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Dark Rose [PG-VSL]

Who Am I?

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[COLOR=Navy][SIZE=1]OOC: I got this from DNAngel (for people who do know) and I made it into my version.


Through the depths of the night lives a thief. This thief is a mysterious thief because no one seems to know him. He steals many precious artifacts but never get caught. People call him ''Dark Rose'' because he steals at night and leaves a rose behind. This mysterious thief has tricks up his sleeves and no one knows what he's gonna do next.

One day on a starry night when the thief had just finish stealing the ''Sacred Light'' (a bright staff that the queen used a long time ago), he had reveal himself.

''Hello, officer. Why don't we have a chat? A private conversation between the two of us...hm?'' Dark Rose said,''It would be a pleasure to meet the great-oh-so-called ''Dectective Kyro.''

''And it would be a pleasure to....CAPTURE YOU DARK ROSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'' yelled Detective Kyro,''GET THE THIEF!!"


Dark Rose jumped on the rooftops and said,"Well just a reminder to you, dectective, I will be stealing "The Great Clocks" and I will strike at 9:30, tomorrow."
Dark Rose fled through the night while the dectective and the police informed all of their men to get ready for tomorrow.

"Darn you Dark Rose, wait until I get my hands on you. You will definitely be thrown
into jail,"mumbled Kyro.


Ok here's the sign ups:
Name: (no hard names that we can't pronounce please)
Age: (try to be old enough or PM me)
Appearance: (how you look)
Bio: (it doesn't really matter how long or short)

Ok I'll be taking the part of Dark Rose but I need someone to play the part of Detective Kyro (you may change everything about him except the fact that he wants to capture Dark Rose and his name)...well have fun and remember I'm taking the part of Dark Rose.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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