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Teen Titans, A new age. M(LSV)

Akieen Cloud

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The old teens are out the window and new ones have joined the force to save the world. But these new teens have powers twice that of the old generation. Elemental powers and mental abilites no one has ever seen before. The old teen tower has been torn down and a new building has been set in it's place. So much had the titans given to the city that the city has given to them, kids gifted as they were are trained and given areas to protect. But it seems like an old enemy hasn't left yet. Slade has a sucsseor to himself as well as the titans and he is more nasty than Slade ever was. Now these new titans must find out who this person is and defeat his plan and him. Teams are being assembled and thrown around the world to different areas, which team will get to him first, or better yet, will the teams survive their incounter?

Okay, I know, lame as all get out but I thought it might go well, I'm a fan of the Titans so maybe a few of you all are as well...I hope...

Sign ups.

Name~ Tiean Miowa(Tie)
Apperance~[IMG]http://www.japanforever.net/jf/modules/My_eGallery/gallery/Manga__Anime/Manga_Girls/girl10.jpg[/IMG] Just in black hip huggers and a red cut off tank top.
Personality~Friendly, trouble maker and hyper. Big time surfer, agile and cunning.
Bio~ From California, she is a trouble maker and lets it be known, she was sent to the titan development at the age 2, her father died at the age of 4 and her mother at the 6, the only prerson she has left is her brother who is a member of a grduated team and lives on the other end of the world in Japan. She lives at the development and trains diligently to get into a good team and possibly see her brother again.
Power~ Hydra(controls water and all it's forms.)
Weapons~ 2 pistols, 1 broad sword, 2 boot daggers, and a lock pick set.
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Name: Brandon Lazzerreti


Apperance: 5'10", medium build, very handsome w/ platinum hair and blue eyes

Personality: cocky and self-assured, he dislikes anyone with a bigger mouth than him. He views life as one big party.

Bio: Bradnon is a bit of a nomad. Living in a military household, his family traveled with each new assignment, so he never really learned to get along with others well. He learned disipline from his father, a decorated hero in the military, but doesn't use it all that often. After many years of dedicated service, his father retired and they settled down. Brandon, on the other hand, became reastless, needing some action in his life. After a while he was sent to the Titan Devolopment, hoping his energy could be put to good use. His drive and ability to fight impressed the staff, but his uncontrollability is still viewed as a liability.

Power: enhanced physical attributes(perception, strength, speed, endurance and toughness)

Weapons: 2 pistols, 1 broad sword, oversized mouth^_^
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