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The Secret Society of Le Marc [M-LSV]


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[COLOR=DimGrey][FONT=Trebuchet MS][SIZE=3][CENTER][U]The Secret Society of Le Marc - The Guild of Thieves[/u][/CENTER][/SIZE]

Exactly 70 years ago, Le Marc ? the most famous of thieves ? created an underground guild. The thieves chosen to be accepted into this guild were the cream of the crop, the best of the best. In this guild, Le Marc watched over them all, honing their skills so they could become even better. They stole many priceless artifacts but all returned them to the authorities at a high price. It was more of a challenge to beat the system, rather than keeping the artifact.

But the day came where he had pass on to a successor. That successor was my father, Ethan Le Marc. My father?s rule was long and illustrious. They had many successes and many defeats. Technology started to advance, and their skills were becoming out-dated. But my father honed his skills to change with technology and he began to teach others.

I, Selene Le Marc, am now the headmistress of the Society of my grandfather. I have chosen many thieves to join our ranks ? to add a fresh new face to our existing skills. During my reign as headmistress, I hope that I shall come up to the expectations my father and grandfather have put before me.

Now I welcome you to the Secret Society of Le Marc ? The Guild of Thieves.


[COLOR=Blue][FONT=Trebuchet MS]Darkness surrounded Selene as she felt the cold touch of metal against her gloved hands. Her heart was racing, something which shouldn't be happening.

" Selene....your heart rate is increasing," someone whispered into her ear via an earpiece. " Take a few deep breaths and then continue."

Stopping momentarily, Selene masterfully breathed, not making a sound. The temperature alarm was a few fractions of a degree below before being alerted. Soon, Selene's heart rate was back to normal.

" Good. Now, you're going to have to do this the old fashioned way..." said the person in the earpiece. Selene guided her hands softly around until she found the dial for opening the safe.

[i]The old fashioned way....ah....just like Grandpapa....[/i]

Turning the dial ever so slowly, Selene tried to focus on the feel on the click that happened inside of the safe. Just like her grandfather did so many years ago...

The lights suddenly turned on and Selene spun around. A man with a headset on walked over to her in the mock safe-opening room.
" Selene....the others are waking..." he said.
Selene nodded. " Very well. Put letters under each of their doors saying that there will be a meeting at breakfast."
The man nodded. " As you wish Headmistress."
" Thank you Michael."
Michael walked away, taking off the headset in the meantime.

Selene sighed and looked at the safe. One more number, and she would have cracked it open like a bottle of champange.


Sitting at the giant wooden dining table alone, Selene looked at the various foods offered. There was a hot breafast: scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages, hash browns, english muffins, pancakes, the list went on. Then there was a various array of fruits, musleis and yoghurts. Tea, coffee, water, milk and juices were also available from any of the serving waiters.

Picking up a bowl, Selene picked out a few fruits and some yoghurt. Her diet was well-balanced and fruit and yoghurt was the only thing she'd have at the start of the day. Asking one of the waiters to fill her glass with water, Selene looked out of the huge arched windows at the end of the room.

Huge green fields seen for miles and high grey hills in the distance could be seen out of these windows. Most of the land you could see out of these windows were part of the English estate Selene's grandfather, Le Marc, bought as the headquarters of the Society. It was a large estate with a large mansions with many rooms upon it. There were also stables, lavish gardens surrounding the mansion, living quarters for the workers and their families, a large vegetable patch, a small running creek, a vast vineyard and even an orchard.

Sunlight filtered through the windows and warmed the room which was stiffling cold. The fires had been left on through the night, but nothing much could dampen the coldness of the stone floors. Shivering, Selene wrapped her coat around her tightly.

This morning, they had a new mission.

Hey everyone! Sorry it took so long to put this up. But your first post should be the standard. After everyone I think that is willing to continue with this RPG has posted, I will start with our first mission. ^_^[/COLOR][/FONT]
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[color=Navy]Lai tossed and turned in her bed, she was having a fitful sleep and there were bad memories that haunted her in sleep.

[i]Lai was dressed up in tight black clothes with two holsters holding guns on her waist. She was also wearing a mask like the type that ninjas wore that wrapped around their face. She was on the roof of a building, with the target building across from her. She pulled down her goggles that always sat on top of her head, these were a special pair that had magnifying capabilities. She pushed the little button on the side and she looked at one of the windows, seeing a figure inside. She took a deep breath and pulled the small microphone down from beside her ear, telling them with a muffled voice that she'd spotted the target that she had been sent to kill. She got the get go and she leapt across the gap of the buildings, grasping the sill of a vacant apartment. She climbed up from there and waited until the lights in the room went off. She knew a lot of information about the target because she'd been surveying them for several weeks to see his pattern of living.

Lai waited 10 minutes after the lights went out and lifted the unlocked window, climbing in quietly. For someone that was important, he didn't lock his windows or have any alarm systems or bodyguards. Probably so he wouldn't be disturbed during his sleep. She felt the sweat roll around in her leather gloves as she crept quietly, stepping on a part of the floor that creeked. She hoped no one heard her and stayed still to listen for movement, all she heard was snoring and she continued, pulling her right gun out and pushing the safety, holding it up. Lai entered the bedroom and saw the man lying splayed on the bed, she took a silent, shuddering breath and aimed, for his heart, she knew precisely where it was from practised, and squeezed the trigger. There was a 'bang' and a gasp from the man as he took his last breath. The crimson liquid flowed out of the wound and started to seep down his body and onto the sheets below his body. Lai felt something squeeze at her heart everytime she killed and she quickly made her escape, slipping her gun back into its holster and reporting that the mission had been completed.

