anymore. Survival became an agent?s prime objective, anyone: your brother, mother, uncle, best friend, waitress, barber- any of them could be Soviet plants. Nothing was safe, nothing was sacred. The KGB inspired fear into the hearts and minds of all but the greatest men, and their reign of terror seemed to be spreading like warm butter on homemade bread.

In February of ?64, CIA and MI6 (British Intelligence) operatives have dropped like flies in Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, and Kuala Lumpur. In fact, all of Sinic Asia has been a mine field for American/Free World sympathizers on all but the lowest levels.

At first, Langley (CIA headquarters in Virginia), thought that the codes had been broken, however, after three code changes, their agents are still losing cover for seemingly no reason at all. One analyst, a young Rita Forscythe of Alexandria, VA, began to suspect that the Soviets had an inside man high up in Langley.

She took her suspicions to the Director, a man merely called Caesar. He considered the meager evidence that she presented, and found some of his own. Soon after, James Ross, director of CIA operations in East Asia was murdered. It was then that Caesar knew he had a [i]Red Eagle[/i] on his hands. Only problem was, all of his top men were squeaky clean, checked and re-checked?. Who is the [i]Red Eagle[/i]?

In March, ?64, the Russian Embassy was bombed. The detonation came from the inside, and no terrorist groups claimed responsibility. Caesar immediately launched no holds barred investigations that lead to one lead: One single piece of paper that could or could not have relevancy to this very volatile international incident. An airline ticket stub uncovered in a third rate hotel closet: [b]Hong Kong 1 Way 1st Class.[/b]

Meanwhile, Moscow was furious. Washington could not or would not do anything to appease them, and the tension grew to the breaking point. On July the 4th, 1964, a Soviet Envoy delivered the following message to Washington:

Deliver the heads of those responsible for this blemish of Soviet Honor in 30 days, or we will assume it was the CIA and commence retaliatory action.

Short and to the point, if the incident wasn?t resolved in a month, a Soviet/American War would begin, quite possibly annihilating human civilization as we know it. 17 days have passed, and nothing has happened.

[b]American Goals:[/b]

Find the Defector
Solve the mystery of the Russian bombing before the soviets become too aggravated.
Retake Sinic Asia?s shadow world from the KGB.

[b]Russian Goals:[/b]

Prevent the Americans from uncovering the real story about the bombed embassy.
Sap the final strength from the CIA?s Asia operations.
Protect the defector at all costs.

[b]British/Chinese Goals:[/b]

Prevent nuclear war between the superpowers.
Solve the embassy bombings before it?s too late.
Defeat the KGB in Asia.

Unique to British:
Aide CIA
Prevent Chinese takeover of the Royal Crown Colony of Hong Kong.

Unique to the Chinese:
Remove the [i]gulags[/i] from Asia.
Take back Hong Kong from the sniveling British upstarts.

The British do not trust the Chinese, or the Chinese the British. However both see the value of peace between Moscow and Washington. A special co-operative team of agents has been dispatched to Washington (without CIA permission) to start unraveling the embassy bombings.

In an unrelated mission, an elite three man team of MI6, CIA, and Japanese Intelligence Security agents has been dispatched to Hong Kong to find the defector and kill him. They must do so with great expediency, and without disturbing the precarious balance of local power, to prevent all of Asia from becoming the slaves of the Soviet Empire.

Ladies and Gentlemen:

This is what I need.

2-3 CIA Agents.

2-3 MI6 Agents.

2-3 KGB Agents.

1 Japanese Security Agent

1 Special Service of Hong Kong Agent (HK branch of MI6, however they don?t get along.)

2 Civilians.

All other characters in the story will be acted by anyone as the circumstances call for. I will be contacting someone, you won?t know who, to play the [i]Red Eagle[/i]. The idea is that no one knows everything about what is going on, and that different players have the perspective of their characters. I need maturity here, so that it is played out well.

The RP takes place over 13 action packed days. The story [i]must[/i] be fast paced to work, but it cannot be rushed. The Soviet players will be working against the American players, the MI6/Chinese/Japanese are sort of stuck in the middle, leaning one way or the other, but generally neutral. Think like a snake on this one guys. It is rated [b]M[/b] for a reason, I want no details held back, these are the scum of the earth in terms of morality. Realism is the name of the game[/FONT].[/COLOR]

[b]Sign Ups:[/b]

[b]Name:[/b] Realistic

[b]Sex:[/b] Male or Female, no undecideds.

[b]False Name:[/b] No one named Yuri Golstovstok will be in the USA without being [i]heavily[/i] watched, so he might go by John Stockton or something. Realistic.

[b]Age:[/b] Minimum is 26, max is 70. Make it fit who the character is.

[b]Side:[/b] KGB CIA MI6 JSS SSHK or Civilian

[b]Biography:[/b] Story of how the character came to be where he/she is.

[b]Introductory post:[/b] Show me your stuff.

I will post mine later. Remember L?s & G?s, there are Soviets around every corner, sniping from every roof top, and poisoning every drink. There is no such thing as trust, and there is always more than one [i][i]Red Eagle[/i]. [/i]
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[B]Name:[/B] Isa Korolev, aka "The White Tiger"

[B]Sex:[/B] Female

[B]False Name:[/B] Isabelle Radcliffe

[B]Age:[/B] 34

[B]Side: [/B] KGB

[B]Biography:[/B] Isa Korolev...the "White Tiger" of the KGB...that is a name all in Moscow fear...the cold assassin, who targets dissedents, political opponents, diplomats, all alike. No one knows much about her, other then that name, whispered in the shadows...nobody knows if Isa Korolev is her real name - but everyone doubts it.

