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Inuyasha: Search for the Sword Q&A [PG-L, maybe]

lil kitsune boy

Who did Sasuke get his demon blood from?  

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  1. 1. Who did Sasuke get his demon blood from?

    • Inuyasha
    • Sesshomaru

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Ok, folks. This is for any questions or ideas you may have for my game, Inuyasha: Search for the Sword.

But, before that, just for kicks... Who's kid do you think Sasuke is? It's obvious he's got dog demon blood in him, but which one?

Just remember, this is 500 years in the past, so they probably wouldn't know about it.

Aside from this, the thread is yours. Feel free to ask me, or each other, anything you like, or make suggestions to make the game even more fun!
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