Doing the job was reluctant, being forced by her father to live such a life after her mother was murdered by another group of assassins. She wished she could quit. As she escaped, she looked at her gloved hands, she felt like they were stained with the crimson blood that she'd released, and it wouldn't come off no matter how hard she tried, just as the memories of their dying bodies would never be removed from her mind.

[/i]Lai sat up with shock, her body was covered in cold sweat and she was panting. Nightmares of her killing people constantly surfaced whenever she slept. She wiped her face and got up to take a shower. When she was done she noticed a letter on the floor just inside the door, it was how they got notices most of the time. She picked it up and opened the envelope, reading the letter inside. It read that there would be a meeting at breakfast and she got ready, dressing in her usual clothes of black cargos and a black button up shirt. She did a bit of tai-chi took relax herself, calming herself after another of her nightmares. She was still afraid that her father would find her and maybe even kill her. She shuddered in fear at the wrath of her father, he was ruthless and was willing to do anything to get what he wanted. She finished up and stretched to top it off. She strapped on her holsters, never going anywhere without them and left for breakfast.

She entered the breakfast area and there was only Selene sitting at the table, she greeted her and took a seat, spooning some of the food onto her plate, she ate roundly, taking something from each area to keep a balanced diet. She took a bite out of an apple as they waited for the others to arrive, she stared out the window along with Selene, she was happy with her new home, away from her father, and away from the life of ruthless killing. She still did a little here, but it was for a reason. She hated the life of being in an assassin group, and now she was part of a thief guild, and was happy.

[b][color=Black]OOC: [/color][/b][color=Black]I hope that post's alright, I put the dream just as something to fill the post up. Let me know if I should change anything.[/color]
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[COLOR=SeaGreen]In the dark of his small room, Robbie sat at his desk, mulling over some old artifact from his recent job. It was an egg-shaped, ruby-encrusted thing, dotted with pearls at seemingly random locations. It was an eerily ugly thing, tacky and out of place in the under furnished room, but damn was it worth alot. The man he had stolen it from was in love with it; and he was just so damn rich... Robbie reckoned he could sell it back to the man for a hefty sum. Especially if he sold it back piece by piece... Robbie found himself laughing at the ludacris idea, before he, still smiling, replaced the egg in the small drawer.

Robbie glanced at the digital clock, morning, he thought to himself. A perfect time to go to bed. So, that's what he did. He wouldn't get much of a chance too rest, however, since five minuts into his sleep a light knocking came to his door. Robbie looked up, saw the little envelope lying on the floor, and slowly got up. He bent over, picked up the envelop, and tore it open. He flipped through the contents lethargically: So, a meeting at breakfest. Might as well get up, then, he thought.

Ten minuts later, Robbie, fully dressed, yet still tired, walked down the masgnificant stairs of the mansion, entering the eating room as dramatically as possible. He was less the ecstatic to only find Selene, and Lai waiting there for him, but he sat down and began to greedily pick out the sweetest fruits, bacon, pancakes, and some eggs: He had no concern for his diet, he just needed some energy.
"So, what's this meeting about, Selene?" He said, shoving a pear into his mouth.
"You'll know when the others get here" She replied.
Robbie didnt say anything, he just continued too stuff himself.[/COLOR]

OOC: Ok, can't wait till we start our first job.
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Amaya sat on the roof of the mansion, watching the sun as it began to rise over the horizon, spilling light across the vast acres of land that made up the estate of Le Marc. She pulled her long black coat tighter around her, as shivered in the morning chill. Soon the sunlight would warm the roof and the lands around, but she wouldn't be here to appreciate it.

She stood up on the slanting roof, andwalked towrds the edge. Bending down and holding onto the drainpipe, she flipped herself masterfully, swinging into her open window below. Landing soundlessly on the carpet, she stretched, then turned around and closed her gaping window.

She changed into her usual black t-shirt and shorts, making sure her knives were starpped tightly to her. Pulling her boots on and grabbing her coat, she heard the sound of footsteps, and the faint rustle of paper. Turning, she saw an envelope slide under her door. Amaya picked it up and opened it, noting the ensigna. [I]So its a mission?[/I] she wondered. She read it. [I]Yes, another mission[/I].

She dragged her coat onto her shoulders, and shoving the letter in her pocket, opened the door and strode down the large cold corridor.

A few minutes later, she arrived at the Breakfast Hall. Forcing open the heavy oaken doors, and walked into the sun lit room.

Amaya glanced around at the hall.[I] Its practically empty[/I], she thought. [I]Only three people.[/I] She sat down in a chair at the far end of the table, surveying the food on offer. Finding that she wasn't that hungry, she picked up an apple and bit into its white flesh. [I]Seems this mission might be a good one[/I], she thought.

