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Scenario [ No Sign-Up Necessary] [M-VL]


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[b]The Challenge:[/b] Your challenge is to write a piece of fiction based on the scenario I give you. For every scenario you will either be playing an assassin, victim, bodyguard or witness.

[b]The Rules:[/b] If you are interested, to write the story comes as a pretty much first-come-first-served basis. However, after you have posted your piece of fiction, you must wait for at least two people to post according to their scenarios, just to add some sort of variation.

The Perequisites: -

- The fiction doesn't have to be too long, in that it shouldn't be short either. You should keep it concise, but deep at the same time. I will aid you by giving you times. For example; You may be writing about one single minute in time.

- The fiction [b][u]must[/u][/b] be relevant to the scenario I give you and you cannot drift into another location unless it is stated you can in the scenario.

- The fiction should be entertaining, and the variation is here to allow you to experiment with your writing skills in different situations.

- In the case that two or more pieces of fiction have been written about the same scenario by different people, because I may not have closed off the current scenario for example, I will judge on whose was the best quality and close the current scenario, bringing forth a new one.

- When stating the equipment. That is [b]ALL[/b] you have.

It's really quite simple seeing as I pretty much read everything out to you.

Anyway, on with the first scenario.

[center][font=trebuchet MS][size=3][b][u]The Climax[/u][/b][/size][/center]

[b]Setting:[/b] In a dark, abandoned apartment belonging to the city of Hong Kong. It overlooks a busy street which is set to guide the Fascist Secretary of Defense of the Hong Kong army in celebration of his promotion. He will be driven by a chauffeur in an open-topped convertible. A few boxes are left inside, and there is two windows, the paint cracked.


- 3 Imported Silk Cut Cigarettes.
- An 800 M Range Night-Vision Lens Sniper Rifle + 2 ammunition
- Thin, black clothing.

[b]Time From and To:[/b] 13:17 - 13: 22

[b]Objective:[/b] To kill the new Secretary of Defense.

[b]Must include:[/b] The build-up from 13:17 to the actual assassination at 13:22 PM.

[b]Motive:[/b] Down to you.

[b]Male or Female:[/b] Down to you.

[b] Length:[/b] 3-5 paragraphs should be sufficient.

You have from now to Sunday morning to finish your scenario.[/font]

This should be interesting.
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[size=1][color=DarkGreen]So ... this is like a chain fiction, right? Interesting idea. Let's see what we can do...

(I know it's past Sunday morning, but since no one else took up the opportunity...)

[/color][/color][/size] [center][font=trebuchet MS][size=3][b][u]The Climax

[/u][/b][/size][/font] [left][size=1]A slender wisp of blue smoke twisted upward from the remains of the cigarette, lying discarded on the apartment floor. The place stank of smoke anyway; that and the mildew growing on the cardboard cartons stacked up next to the window.

He never smoked [i]during[/i]. Before, yes, after, definitely. But not while he was crouched at the rifle, mounted on its tripod, its lens extending his eye, its barrel extending his hand, his will.

He crouched. Cradled the mounted weapon in his arms. Placed his eye to the rubber cushion on the scope. He had the man's photograph memorised, the photograph itself burned long ago, too incriminating. But any fool could have picked the right man, draped in all his finery, waving narcissistically at the crowds coerced into adoring him.

His head was in the crosshair, and then his head was all over his bodyguard.

A brass shell casing clinked on the cold stone floor; bounced once, twice. Then silence, the rifle abandoned, its user already gone.
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[b]Edit: Thanks to whoever it was that rated this thread. Completely forgot. =)[/b]

[b][u]The Getaway[/u][/b]

[b]Character:[/b] Still the assassin.

[b]Setting:[/b] From the apartment room to the busy street. Think about the chaos and possible violence from others involved.


- 2 Imported Silk Cut Cigarettes.
- Thin, black clothing.

[b]Time From and To:[/b] 13:22 - 13: 39

[b]Objective:[/b] To escape in whatever means possible. You're going to look suspicious and some know who you are.

[b]Must include:[/b] The complete escape and how you are successful or unsuccessful. (It's completely down to you. You can kill the character if you want, just moves onto a new scenario.)

[b]Motive:[/b] You're trying to survive.

[b]Male or Female:[/b] Down to you.

[b]Length:[/b] Lengthier than the first post (Brilliant work Blackjack).
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