In actuality, Isa Korolev was born Isa Romanov, in Moscow, in 1930. Her father was a coal worker, and her mother was a french journalist who fell in love with him. Isa's childhood was as happy as any Russian child's; her parents never far away, and she always had her brother Sergei to play with.

Then came World War Two. Isa's father was forced into the Russian military - he never returned. Isa's mother cared for her children the best she could during the terrifying 900 day seige of the city. Isa remembers clearly the terror of those nights - of not knowing what the Germans were doing. She vowed at the age of 14 that she would try to keep others from feeling that same terror.

Then, in 1945, after the war had ended and the Germans fled, Isa's brother and mother were executed for suspected treason. Isa was in the room when they were killed - she has no memories of that day. She's blocked them out, along with almost every emotion.

One of the officers who orderd her family's execution took her in in an act of "mercy", training her as an assassin. Isa went to the best schools available and was a star pupil - no one suspected what was behind the calm, polite girl's facade...her first assassination was a rival of her teachers; her first kill came at the age of 17.

After Isa graduated, she was approached by the KGB. Ttey had need of her skills - and she was quite happy to provided them...even when it meant killing her old teacher, suspected of passing information to American agents.

[B]Introductory post:[/B]Italics indicate foreign languages being spoken.

It was cold...but then, in Russia, it is always cold. Isa Korolev leaned against the wall of the shop, ignoring the appreciative leering of a group of students passing by...at 34, she was still an attractive woman - she knew this - but beauty was irrelevant...merely a tool to be used to reach her goal. She half smiled to herself as she heard the slight crunch of gravel underfoot. The man behind her was good...but not good enough. Her revolver was out and under the man's chin before the man had even realized she'd begun to turn. Icy grey eyes flashed from behind wire-rimmed glasses. The man gulped.

[B]"Vwi bel'ye teegra?"[/B] [i]You are the White Tiger?[/i]. The man's stuttering pronunciation marked him as a foreigner, perhaps a new agent from East Berlin. She smiled coldly, switching to flawless German.

[B][i]"Who asks?"[/i][/B] The man reached a shaking hand towards his coat pocket, freezing when the gun was shoved harder. Isa reached into the pocket herslef, removing a small slip of paper with a string of numbers attached. Her shoulders relaxed marginally as she removed the gun. The agent rubbed the reddish mark pressure had left on his neck. Isa sneered.

[B][i]"Never attempt to sneak up on me again. I assume you have information on my target?"[/i][/B] The agent gestured wordlessly to the briefcase he'd dropped. Isa snapped it open, keeping an eye on the agent as she shuffled through the papers. Most were photographs - the face of a young man, barely older than 20, with a boyish grin and shaggy blonde hair. All the photos indicated a young man full of life: photos of him walking in a park, laughing with a young woman, sitting and talking with a group of young men about his age.

[B][i]"His name is Vladimir Tolstoy. He's the leader of a group of dissendents headquarted in Keiv. You are to leave tomorrow."[/i][/B] Isa nodded, memorizing the faces in the pictures for future reference. You never could tell when a target's associates would become targets themselves...


Three days later, Vladimir Tolstoy was found dead in his apartment, killed by an unknown assailant. No trace of the intruder was ever found. The police never looked into the matter...but the local dissidents know who was behind it.

They all fear the White Tiger.

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[COLOR=SeaGreen]Hmm... Cool.

Name: Alex Kilpatrick

Sex: Male

False Name: Alexi Ivanovich

Age: 30

Side: KGB

Bio: Alex worked for Department H (Canadian Secret Service and Covert Ops.) for four years. He learned the tools of his trade, and learned valuable information. He showed prowess and rose ranks, learning much about the internal workings of the free world. Eventually, he and a group of other agents decided they could make they're fortune by selling this information. So they did. To the KGB. Eventually, however, the CIA cought onto their information ring. They promptly shut themselves down. All of them, except, of course, Alex. In fact, he became a rogue agent. He defected, fleeing the country to the USSR. That's where his incorperation began. Due to the amount of valuable information Alex(i) had leaked, the KGB accepted him, though he is kept under close survailence at all times.

Intorduction: It was late. Midnight, if Alex was right. He couldn't rely on his watch, time zones were never his thing. In the backally streets of Moscow, little was certain. All he could hope was that the man he was supposed to meet, one Grigor Borisovich, wouldn't stab him in the back. So, smiling as usual, he tapped impaitently on his briefcase.
"Alexi?" A deep, Russian voice called from the darkness
Alex noded in response, his eyes never leaving the spot of Grigor's voice.
"I trust you have the documents."
"They are all here" Alex replied blanky, lifting the briefcase and opening it, showing several sealed envelopes labeled CLASSIFIED or TOP SECRET.
"Good." The man said, his hand reaching out of the darkness.
"Payment." Was all Alex said, slamming the case closed.
"The money, of course."
"No, not the money."
"Not the money?" He sounded surprised.
"I want you to take me to your superiors, the men in the Kremlin."
"Why would you want that?"
"I am an outlaw in my country. I can no longer go back. I need a job. I thought you could give it to me."
"I will do what I can. For now, take the money. If I come through, I will contact you. Do not leave the city." With that, the two men exchanged briefcases and parted ways.

It was five days later, when Alex was lying alone in his small motel room. The phone rang, it was Grigor.
"Alexi, you must meet with a man named Ivan Seriatova. He will meet you in Moscow Station, he will see you." The phone went dead.
Alex replaced the phone on the hook, and smiled smugly. God, it's good to be this good. [/COLOR]

Hope that's ok. :)
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