She watched Selene as she stared out the window, waiting for the others to arrive.
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The knocking on Zeddricks door sounded like a herd of cattle had just ran by.He thought to himself. [I]That's what I get for drinking all night....[/I] He kicked the covers off and slumped to a sitting position. Rubbing his face awake for a moment then getting up and dressing.

He checked his computer quickly to find that the patches he had needed were all downloaded and ready for use on whatever task he felt like doing. Maybe later he'd brush up on corporate file hacking, he hadn't had to hack anything in a while...he missed the rush a little.

He slipped his shoes on and picked the note slipped under his door. [B]"Breakfast." [/B]

He trodded down the marble staircase and slipped into the large dinning hall. There he saw the few people assembled already. They looked at him momentarily then turned back to their business. The table they sat at was heaped with steaming food. So many things looked good, smelled good, and from Zeddricks conversations with the head cook, were no doubt the best around.

Zeddrick took a place a few chairs away from Selen and Amaya, looked at the food, then poured a glass of milk.

[B]"I hate breakfast.."[/B]

OOC: Sorry so short...I couldn't think of much plus Im in a hurry.
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[COLOR=Blue][FONT=Trebuchet MS]Selene watched as four of her comrades wandered down to breakfast, all looking rather ruffled and not awake.

[i]Insomia has a strange effect on you....You see how much other people need sleep[/i]

Selene pushed aside her now empty bowl. One of the waiters promptly took it to the kitchen to be washed. Looking at the tired crew that had assembled, Selene stood and cleared her throat. Their drowsy attentions drew to her.

" I know it is an early morning for all," Selene started, " But I have been anxious to start a new assignment. We have had an offer from a source of sorts to steal a precious artifact from a museum."

A data projector rose through the centre of the table and a white screen rolled down in front of the windows. This was all normal procedure. A picture of a flattened golden face mask appeared on it.

" This is the supposed death mask of Agamemnon. Agamemnon was a key figure in ancient Greek legends, being the King who led Greece to war with the Trojans for some reason relating to the ungodly beautiful Helen."

The picture changed to show a museum.

" This is the museum the mask is being shown in. It is the National History Museum of Greece. We shall be flying there this afternoon. I suggest that you, Zeddrick, find out any info on the museum's security and so forth. Amaya and Lai, I will be using you two to snag the artifact. Train together until before we leave. It will be better for you two to work out each other's style. Robbie, I'll need you to work with Zeddrick on the power sources, laser fields, the works. I will be waiting for the others for a while before making plans for our arrival."

[b]OOC: Sorry its short but I'm waiting for other people to post. Very sorry again. And I've attached a picture of the artifact.[/b][/COLOR][/FONT]
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[COLOR=#FF5646][SIZE=1][b]?How about firepower, Chief??[/b]

Somebody pulled back a chair beside Zeddrick, much to the surprise of the young man. For someone who supposedly had just come out of bed, the newcomer looked ready for business. The woman was already in her ?uniform?: a black sneaksuit complete with straps and buckles which, to the knowledge of everyone on the table, served no purpose whatsoever.

She winked at the young man and then gave her boss an informal salute. [b]?Mornin?, Miss.?[/b]
With characteristic grace, Selene replied with a small nod. [b]?It?s nice of you to join us, Raison. I trust you heard everything??[/b]

[b]?Target: Agamemnon?s mask. National Museum of Greece. Whoa??[/b] Finally, the image on the projector caught Raison?s attention. [b]?My goodness! He does look like [i]Troy[/i]?s Brian Cox.?[/b]

[b]?Or the other way around,?[/b] Zeddrick added. No matter how hard he tried to stifle his laughter, the muffled sounds still echoed across the great hall. One of Raison's eyebrows rose and she turned to him with an amused look.

[b]"[i]Oya[/i], milk finally got into your system, Hack?"[/b]
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Zeddrick continued to laugh for a few more moments. then gave the girl an odd grin.

[B]"Heh, you know I love milk...I am Wisconsin grown after all."[/B] Zeddrick chuckled.

The girl turned back to her leader for an answer. Zeddrick looked at her for a moment, [I]She does look nice in that uniform....wonder how she deals with the boredom of not working on every mission?[/I]

Just as the headmisstress was about to speak up Zeddrick interjected.
[B]"I'll just have to hack into the system, check out the employment list, and if possible I may have to get in the building to check out the survaliance systems and see if any guards need to be taken out by tranquilizers..."[/B] Everyone stared at him for a brief moment. [B]"What?....I can have it hacked in a hour or so...with help we coud cut it down by a third of the time."[/B]

[B]"Alright, that sounds good enough Hack you get on it and tell me the results."[/B]

Zeddrick nodded and got up to leave, giving a last quick glance at Raison, he left the room and jogged up the stairs to his room. He grabbed his laptop and a few other hardware devices and went back down. He smiled to himself as he left the mansion in search of a place to tap into the museum data base.
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Amaya watched him leave. [I]He only ever hurries when it comes to hacking[/I].She shook her head. Turning, she studied the hologram for a while, noting the size and predicting the weight. [I]It seems okay. This sounds like its going to be fun[/I]. She rapped her knuckles on the table to get Lai's attention, then inclined her head towards the door in a gesture that they should go.Snatching up two apples, Amaya left the hall with Lai.

