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How Loonatics Could Be Remotely Good [E]

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Lately, there has been a lot of controversy over Kids' WB's new show Loonatics. However, I figured out a way it could be good. Mostly, I've made it less of an action-adventure show and more of a satirical comedy, along the lines of Duck Dodgers only more toyetic and with a drop of anime inspiration. If only the show could turn out as funny as my ideas...


[B]Episode 1: Not-So-Secret Origins[/B]
Our series begins at the decaying remains of Termite Terrance in Neo-Acme. The only drawings that haven?t rotted away or been shredded into pieces were 3 cells, one of them featuring Elmer Fudd, one featuring Marvin the Martian, and one featuring Yosemite Sam. However, the last drop on ink in the inkwells had been filled with radioactive poison, bringing the drawings to life and turning Elmer, Marvin, and Sam into the evil supervillains E, Marv, and Yo. In need of defense against the Sinister Trio, the Acme Comedy Corporation was able to recover scraps of cells of Bugs, Daffy, Taz, Roadrunner, Coyote, and ?some girl that should never have existed? and, combined with their DNA technology, created the super-team of the Loonatics!
Having just been created, Buzz, Duck, Spaz, Speedster, Slick, and Lexi might have superpowers, but are stuck in the mindset of their previous counterparts. In the middle of their first training battle, a confused young monkey-warrior named Ukog confuses the newly anime-styled Loonatics for his own team of Snayias and takes them to the Great Tournament. The Lunatics have to face off against the great Nijam Uub, and to do so they?ll need the power of anvils!
[B]Episode 3: The Speil-BORG 8000[/B]
Having won the Great Tornament, the Loonatics need to return to Neo-Acme to battle The Sinister Trio. The Loonatics have given them a beating, but they now have to face The Sinister Trio?s back-up fighter: the all-powerful Speil-BORG 8000. Needing their own backup, the Acme Comedy Corporation gives the Loonatics 6 back-up robots of their own: Buster-BORG, Babs-BORG, Yakko-BORG, Wakko-BORG, Dot-BORG, and Freaka-BORG. Dysfunctional antics ensure. Eventually, the Loonatics and their back-up robots take down the Speil-BORG 8000, only to find out the one powering it was just a very old team of lab mice trying to take over the world one last time.
[B]Episode 4: White (and Black) Supremacists Beat The Brain Too It[/B]
The Sinister Trio has created a new super-weapon: The Technicolor Destroyer. Using it, they?ve rid the Loonatics of their most important power: their color! Powerless without their color, it is up to Bosko, Buddy, and Porky to teach them how to battle ?30s style.
[B]Episode 5: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Crappiness[/B]
The Sinister Trio has taken over the WB Scheduling. Unaware of new shows put in their timeslot, the Loonatics have to battle their way through 30-minute toy commercials, mystery-solving dogs, and more campy Saturday morning crap than you can survive!
[B]Episode 6: Titanic (Sorry, but Robin PWNS Leonardo DiCaprio)[/B]
Loonatics meet the Teen Titans. Take it from there.
[B]Episode 7: Bum and Bummer[/B]
Upset about having to eat up their own words, the TV critics who bashed the idea of Loonatics have all been dropped on the streets by their networks. Now, they seek their revenge to trying to make Loonatics into the worst show on television!
[B]Episode 8: Guess Who?s Coming to Destroy Dinner[/B]
Even though they are now teammates, Slick still has the desperate desire to eat Speedster. When The Sinister Trio offers a to help Slick catch Speedster. However, once Speedster is caught, an associate of The Sinister Trio is in need of a helping of birdie: Vestor. Slick and Vestor battle it out, while Buzz, Duck, Spaz, and Lexi have to rescue Speedster.
[B]Episodes 9 and 10: Let?s Not Do the Time Warp Again[/B]
The Sinister Trio has sent the Loonatics through a time portal to the 24th and 1/2 century. Their only hope for returning to the future: Duck Dodgers? alter-ego Samurai Quack and his Cadet. Duck finds Dodgers annoying and irritating, but there?s one problem: if he were to kill Dodgers, he?d be killing himself! Luckily, censorship saves the day when the BS&P prevent any of Duck?s attacks from hurting anyone.
[B]Episodes 11, 12, and 13: Of Course You Know, This Means Warner Brothers[/B]
The Loonatics have the final showdown at The Sinister Trio?s HQ: The Warner Bros. Film vault! In Part I, Lexi and Speedster fight against Yo at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. In Part II, Spaz and Slick battle Marv in the city of Metropolis. And in Part III, Buzz and Duck take down E after breaking through The Matrix.
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