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Love Banner/Avi set


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[COLOR=RoyalBlue][SIZE=1]Eek, I'm in one of those dark romance moods yet again, scary.

I love my Bleach banner, thank you Freud, but I've had a change of moods.

I would dearly love it if someone could make a banner, with the theme of romance (dark pinks, black, greys would be lovely) with the quote; 'And I love him more each day...' across the bottom. I'd also like it if you could fit 'Unborn Lord Xion, my love.' Somewhere on it, if not, 'ULX, my love' would be lovely too. ^_^;;

If the avi could just have my name, I don't mind if it's just a plain background with swirls of colours or something, just to have them matching.

I don't want to use the word 'sexy' for the banner, but I want that kind of look to it. The dark, forbidden love kind of thing instead of the cutesy pink.

If any more clarification is needed, then just ask, it would be great if someone could do this for me.

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[COLOR=DarkOrange]Well, that one's good, but I thought I might as well see what you thought of mine...give you a variety, and all that jazz...



I don't think it qualifies as "sexy," but it is romantic....[/COLOR]
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