They walked through the corridors and stairs of the mansion, arriving at the Training Hall two floors below. They went in and faced each other. Lai shifted from one leg to the other. [I]She's nervous[/I], Amaya thought. [I]Well, what should i expect? People are always nervous around me, because i can't speak[/I]. She inclined her head to the side, in a questioning gesture.
"Well, seeing as we have to work together, maybe you could do me a demonstration?" [/B] asked Lai.

Amaya nodded. She pulled out two of her daggers with one hand, and tossed an apple in the air with another. Her arms became a blur of motin as she hacked at it, and it landed a few seconds later, cut cleanly into tiny chunks.

She swept them aside with her foot, and threw the other apple to Lai.
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][FONT=Arial Narrow]Edel smiled to himself as he pulled up his Aston-Marten Vanquished in to the one of the various car-ports that surrounded the mansion. The night had been more than productful, and it had been with a slightly sad heart that he had left his company so early. Still, duty called, and he was sure that if Selene had asked for little Robbie's contact info, than their had to be a scheme of sorts brewing in that oh-so beautiful mind of hers. And if something was about to go down, he knew for certain he should be easily accessible.

Whistling lightly, he made his way to his room, making sure to tread silently once he got near the sleeping quarters. He was sure that more than one of the members was awake, and having one of them come out commando style ready to shoot first and ask questions later, was not something he looked forward too.

He got into his room and walked straight to the shower. He figured he would probably be able to get at least a few hours rest before Selene would call them together in the afternoon.

He was towelling off and getting ready to hit the sack when he noticed the envelope lying in front of his door. Retrieving, he read the contents quickly, and let out an exasperated sigh. Looks like no time to sleep today. He put on some slacks and threw a simple shirt on, taking off at a brisk trot to the meeting. He was halfway to the breakfast hall when he noticed hack walking out the front door in a hurry. Probably meant that Selene had already given them parameters and tasks to meet. He slowed into a walk and was about to reach the door when it opened and out walked Lai and Amaya. They gave him a brisk nod as he made his way into the dining hall.

As he looked around, he saw Selene standing by the window, talking silently to Robbie. He gave her a quick smile, and picked up some oatmeal. Bowl in hand he walked over to his boss, and said with a cheeky smile, [B]"So, what did I miss?"[/B][/FONT][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=SeaGreen]"Robbie, we need to call on your list of contacts for this mission. I trust you have some contacts in Greece?" Selene said, turning to face Robbie beside one of the sprawling, beautiful windows.

"Aye, good friend of mine live's there. Coincadentally, man's a secuirty worker, and he spent three years at the National. I've worked with him before, we can trust him to supply us with blueprints, employee routs, the works. I'd wager the coads are on a rotation, they probably switch every month or so, so we need Zeddrick for that."
Robbie said, rubbing his chin.

"Good, this job should be easy then. You should go work with Zeddrick, get in contact with your friend and get him to meet us at the museum. I have other things to attend to, but be quick, were leaving soon."

"So, what did I miss?" Xander (Edel?) said from behind them, but Robbie had no time to spend right now, so he said hello, waved, and left for Zeddrick's room.[/COLOR]
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[font=Verdana][size=2][color=navy]Lai looked at the display and watched as the chunks of apples fell onto the floor, she caught a small piece as it fell and ate it before sweeping the rest away with her foot and tossing the other apple to her.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080][b]"You want me to give you a display?" [/b]she asked, catching the fruit, the other girl nodded.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080]Lai thought about what she would do for a display and decided on something, she told Amaya if should would throw the daggers over when Lai signalled, the other girl agreed and Lai threw the apple high into the air. [/color][/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080]She whippped her guns out of their holsters and fired two shots from each, which split the apple into halves, then quarters. As the pieces plummeted she slid them back into their holsters and called for the daggers and caught them quickly, jumping in and doing a form of blade dance that she'd learned during her weapons class. By the time the apple had reached the ground, they were in small pieces.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080][b]"Thanks for the co-operation." [/b]Lai smiled, handing the daggers back, Amaya nodded.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080][b]"I forget, are you flexible? When I got out of my father's control I took up a few gymnastic and acrobatic classes, along with continuing my martial arts and weaponry." [/b]Lai asked her, moving over to a set of un-even bars, flipping up onto the first and jumping to the next, swinging around and around before tucking her legs up and sitting on top of the bar.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080]She looked over to Amaya for her answer in body language. She got a tilt of the head to the left and right, which Lai took as a sorta. She 'ahh'ed and grabbed the bar with her hands and leaned backwards, doing a backward somersault and letting go to land on her feet.[/color][/size][/font]
[b][font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080]"So, how should we prepare for this mission?"[/color][/size][/font][/b]
[font=Verdana][size=2][color=black][b]OOC: [/b]I'm acting like we've known each other, because we do right? Like how long have we all been together roughly?[/color][/size][/font]
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[B]OOC[/B]:[I]I'm guessing we do too. Probably.[/I].

Amaya considered the question, then leant down and traced words in the dust on the floor.

[I]Learn each others moves? Syncronise fighting skills? I may need to increase flexibility.[/I]

She stood up and nodded to Lai, who read the words in the dust.

