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A war to Fight in, A hell to Die in (M-VL poss.S)


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Alexander Harrison sat huddled behind a large tree, men lay dead and dieing all around him, others marched passed him to the fight. Alexander pulled his rifle close to his brest, closed his eyes and took a few deep breaths. His eyes opened slowly.
"Ok, one. two. three."

He rolled out to the side of the tree at lay prone with the rifle level, down the slope and about twenty yards off a Republic soldier walked, dazed. He seemed confused, he stared down at the bodies on the floor, turned randomly. Shock had overcome him. Alexander slowly pulled the triger...


The man fell dead.

Alexander rolled back to the safty behind the tree...'that soldier was only a boy', he thought,'Probably just eight-teen, fresh from training.' Alexander uncaped his water flask and poored some of the cool stream water down his back. He took a drink and leaned back against the tree, "Oh Sarah, I wish I could see you again, but I fear this war will have me befor I get near our home town again."

Suddenly a Republican soldier stubled over a root and crashed down next to Alexander. "W-water." He groned. Alexander begain to reach for his pistol, but the man befor him had no gun, and a bullet had peirced his back. Alexander helped him over to the tree and leaned him up against it. He then sat next to the man. "Here." he said as he handed him the flask. "Thank you." The soldier replied, slightly nerves, as he took the flask. "I got no need killin you, thats been done already." Alexander sighed. The Republican soldier smiled slightly, "Yea, I suppose so." Alexander gazed off at a distant battle, "But I don't doubt I'll join you soon enough."

Alexander looked back to the soldier but he was gone. Gently he took the flask from the dead mans hand and strapped it back to his belt. "Good bye sir." Alexander stood up, strapped his gun over his shoulder, and begain to run off to his company...

The Republic of Armistas has stood for nearly three hundrid years unchalanged, it is the richest country in the world. But all that is ready to change. Political coruption has persuaded a large amount of states to seceed. The president of Armistas has denied them the right. The Independant Commonwealth of Armistas is the name that the secesionists have given themselves, they have elected there own presedent and are nolonger heading "foreign" interferance.

The first blood came on December, 2036, when a Republic artilary unit fired on the ICA fort Burnside. Presedent Reily of the ICA requested a decleration of war. It was granted. The desputed boarder exploded.

The ICA army was commanded by General Herbert E. John. A great fighter and leader.

The RA army is commanded by General Harrison Bickford. A good leader, but not well liked.

Our story takes place during 2040
You are part of B company of the 2nd ICA Regiment.
Other stuff:
It is based on the Civil War, so fighting stile will be the same, with more refined weapons and uniforms and better doctors, but no body armor.
The "time feel" should be some what like the civil war as well.
Weapons will be slightly varied but mostly rifles that have five shot cartriges. And Revolver Pistols with six or eigth shots. There will be Cannon artilary, (PM me if you want to be in an Artilary Squad) and calvary, (use pistols and sabers, PM me)
Oh, and only men would be accepted into the army. Sorry, girls could be nurses or civilians but due to the style, not army members.

Also, this is not about the fighting and being cool, its about the horror of war, I want serious stuff, go into detail about thoughts and fears at the moment, War dose strange things to people.

1. No godmodding and all that jazz
2. All forum and general rules
3. Have fun, but please, be serious.

Sign Ups:

Name: English please
Age: 16+ (mostly 18+ but I'll alow a few exceptions)
Position: (Army, Doctor, Nurse, Civilian?) (only men in Army, and few men would be civilians)
Unit: (Infantry, Calvary, Artilary? PM me if you have an idea on any thing else)
Years: (How many years have you been in the military? no more than 5)
Bref Bio: Discribe your history in the war up to this point. and maby why you joined the ICA.

I'll post mine tomorrow since its late and I have to go to school....grrr
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