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Angles: Harbringers of Destruction (M-VLS)


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[COLOR=SeaGreen]Angles: Harbingers of Destruction

It?s the quite the feeling: The feeling you get when you learn that everything you?ve ever known, ever been thought, ever thought or believed was simply incorrect. That is the feeling the entire planet got, that mournful Christmas day of 2045. They descended from the clouded skies all across the world. At first, they were nothing but odd, small, bulbous silver objects, hovering thousands of feet above the earth. Within three hours of them entering the atmosphere, every single plane simply crashed. Thus, it was determined that these ?spacecraft? were hostile, and that actions must be taken to destroy them. Humankind never had a chance. All across the globe, every missile silo, every ammo depot, ever shred of explosives detonated, killing billions, and leveling entire cities. Almost all of humanity?s weapons were eradicated, leaving only mêlée weapons and small firearms.

By this point, people of all religions were flocking to churches, monasteries, temples; any building of religious significance. Unfortunately, for these peoples, that was just what the ?aliens,? dubbed Angles by some, had wanted. At exactly the same moment, 12:00 March 12, the craft floating in the atmosphere released a devastating energy blast upon the earth. Every single religious building was destroyed, wiping out 1/3 of the population of the Earth.

Then, the final blow too the Earth came. From the pristine skies above the Atlantic ocean, there descended the largest object to ever be seen in Earth sky. It was a literal city, twenty times larger then Beijing, and all resting on a metal platform. The ?city? descended slowly, although no sign of propulsion could be located, and, after thirty days in Earth?s sky, it splashed down in the Atlantic. The tidal wave it caused rippled outwards, completely eradicating the costal population of Europe and North America. The UK, Scandinavia, and various other islands were completely submerged. The ?city? has been nicknamed Wurmwood, the star of destruction.

However, the history of Humanity doesn?t end here. Those that survived went to the only safe place: underground. The formed traveling bands, armed to the teeth and surviving however possible. In five months, nearly 5/6 of the planets population has been devastated. May god help us all.


Ok, that's the basic plot. You will play the role of a survivor, part of a large band with no particular name. This band is, essentially, Humanities last hope for survival, as they are the only one with the will and determination to bring the Angles to their knees. May god help us all :)

Sign Ups:


Age: 25+




Weaponry: Like I said, no missle launchers, tanks or the like, just small firearms and Melle weapons.

Bio: Just tell what your life was like before the "coming" and what you've been doing since, how you came across the band, and how you've been coping with the decemation of Earth.

Ok, this is my first RP so I hope it goes well :)[/COLOR]
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