[B]"Okay, so lets see how flexible you actually are then,"[/B] said Lai, nodding.

Amaya signalled to Lai to move back, so she stood by the wall. Amaya began, flipping over the bar and doing a series of jumps, flips and spins around the hall. She couldn't flip using the bars, she wasn't flexible enough for that, but she had a lot of strength, so she could launch herself high into the air even with her arms.

Lai nodded.
[B]"Your quite strong then. Try actually using the bars though, so i can see how flexable you are."[/B]

Amaya nodded and began. She cleared the first bar quite well, but cut very close to the second. The third she collided straight into and landed on the floor in a heap. She blushed, embarrased at the failed attempt.

[B]"You'll need to work on that then,"[/B] commented Lai.

Amaya nodded, then bent down to write in the dust again.

[I]I can balance well.[/I]

To demonstrate this, she jumped up onto the barand stood, balancing perfectly on it.
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[COLOR=Plum] Red mixed with yellow rays scorhed the top of a creeky mildew roof as a figure gently awaited for her victim, while the sun heated against her back.'Damn this crap...the day I choose to kill the bastard, he's freaking late...why me?'. A black buick rode up the road and headed towrds the parking belonging to the oversized masion of some filthy king pin. Two security guards near their mid 30's surrounded the door that slowly opened, revealing a short plump man in his fourty's. Once he was in clear site, black widow appeared like a shodow behind the car.

'Good evening sir....and how was your drive today?', she asked mockingly.

'Well hello there lovely...whom might you be?', said the old man with a slight crooked smile of satifaction.

'Why I'm your lovely death wish sir.', Julia said without a care.

'Now what a joke that-', his words were cut short as she dashed through the two guards with her blades in each hand stabbing the two in the heart insantly causing death.

Blood seeped through their clothing and dripped to the soiled floor, as the old man was left speechless and afraid. She let the bodies drop to the ground causing the daggers to slowing relieve themselves from the flesh and heart.

'Now there there...don't be afriad', she whispered seductively as she lifted her right hand holding the dagger and swiftly plunged it in the man's throat.

He let out a gargle then began to drop slowly, eyes wide open.'Now I know i'm late for the meeting..so I should go...pity really.....I wanted some fun...'. With that she left like a shadow at dusk and began towrd Selene's place.[/COLOR]

OOC:Sorry this is crappy...but I'm drained out of ideas...
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[color=Navy]Lai watched as Amaya moved around the room and landed, but she hadn't directly used the un-even bars, so Lai asked her to do so so she could see her amount of flexibility. She made the first two pretty well but dropped at third. Lai just commented that they would have to work on that, and she wrote that she had good balance.

[b]"How's your targeting? Are you good at throwing your daggers, or is it just a stab and slice kinda thing?" [/b]Lai questioned, holding the handle of her right gun in its holster.

Amaya shrugged, either she was alright, or she wasn't sure.

[b]"We'll discuss that later, how about we synchronise and learn each others moves?" [/b]Lai questioned.

Amaya nodded and Lai volunteered to go first. She stepped forward and stretched herself a little to warm her body.

[b]"I mainly focus with martial arts moves combined with weapon use." [/b]Lai told her.

She started to use her different types of martial arts to show Amaya what she meant, also pulling out her guns and pretending to fire now and again, she put her right gun away and called for a dagger, feeling the weight of it arrive in her hand, she started slicing and stabbing with it, while still kicking, moving around and 'shooting'. She tossed the dagger back and put her gun back into its holster, bending back and doing several backflips, finishing in an upright position.

[b]"That's mainly how I am, how about you?" [/b]Lai asked, wiping her hand across her forehead.

To Lai it was quite funny, because even though they'd known each other for quite a long time, they had never worked together or studied each others moves, especially since their main skills were quite similar. The only other person that was part of the guild that had the closest skills to her was Julia, because they were both extremely skilled assassins, the difference being she hadn't done it out of will, while Julia did.
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[COLOR=Blue][FONT=Trebuchet MS][b]OOC: Sorry for the absence. Unable to get access to the internet over the weekend. I do apologise. And dMage, is your character's name Edel or Xander?[/b]

Selene gave a rare smile to Xander. He was a charmer through and through - an asset they would be needing for this mission. There was one essential detail Selene did not give the team - something that would be an essential part of their master plan.

[b]The ball.[/b]

The Museum was celebrating the new gallery where the Mask of Agamemnon was the main masterpiece. It was centered around the Spartan culture of ancient Greece. In the new gallery's honour, a gala ball was being held.

This was the perfect oppourtunity for the team to steal the precious artifact. It was the perfect cover for them. And, the museum's curator was a woman.

" Just the person I wished to talk to," Selene said, turning to Xander. " No doubt that you know we have a mission."
" Of course. Why else did I get a letter underneath my door?" Xander replied smartly.
Selene looked at him sharply with her haunting silver eyes which turned most men to stone. " Your part of the mission is to gain the museum's curator's trust. She is a woman, of course - your specialty. We need to gain entrance to a gala ball that is being held at the Museum. That is when I plan to strike. Her profile is on your desk. I think you will approve."
" Are you sure Selene?" Xander played carefully, a daring glint in his eyes. Selene closed her eyes, rather unamused. Taking this as the sign to leave, Xander exited the hall.

