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Devil May Cry Bannter


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[color=darkred][FONT=Century Gothic] In light of ULX and I starting a Devil May Cry RPG, I have decided to take on a DMC banner.

For the banner, I would like the text "Devils Never Cry" In a gothic style text like the one seen here: [url]http://www.star-games.it/Star2002_file/Download/dante.jpg[/url]

I would like that kind of text with Vergi on it.

Thanks for all who take on this challenge.[/FONT][/color]
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[COLOR=DarkOrange]If I might allow my semi-sarcastic nature to surface for a moment...what's a "bannter"? :p

Ok, joking aside, I couldn't find a font that looked like the one you mentioned. I did find three other fonts that look "gothic" and fit the mood of the banner, though....

Set One


Set Two


Set Three


In case you're wondering, the only thing different between them is the fonts. I hope you like one of them, at least. [/COLOR]
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