The sound of the large, thickly wooded doors being shut caught Selene's attention. Walking out to see who had entered the premises, she saw Julia returning to the guild, a smirk upon her face. Immediately, the scent of blood drifted past Selene's nose. She looked at Julia with cold silver eyes. Julia just shrugged off the cold stare.

" Julia, we have a mission."
" I know."
" Come with me."

The two women walked into the dining hall, the holograms still running and existing. Raison joined them after being summoned by Selene via a messenger.

" We will be the distraction for the others to work, Julia, Raison. Our job is to distract any and all people to give Amaya and Lai the most time to collect the artifact and escape. Zeddrick will be hooked up to the system from an outside source. Xander will be occupied with the museum's curator. Robbie will be making the rounds through the ball. We are also the enforcers. If anything happens to anyone, we are responsible for everyone's quick escape and protection if need be. I trust that you two will be up to the challenge."

The two nodded.

" Good. Now, you need to consult Zeddrick and Robbie on the layout of the building and the such. We leave this afternoon."


Selene waited outside on the small runway beside a private jet. The team walked across the tarmac and boarded the plane, Selene making sure everyone was there. Boarding last, Selene took one last look at her home, turned and entered the plane.


The team entered a beautifully illuminated hotel in the centre of Athens. They had landed in a private airport and taken a fleet of expensive cars to the 'Hilton - Athens'. Selene had paid for two penthouses at the very top of the building that overlooked the city. The two penthouses were connected to each other and accomodated the group very comfortably.

Soon the penthouses were laid out with everything for the mission. Zeddrick had set himself up nicely in one of the lounges. Robbie was constantly on his mobile, wandering around the two rooms. Amaya and Lai were consulting each other on the model of the room the artifact would be held in. Julia was out on the balcony, looking over the city. Xander was looking thoughtfully at his plan to gain the museum curator's trust. Raison was annoying Zeddrick out of his wits.

Selene watched them all curiously. She had given them all instructions about the ball and for those that were attending, what to wear and the such. They had been given alternate identities all had to conform to. The ball was two days away. Just enough time to get things just right.

[b]OOC: dMage, I have attached a picture of the museum curator below. I hope your character finds it approving.[/b]
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Amaya leant back in her chair, looking at the hologram of the room under hooded eyes. It didn't seem too hard, but with the ball happening at the same time, it would be both a blessing and a curse.

[I]Just hope I don't have to wear anything stupid to mix in.[/I]
She looked over at Lai. The other girl also sat there, studying the hologram.
[I]I know we'll be able to do this, but so many people....[/I]

She got up and walked around the room, sensing Lai's eyes following her. It was too much for Amaya. She wanted to go to the place herself, first, just to get the feel of it. Shaking the thoughts from her head, she seated herself back at the table again and studied the hologram. Catching Lai's eye, she shrugged.

[B]OOC:[/B] Sorry it's short, not much to say.
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OOC: My apologies to all about the confusion I have caused. Though I would like to have kept Edel, we have all used Xander in our posts, and thus, to save us the headache of going back and editing, we'll make Xander stick. Oh, and Reiku, I'm sure xander will find this lady quite suitable ^_^
[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=4][FONT=Arial Narrow]Xander sighed wistfully as he gazed at various photos of the lovely curator, a Ms. Viviana Wei. Selene had, as usual left him with quite the comprehensive list on information about the lovely lady. She had Japanese parentage, but had been born in Paris, France, where she grew up. Like most of the cities habitants, she had fallen in love with Art, and had studied Art history, majoring in Greek Art, primarily vases and metalwork. She was a Capricorn, apparently enjoyed good theatre and attended concerts by the Athenian symphony.
Xander mulled silently as he picked up another manila folder lying next to him. The moment he had gotten a description and name he had forwarded the information to Max, an old friend who led a small gang here in Athens. He had retrieved the information and had put his boys to tail her, recording her daily movements for the past 3 days. She was all clockwork, methodical and very smart. Breakfast at Rubinno's, lunch at the museum restaurant, and dinner at home, in the company of a calico. In all, a very intelligent lady, probably bored with all the guys she worked with, and ready for some "controlled" adventure.

Seduction was a dangerous game, and while their exists a certain amount of rules for attraction, Xander knew that even the smallest thing could screw it up. While it wasn't all that difficult to find a woman and get her to bed, it was [I]much more[/I] difficult to get a [I]specific[/I] women into bed, and much less trust you, especially in the time frame of three days. Not that he couldn't do it, Xander thought with a rueful smile, it was just about doing it the right way.
He sat their contemplating his options, and whic ones would allow him to get in, and make her not freeze up so much. He had narrowed it down to three guises, either the intellectual professor come to see the new art, the rich heir who also wanted in, or the transferred art history expert. After weighing the pros and cons of each, he made his decision. Getting up from his chair, he headed towards Fashion Ave. He would need some coats, and a new pair of glasses to help his teacher act out.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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The sound of keys clicking rapidally filled the little lounge area. Zeddrick sat thee on a couch starring at his laptops screen looking over megs of information. He frowned disappointedly a little thinking of how easy it was to get the needed information. [I]Museums are always boring...they have no big need for cyber security so its too easy...the others will have fun though...the roster for this place was just bolstered by five new guards..add those to the old ones and that's around 19 security guards... [/I]

He looked up to see Raison sleeping in a chair across the table. he smiled remembering that only ten minutes ago she was hopping around like she was on a sugar rush.

He finished printing off the data he thought of as important to the others and walked to find Selene.

[B]"Ahh...there you are ma'am. I have the specs on the security detail...but...it looks as though we have a small problem. The system setup there is well...pretty old..I'll actually need to gain access to the building to interfere with survailance."[/B]

She turned around slowly facing him. Her demeenor like that of a statue just as they always had been.

[B]"That shouldn't be too much of a problem. I'll just have someone close by for support...of course we'll ahve to take the security office first now...rather then leave it alone. For now just give the details to the others of the team."[/B] she said, her voice just as cold as he body language.

Zeddrick nodded quickly and left, finding the others and giving them each the data they'd need.
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[COLOR=Plum]Julia had already studied every inch of the plan ahead of time, she simply took a peek when noone was looking. So to kill time she gazed upon the balcony lost in thought.'Hummm...interesting plan..I have to hand it to you Selene..you do a hell of a job...guess that's why joined and decided to stay once you took over. But these people....I hardly know them...no matter how long i've been here..i simply can't socialize with them...guess it's do to my love and dedication to assassination and wotrk here...stupid OCD....'. With that last comment, Julia decided to walk around and see hwat the others were doing.

"Distraction....shit..that's all I get o do...this sucks on my part...", julia muttered between her teeth.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Blue][FONT=Trebuchet MS]Selene sighed. The night was growing older, and tiredness began to creep into the group. Selene watched as one by one, the team went to bed.

[i]Damn this insomnia....[/i] Selene cursed in her mind.

Walking around, she switched all the lights off in the two penthouses and walked out onto the balcony. A soft cool breeze caressed her cheeks. Sighing, Selene remembered the words of her father and grandfather when the role of headmaster was passed onto her.

[i]Treat them as if they were your family. Become good friends with all of them, for one day, any one of them could have the choice of saving your life, or not...[/i]

She sighed heavily again.

It was difficult for Selene to trust anyone, when she had been brought up in a thieves guild. She had watched some awful situations her father was in when one of his good friends in the guild betrayed them all, and took a whole job for himself. He was devastated to say the least. From then on, Selene swore to herself that she would never fully trust anyone. And she hadn't since that day.

It was a thief's business to deceive...and sometimes you couldn't differ between the true and the false.

There was a loud knock on the door. Selene walked from the balcony to the door and opened slightly. A man stood there silently, waiting for someone to answer the door. She opened the door wide, recognising in the darkness who it was.

" Good. You got my message."
The man nodded and entered. Selene shut the door behind him.
" Where do I sleep?" he asked, sounding very tired.
Selene pointed to a door on the opposite side of the room. " You should be all right there."
" Good night Selene."
" Night."

She watched as the man walked into his room and shut the door.

[i]Alone again...[/i]

Collapsing into the couch, Selene wondered what if would be like to know the other guild members better. For them to get to know Selene as who she was, not as their boss.

[i]Always a boss's dilemma... My father and grandfather never had trouble. Why do I?[/i]

She layed there for hours until she saw the dim glow of dawn rise over the horizon. Finally her eyes started to close and she drifted off into a short sleep.

OOC: Sorry about the post qualities so far. Had to move things along.

The man that came in is Kairi's character. He will be joining us as soon as he puts his profile up in the Adventure Inn.

I'm assigning you each a job to do over the next 1-3 posts. Something for you gys to do. And be imaginative. Go for your life! I'm flexible when it comes to my RPGs so you can alternate storys going on in the sidelines, as long as they are not too farfetched. All of you need to make an alternate identity and conform to it. Make them interesting!!

Gelgoog Pilot - Join a tourist group that is being shown around the museum. Act like a tourist and find a place where you can access the internal system. You'll need to be inside when we strike.

Isis - Seduce your way into the control room of the museum. There, plant an audio bug for Gelgoog Pilot's character. You can kill if you wish. Then, manage to get details of the ball from one of the planners that will be walking around the day before the ball. Use any means necessary.

dMage - Gain the curator's trust using your character's 'abilities'. This means doing the full dating thing. You can even bed her if your character wishes, but I'm sure he's a gentleman. ;)

tainted_blood & Sakura - You two need to act as tourists and plan your escapade from within the building. Visit the museum together, make up a cover story and sneak into the exhibit where the Mask is being held (it's cordined off).

Xanadu - Make friends with the guards of the museum. Make sure you know about their history, everything. Use this to your utmost ability to gain access to all areas during the ball.

I hope that's ok with everyone. Have fun.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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[b]OOC: [/b]Sorry if I haven't been active lately. Running low on creative juices.

[color=Navy]Earlier that evening everyone had been in the penthouses and were studying their different sections for the assignment. Lai had been with Amaya looking over a hologram of the museum, and Lai started to strategise a way to steal the mask they wanted.

Later Selene had told them how they would be getting in, but then the rest was up to them. They were to be part of the tourist crowd in the museum. By the look she saw on Amaya's face, she guessed she was glad that there was no necessary need to dress up ridiculously. Lai just planned on wearing a more colourful outfit with her usual, guns and whatever else they would need stashed in a bag that she would have with her.

When everyone started going to bed, Lai was one of the last, Amaya had left quite a long time ago, but she was more of a night owl and was still studying the hologram they'd been given. The exhibit with the mask was quite large and was surrounded by rope and glass. She started to plan out what she would need and made a list, she had some of the stuff, and she was sure that Amaya would have the rest. Yawning, she looked at her watch and noticed it was quite late and got up, switching the hologram off and going to her room to gather up the things she would need and put them all in a bag. Along with another pair of her current outfit and her guns.

Lai stretched and got into bed, excited for the day that awaited the team on the other end of her sleep.
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[COLOR=SeaGreen]Robbie pulled up to the museum in his red E Type. It was ealry in the morning now, and he had decided to slip out before any of the others, trying to get a jump on the days work. His first target was a woman named Minerva Brutelli, a guard who was in charge of the Ball's security. Might as well start at the top, Robbie figured.

He had learned that she usually came in around this time, never before. He held her picture to his face, making sure he wouldn't miss her. She was a pretty woman, tall, dark hair, nice body, and a stern, hard face. Shouldn't be too hard, so long as she wasn't a total hardass.

It wasn't long before he saw her, pulling up in a red SUV. Robbie took his chance as she climbed the stairs: "Minerva Brutelli?" He called after, stepping out of his car.
"Yes?" She turned around, suprised yet unamused.
"Ah, good. I was told I could find you here. My name is Marcus Anton," He used the fake last name of one of her old friends. "I believe you know my mother, Olivia Anton."
With these words, recognition flickered in her eyes, and she stepped down to talk to him.
"Marcus, eh? Olivia said she had a son, but she never gave a name." She was talking freely, but Robbie knew that she was still on guard.
"Well, mom was always descrete."
"Yes, Olivia was. Anyway, what brigns you to Greece?" She was impaitent.
"Well, I'm a museum buff, and mom told me this was a great one. I was just wondering that, since your an old friend and all, you could get me a discount?"
"Hmph, I don't think so. Sorry, but I need to get to me post." She said, turning to leave.
"Wait! Can you at least give me a tour? I hate those cheesy tour guides, I'm sure somone as beautiful as you knows more about this museum anyway." Robbie said, smiling woolfishly.
"Fine," She sighed heavily, "but let's make it quick, I need to get to work."[/COLOR]
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Zeddrick planned on having some fun with this assignment...but then again he had a history of having 'fun' during just about every job. He had been somewhat pleased to find himself part of a tour. He figured he'd look the part...finding a gaudy Hawiian shirt and some shorts along with a camera he'd hang around his neck. He had single handedly put together the most stereotypical tourist outfit there was. His smile brimmed from ear to ear. [B]"This will be fun."[/B]

He turned his attention then to his equipement, a small pda as well as a few Cd's with valuable programs would be stored in his fannypack, his laptop and decoding equipement as well as a few jamming devices would be put into his backpack.

Finishing up, he smiled as he turned to go out the door. [B]"This is pretty odd...I'm usually a last minute kind of guy...huh...Now...lets go see what everyone else is up to."[/B]
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[COLOR=#FF5646][SIZE=1]101.92: [b]?Control, do you copy?? [/b]
158.61: [b] ?Lima-Charlie, Sniper. Are you in position?? [/b]
101.92: [b] ?Still setting up the jammer, love.? [/b]
158.61: [b] ?This is what, the nth field test we?ve done?? [/b]
101.92: [b] ?Sixth, actually.? [/b]
158.61: [b] ?Make sure it works this time. We might need it later.? [/b]
101.92: [b] ?Alright. We?re set.? [/b]
158.61: [b] ?In one?two?three??[/b]

[Connecting to Emergency Communication Link]
[Link established]
158.61: [b] ?Sniper, do you copy?? [/b]
101.92: [b] ?Loud and clear. How about the other equipment?? [/b]
158.61: [b] ?Well, what the hell? I think we?ve done it. All the surveillance gear went dead.? [/b]
101.92: [b] ?Our system?s not fried, is it?? [/b]
158.61: [b] ?We?re talking aren?t we?? [/b]

[End of transmission]


[b] ?You?ve been playing around with the communications system again, haven?t you?? [/b]

The boss had heard of that morning?s field test and probably not of the results, judging from the stern look on her face. Can?t really blame her for being apprehensive; Field Test #5 left Control incapacitated for a good couple of hours.

Raison placed a metal sphere on Selene?s desk. [b]?May I present Jammer Prototype No.6: Jason-kun!?[/b] At this point, Raison clapped. Sensing no support from her boss, she continued. [b]?Erhm, Jason here knocked the lobby?s surveillance dead. Hotel security?s not too happy about it, though.?

?And how is Control??
?In working condition, Chief. Hardly a circuit fried.? [/b]

Her boss picked the jammer up and examined it closely. Something so small rendered systems near to useless. Packing genius in a miniature device; how Japanese! [b]?Is this what you?re planning to use in the operation??

?With your permission, of course.? [/b] Raison quickly added.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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